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  1. this is complaining that its there, im complaining its 1 per account and not 1 per character.. :\ I really wish things that are not tradable, ie.. not bound to account but single player, would be limit 1 per character, and not 1 per account. It really makes the concept of having alts under 1 account stupid, if were locked out from getting 1 per account, not to mention i bet they would sell a lot more if they made it 1 per character instead of 1 per account.
  2. sometimes i think it has to do with IP address. The system probably flagged your friend's IP as a suspicious port, or didnt like his VPN and ended up auto baning. I am guessing this is probably the biggest fault. Or he had a memory editor running in the background while Game Gaurd was on when downloading, and it flagged him for that.
  3. 5 chocolates by day 5 so far ... my RNG sucks .... i havent gotten a 10 pack once yet, but i have gotten 3 outfits... WTF seriously NCSoft, why bother putting the outfit in as a option to buy when ur gonna give it to us so many times?
  4. 64-Bit problems so far.

    This guy is either playing with low PC settings or everything turned off facing the wall, because i cant get 60fps on a Pascal Titan gpu which is like many tiers over his 960GTX. Anyhow i usually dont complain about Game Gaurd however this time i will have to rant. Which idiot decided it was good to hide process in task manager for the game so none of our game profilers, as well as discord can let people know were playing this game. Also hiding a program from task manager is borderline MALWARE. Why do you need to hide it? Are you worried about BOTS using the EXE file or Memory editors editing values which should be server side and uneditable? Do you guys understand all the bad stuff which can happen from hiding a exe file in windows task manager and the OS running it especially things like Geforce Profiler which reads what game exe file is running to set your GPU settings? This Game Guard needs to.
  5. Trying to pick a class (Ping Issues)

    O.o FM's dont have a intricate combo like WL's do.. Its just spaming LMB+RMB while spaming that F key, and once in a while spaming your zxcv. There is no worry about 4-v-2-f-4-v- and oh shoot i moved.. need to do 4 all over again... that the WL has. The easiest class to play in lag tho is the summoner... Even tho you hate lyns, a well setup summoner is basically immortal due to that amount of sheer healing it has... Bloosom + rose field + hoozah + true friend + more.. infact almost every attack on the summoner has a healing aspect to it.
  6. Server Freeze and DC

    crashed again... You know it seems to only happen in the high pop locations. My alt in cinderlands didnt have one disconnect when i was on it.
  7. Server Freeze and DC

    its like impossible to do dungeons with these disconnects... im gonna go level my alt... at least if i disconnect that way i wont have lost 15-20min on the dungeon
  8. Bring back community-friendly bots

    ... OP... it really sounds like your more like saying: I want to run a bot, but i dont want to get ban'd, so please let me run a bot and dont ban me... I wont comment anymore then this as it will be feeding a Troll.
  9. Hacker Clans showing up in force.

    u think the chinese dont have a VPN? Infact you dont think hackers in general arent using VPN? put a max timer on VPN IP's per say, 3 max simulataneous connections from a single IP. Then we can watch the chinese people fight over those 3 spots to invade US Servers.
  10. The Hax R Back

    Dear NCSoft: You guys NEED physical GM's to sit in the fields and area's on the map once in a while. Again these GM's do not need any real ban powers other then to be able to MOVE people to a special location in MAP if the GM's thinks they are BOTS, and BAN the hackers. Infact you can even have them livestream / twitch / record the GM session they are on, and submit the video file if they do BAN someone with a time stamp as proof. I dont understand how or why u guys cant organize something this simple. The GM's DO NOT even need to be paid as i am sure there are a lot of people who would volunteer for this position. AGAIN.. 0 DOLLARS FROM YOUR POCKET, NO LOSS OF REVENUE, INSTANT SATISFACTION FROM CUSTOMERS.. Its like the forums, KIDS behave when they see a moderator. The same goes for the virtual world, BOTS and OWNERs will hide their bots or remove them entirely, if they realize a GM is sitting in their farming location. Sure we wont get rid of all the BOTS however, we will prevent a LOT of them, and force the others to HIDE on the hours where a GM isnt sitting in the field moving / banning people.
  11. Account HACKED

    you are so wrong.. there are again MANY posts on reddit on how easy it is to hack the website. The posts here have all been deleted by the Mods, to hide this issue. So before you start sprouting nonsense or trying to play white horse, how about doing some research. Its a serious problem when you see these many posts stating there account got hacked and Credit card being illegally charged.
  12. How do you even pronounce this ????

    Sonnyogangnim?!?! Last name: Son (99% of most korean last names are single sylabol.. with 1% exceptions, like Suno) First name Nyo Gang (Koreans tend to have 2 sylabol first names... ie.. (Sae Young, In Young, or Soo hee) Last prefix: nim -> mr/s nim is a polite form of addressing someone like Senor or Senorita. It should be Mr/s. Nyo Gang Son for a proper english translation. Like how Kim Hae Soo, is used as Hae Soo Kim, where in america we force Soo to be a middle name more then a complete first name.
  13. ROFL... I smell class auction law suit coming up real fast... NCSoft has no clue how scary american lawyers can be... also how greedy they can get.. If any staff from NCSoft is reading this.. you guys better get ready for a fallout soon. Once any reputable or non reputable one reads how many accounts get hacked from YOUR game, you guys are in for a fallout on biblical proportions, because your TOS wont protect you from hackers getting CC info and doing fraudulant charges. There are also a TON of reddit posts on how easy it is to get by your SLOPPY SSL website. Your security is a joke... in the eyes of many hackers is an all you can eat buffet which u ignore to fix. Infact a Bank institution may just end up getting fed up having to reverse too many transactions from you guys and may end up doing a federal fraud case against you guys.
  14. Hehehe!

    So is this where the "weird Zone" is located in BnS Website? Kinda like how u end up in the weird section on youtube after browsing around for 10 min.
  15. @Strawberry Koala did u ignore half the post where someone linked on reddit how easy it is to hack the web site which is also tied to your account? While i sometimes agree with you in that most account being stolen is the result of negligence, however, id say at least 1/10 accounts which do get hacked, the player is completely not at fault. A game where people can visually gauge your characters net worth, and a web site which allows said hacker to find the main account name, tied with a loop hole filled sloppy SSL security on web site is a complete recipe for disaster. Now your saying how would a hacker find out the main account name? Simple, the same way we found out all the CM's / NCSoft staff RESERVED all the highest popular names ie. Naruto, Saber, before even us premium master founder users got a chance.. Yes were looking at youmokon, this was a negative move by you and the company, and one which will always stain your reputation in the community forever. So before you stand on your oh so high pedistol, how about reading the entire thread, looking at what people are saying, and if the poster sounds a bit knowledgeable, as in he knew what he was doing yet still got hacked, assume maybe its NOT his fault.