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  1. This guy is either playing with low PC settings or everything turned off facing the wall, because i cant get 60fps on a Pascal Titan gpu which is like many tiers over his 960GTX. Anyhow i usually dont complain about Game Gaurd however this time i will have to rant. Which idiot decided it was good to hide process in task manager for the game so none of our game profilers, as well as discord can let people know were playing this game. Also hiding a program from task manager is borderline MALWARE. Why do you need to hide it? Are you worried about B
  2. i prefer RO's word munak... they were a lot cutier in RO also...
  3. Ian replyed that S+S bound is considered ok. That is a series of keys. Walking away to get coffee goes under the exception of not being in front of the computer when marco is going off, hence that is illegal.
  4. from my knowledge as long as u need to be present for the macro its fine. Ie... i press a button which simulates a series of keys once or as long as the button is pressed. However the illegal ones would be like... I set my macro on "Toggle" so i can walk away while the thing is auto atking a corner where a enemy mob spawns. Big difference is one requires u to be present, the other not so much... so i guess u can tell which one is illegal.
  5. hate to break your bubble but to a company with a annual revenue of 100 million dollars + Your gonna need to add just a couple more zero's to the end of that number to get VIP treatment, (And NO you can not put a decimal point in front of those couple of zero's required.) :P On another note, i probably wont update my premium either once it expires. The game has way too many problems, and well in korea (using a korean pun for a korean company), you don't feed a full dog because it will be picky in what it eats and how it acts. However you can train a hun
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