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  1. Bots and gold sellers were in on the Eastern versions (and still are). This isn't just a "NA/EU" problem, bots and gold sellers have been prevalent since the early days of MMO's.
  2. I've noticed this too on my warlock, it really kinda gimps the build since it relies on spectral orb buildup for helix.
  3. I don't see anything wrong with the video posted, looks like a coordinated group. Then he goes and contradicts himself...
  4. Considering firearms play a huge role in the game already (standard mobs, and then Soha and Poh), it fits the lore of B&S perfectly. It's just how they'd be able to make it work within the combat system. It could be a fast attacking ranged class (dual pistols) then stance change to long rifle for large burst/control. Will we ever get it? Doubtful, as mentioned already, it seems they're just taking 2 classes and melding them together to make new classes (warlock & Soul fighter).
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