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  1. I got a bit lucky and received 3 aquamarines, however transmute does not recognize them as gems for the aquamarine transmuting, all 3 of them say 0/1. if anyone has 1 or more aquamarines can they confirm this?
  2. maybe you should go read your skill achievements then U->character->skills
  3. 10 bound gems at least(blue/red) 4000 soulstones 200 tablets(really going to need them) around 5million XP 600 darts hundreds of gold in gold thingies 800 unsealing 400 field hammers 400 heroic charms 200 buff potions 30 XP potions 3xskill (yeti+yura HM skill book) 35 silverfrost trans stones 30 moonwater trans stones 10 premium trans stones 50 honorary coins 280 jewels(various kinds) 180 elements(various kinds) 20 outfits or so (With outfit salvage 40ish red fabric and 30ish yellow) 0
  4. these are the gems from the other regions, so i guess this is what we can expect http://prntscr.com/apuadp (not the dark blue one though) As for atk diamond, it should have been +40 event gem not +35.
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