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  1. The Hax R Back

    I see the reasoning and it's stupid. It breeds the whole "Oh, bots can abuse it. So let's just drop the feature from the game" when said feature is actually beneficial to the gameplay experience when utilized legitimately. It's builds upon a flawed principle that's basically giving up beneficial parts of the game because of a select few who want to cheat the system and gain an unfair advantage. Additionally, it even fails to prevent them from further cheating the system to their advantage. Obviously doing nothing doesn't solve anything either, but taking away features that serve legitimate purposes for a particular group of players is not the proper solution. Yes, the bots by themselves aren't much of a threat now because they can just grab weapons. Giving the bot developers an incentive to change that will only further undermine the gameplay experience and make dealing with them that much more difficult. The weapons in the crate are far from the first to fall victim to this stupidity should such a change be implemented, and at this rate they won't be the last if something else isn't done to deal with the growing problem of bots overall.
  2. The Hax R Back

    At that point it's just a game of cat and mouse, those who want to cheat the system will find ways and the Dev Team's ability to develop counter-measures is woefully behind the times. However, removing content and features of the game because of cheaters is counter-productive and undermines the faith players should have in the developer's ability to even deal with the hacking problem (as if how rampant it is wasn't a big enough indicator). It doesn't solve a problem, it just adds another to it.
  3. Why everyone is quiting

    Top 10 Reasons to not play this game: 1. PvP. 2. Bots. Lots and lots of bots. 3. Gating progression and materials behind PvP content (arena, faction). See 1. 4. Hackers. 5. Bad economy. See 2, 3, and 4. 6. Game Guard. 7. Bad Performance. Related to but not exclusive to 6. 8. Gating progression behind PvE content. If you don't have an issues with 1 and 3, add this along with 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. 9. Cinderlands is slow and boring. 10. There are better games available that don't have these problems.
  4. The Hax R Back

    Here's an idea, I know it's crazy but hear me out: How about don't touch the crates and remove or reduce the hackers. RUINING THE GAME FOR EVERYONE ELSE DOES NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.
  5. So that's why the game always runs like ass. Who would have thought?
  6. It's time for me to quit as well

    Bye. May join you soon though. I'm about done watching this trainwreck in slow in motion sink further and further into an inescapable abyss.
  7. I don't even have a level 50 character yet I can run most dungeons better than some HM10 pay2win scrublords with True Breeze weapons. It's no wonder they all ask for you to have like 550 AP. No one else would be able to help them if they actually had to be challenged.
  8. Bot naming has become a little less easy to spot. However their attire is relatively unchanged which serves as much of an indicator of their status as their actual name.
  9. The daily dash has been discontinued until after April 27th. Enjoy the treasure boxes!
  10. It's a compound problem with no simple answer. As long as my post it, it still fails to cover a lot of additional problems with bots, anti-cheat, and the affected playerbase. There is an ever growing pile of threads along with this one, all symptoms of complex issues with no solutions in place. It's demoralizing and unnerving, and the best we can do is offer our support else leave the game to rot.
  11. Taurin, didn't we go through this same mess not 2 months ago with you? Everyone's irritated with the bots, however letting them take over the game by quitting isn't going to solve the problem. It just makes the game worse for everyone else. Regardless, I respect your decision to leave. No reason to play if you're not having fun.
  12. Yes, yes. Another bot thread. Less about NCSoft not banning bots and more about the problem of bots and what's being done about it and the problems with that as well. I'm going to through a few references in here for the sake of my own sanity with how utterly disgusted I am with the state of the game, which is sad since I've been following the game and its development very closely after it was first revealed in 2010. That said, I've had my moments where I just praised the game's ability to innovate and change the MMO Genre as well as mocked its falling into traps, hype, and a series of bad decisions. If the game is good enough that I want to see it improve, then I will certainly try to bring to light glaring issues so they may be resolved to better improve the experience not just for myself, but for everyone else playing the game legitimately. If I must rant immediately about BNS's Anti-Bot protection, it would go something like *cough*: 'Game Guard is great guys. Really! Works all the time, no bots, no cheating, and totally doesn't nerf your PC's performance! Every great game uses Game Guard to keep players safe and bot free.' *snort* I'll definitely expand on my personal feelings and experience with that further down. Before I do however, let me make something clear. I mostly handle troubleshooting and system diagnostics with residential PC systems, and have little to no experience developing video games, anti-cheat systems, or bots. The information I present here is by no means 100% accurate and is based on perceived research done ingame with the cooperation of friends to get to the bottom of what we feel to be a very serious problem. Additional information is provided via personal experience, studying, and community feedback. My feelings as are my opinions are subjective, and what I feel to be a serious problem may not seem like that big of a deal to you or others. That said, let's go over what I believe to be quite a significant bother in regards to bots and cheating software currently present and in use by players on Blade and Soul NA. I'd like to mention that I'm writing this after my friend had gotten his account breached. Luckily, he was able to recover it without any damage. For those who must know, his e-mail was compromised by what we assume to be a bot operator. It is to be believed that the botter had 'primed' the account for use later, however we were able to regain access to the e-mail and the account in question before any further action was taken - Short of changing the password and PIN. This in itself shows how little it takes for someone to be directly affected by bots, as he has yet to even explore beyond the desert. What bothers me the most is this is merely one of a series of accounts being compromised, which highlights even more security flaws that need series addressing. However, that's another topic for another thread. -End Disclaimer- PvP? More like PvB. While I'm most concerned about PvE bots, you know the ones ruining the game's economy, I can't say that my journey hasn't lead me into some of the most hilarious examples of downloaded skill in the game. So I'll focus more on the PvP impact in this coverage, as it's a far more bleeding wound than deflated/inflated prices on the Marketplace. Their experience is the ones most directly affected by bots, and by direct I mean someone suplexing you through a train and then suplexing the train while you're inside it. Health Bars are red. Chi Bars are blue. I heard you like bots. So here's a derank for you. Those who are not actively studying bots (like myself) to figure out their patterns, their weaknesses, and their behavior are going to have a bad time. They do not follow the game's rules like players are forced to, and a lot of people tend to not realize this when they start dropping "git gud" comments. For some classes, this can be utterly balance breaking. The bots are becoming less and less primitive because they're not being shut out. Bot developers are having more time unobstructed to develop and test better AI against players in Arena or mobs in the open world. In short, if the bot problem isn't snuffed soon, the damage they cause will continue to increase and the difficulty of removing them will scale just as much. PvE players has more of a way out, it's PvP/Arena players who will get boned by this the most since a lot of valuable content is gated behind PvP. Based on matches I've spectated and participated in, the bot occurrence ratio (for gold players) is about 1 in 3 (tag) and 1 in 5 (1v1) matches. I suspect this problem is even more common in lower ranks which lesser players are exposed to a larger bot population. As players become more frustrated and drop from PvP, the bot occurrence ratio will increase and eventually players in the higher ranks will start encountering them on a more frequent basis. This has allowed for Platinum bots to appear and we now run the risk of having multiple Diamond bots in PvP rankings due to the sheer amount of bots participating and their advancing development. One thing I can say is while I've heard rumors of Diamond bots, I have yet seen any confirmation. However, there are confirmed ranked Platinum bots running around (some rather hilarious ones at that). Have fun! In the end, can you be better than a bot that doesn't have to follow the same rules as you do if that bot is as equally skilled as you are? By the way, keep in mind there are bots which are immune to damage, can move while stunned, never drop animation-cancelling combos, can see you while stealthed, and use classes like Scummoner and Blade Cancer. For a game pushing E-Sports *snort* and competitive environments, these kinds of things must be stopped. At around here I would show you some URLs listing some examples of bots in action as well as the overall problem with bots, but there is a name and shame policy so just search "blade and soul bots" on youtube or something. PS: I don't care about E-Sports. I do care about having a fair fight when I'm forced to grind arena for highly beneficial and mandatory upgrading material. I'm not going to git gud. The arena is nothing but a barrier in place of my own goals in Blade and Soul and is the lowest point of the game for me. That said, I can still say this is perhaps the arena most hurt by the bot population and the mountain of threads in the PvP forums is a volume of information showing just how bad it really is to participate legitimately for the E-Sport experience or just to acquire some very important materials. Suggestion(s): Add an unranked mode with different rules, would solve a number of issues really. Add "Rematch" options at the end of a fight, allowing legitimate players to stay together and fight. Add "Karma" to fights where players can give good or bad karma based on the fight, players within a karma threshold will be more likely to be paired together (total should not be visible). Add a Mid-Round or End-Of-Fight chat where players can compliment each other or talk smack. Good time to place things like the Karma and Rematch system with. All together, it creates a powerful system moderated by players for players. It can create and environment where players can isolate themselves from bots and cheaters, even if bots were to try to game the system, players would be able to adapt. What about PvE? 100s and 1000s of bots. Some of them are pretty good and are better team players in pugs. Though I wonder if that's more about the bots themselves or the players. In short, they share the loot and dump down marketplace prices. This can swing as either a good thing or a bad thing. I personally try to get bots killed if I find them farming world bosses, but ultimately I get bored and change channels. Oh, and they spam chat. Suggestion: Right Click > Block Spammer So what is being done? "We’re constantly looking at patterns and behavior. It’s not enough." From: http://www.siliconera.com/2016/03/28/ncsoft-blade-souls-bot-issue-fan-requests-next-story-chapters/ When I first read some of the responses about the bot problems from devel-*cough* Community Managers, it felt like I was reading about how kids were complaining about doing homework. Yeah, it sucks, but you have to do it. Much like homework, a bad grade will make people look at you poorly and not doing anything is even worse. Sadly, the unhampered bot population sports a failing grade with a bold red ink and an unspoken code of silence is not helping to ease anyone's woes. I was able to identify 3 bot types, behaviors, and patterns within the first day - 4 hours time - of digging into this issue. I could literally long into the game with a brand new account and easily identify several common bots BEFORE I EVEN START DOING ANYTHING. The problem isn't getting better, it's getting worse. Bots are now common in the desert, the Moonwater Plains, and even Soulstone Plains. They do not tire, they do no log out, they do not care, and they can reach max level 20 times over before a normal player can even reach it once. Along with the press responses, the whole 'just report it and we'll look into it' system clearly was an imperfect solution and one that has repeatedly failed to yield timely results (AKA, IT DOESNT WORK OPTIMALLY AND CREATES A PROBLEM IN AND OF ITSELF). With the manual system of detection in the gutter, that just leaves good ol' Game Guard to save us from the army of automated player avatars with its glorious anti-cheat detection system, capable of totally not taking a massive dump into your CPU's process threads and drawing more power than your *cricket* GRAPHICS CARD... Oh... Well, at least we have the forums and an army of developers reading them right? There is a reason some people are making a big deal out of this, and quite frankly the game seems to be more like Blade and Bot with every passing day. I also started playing on a less populated server, so I guess I have a little more freedom and access around the bots to admire their behavior in person, as well as a general lack of players invoking my confirmation bias. That also is a problem related to unrooting bots, they're so spread out and are far more present in some servers than others. I suspect that development team doesn't have enough admins to split across the many servers to monitor all this activity, let alone sort through all the bot reports, and filing all the necessary paperwork that comes with taking administrative action against their owners. Suggestion: Explore other forms of anti-cheat and develop one that best suits the community at large. So what are we to do? Report any bot you see. That's all we can do for now. Suggestion: Suggest others forms of anti-cheat in this thread or another one tackling the topic of anti-cheat as a whole. On a more serious note, what about transparency with anti-cheat and the anti-cheat itself? Much like I'm able to identify bot behaviors, they can also do so with the anti-cheat. The issue with making a broad anti-cheat is legitimate players can get caught in the crossfire. Making a strictly defined anti-cheat makes it easier to detect what parameters it's looking for. Obviously, not giving out the information creates a bit of a middle-man when it comes to developing undetectable cheats and prevents the actual cheating methods (including ones yet explored) from being known and to what extent they apply. That said, I respect the decision not to release information regarding the triggers for anti-cheat. Transparency is a moot point however. Seriously. I'm not even going to be subtle about it now. It's very clear however that the anti-cheat system is woefully underdeveloped and completely detrimental to everyone using it. Always on resists (god mode), speed hacks (sanic mode), ESP (anti-stealth/sneak vision 2.0), and so on should be easily detectable things server-side AND client-side yet bots and players both have been seen using these very things consistently and without repercussion. Oh and in case it wasn't already clear, the anti-cheat is a massive drain with the nozzle broken in the OPEN direction for system resources to pour out of. Combine that with the instability and increasingly unoptimized rendering engine and its no wonder half the people who start the Grand Harvest Square event don't even finish it. Game Guard is terrible. It's always been terrible. No amount of tinkering and updating will fix it. It's fundamentally broken, unoptimized, and out of date. And it's awful. It's so awful that it's bad. It plays a flute with a tuba. That doesn't even make sense. Then it drives 100 in a 55. I don't know why it's still alive. And yet it is also really, really, really, really bad. It's unnervingly bad. It's megabad. It's so bad that it is awful. The unholy cow of grandmother Marin and brother Johns. A product of the devil's spite against cyber security. An infection up gaming, the internet, and the public at large. I feel like I'm writing an ad for Miracle Whip, except that Game Guard isn't even good, enjoyable, nor can you put it on a sandwich and eat it. I don't care if you don't want to replace it for some completely illogical and absolutely ridiculous PR reason, but at least make it, you know, do something other than poop on the game. Suggestion: Fix it. Bots. Bots. Bots. Bots are love. Bots are life. Embrace the bot. Inhale it. Suck it. Inject it. Suggestion: Git Gud or Git B&.
  13. There's so many easy solutions to deal with bots ranging from improvements to the naming system, detection of automated control systems (ie. macros), actually banning bots when they get reported, banning the NCSoft accounts making the bots so they can't use it to make more, using the NCSoft account to track the IP of the bot's creator and using that to keep them from making bots, or having a report threshold that automatically bans bots after a certain undisclosed number is reached. These are just the ones I can name off my head. There are literally hundreds of potent examples of anti-bot technology. PS: Game Guard (or Lag Guard huehuehue) is not one of them.
  14. Please do not add CM class

    Chi Master is an uninspired trash class that is trumped both by KFM and FM. It's a scrub class to help people who cannot get the hang of dedicate melee or ranged classes -Insert scummoner joke here-. If you want to play Chi Master for DPS, KFM and FM is a far better choice. If you want to play it for defense, FM is a far better choice. Additionally, (unlike scummoner) the class is an absolute joke to PvP having little to no CC ability. Don't be dense, and don't request to deny people content because you don't like a class.