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  1. So my friends and I are doing soulstone planes dailies and never mind the fact that there are tons of bots here but there are a lot of speed hackers as well. They use the speedhack to exploit meteor drops and corpse returns to farm soulstones.


    This one speed hacker named "sexdelia" started killing my party but we can't target him using escape key since he is teleporting too quickly. Is there a way to report hackers at the moment? There's currently no ticket system nor report feature to handle these issues either. These hackers are just running rampant and ruining the game for everyone.


    Any plans for GMs and DEVs to address this issue? This is getting out of hand in both open world and arena.

  2. Hey Devs,


    Is Bloodshade's stuck in combat glitch after bosses gunna be fixed?


    If you arent going to fix it, atleast put the portal on the floor since we cant climb the wall to get out after boss fights. You added a timer for escape so we cant even reset even if we want to after 1 combat glitch and it happens pretty frequently in Bloodshade for everyone. It's ultimately unplayable with this redundant down time.



  3. 11 minutes ago, MasterNilo said:


    So technically, according to the ToS, anyone who played "fought" with a Bot in Arena should be perma banned! Arena bots are exploitable for free zen beans since they are either easy to kill or afked. NCSOFT BRING IN THE BAND HAMMER! I'll be watching with my popcorn ready.

    1. If the 1% wants to blow their cash on a game then it's their business. In fact, I want them to buy gold from the NC Gold Store so crafters such as myself get free prem memberships and cash items.
    2. F2P requires a steady flow of micro transactions to maintain staff salary, server costs and maintenance fees which easily cost several millions to operate per year. Server hardware is not cheap.
    3. I appreciate the 1% as well as the dedicated prem players that keeps the servers running and the staffs paid. If people feel it's unjustified that these dedicated donors can pay to progress then perhaps F2P games arent for them.
    4. I don't mind paying for some convenience. Like many others, I have full time job as well as a family. My time is not worth spending 12 hours a day farming for some binary code that will be irrelevant in the coming years.



  4. I heard character migrations are hard. I mean, just basically every mmo on this planet has it except for B&S.


    • Why is this not a feature for launch?
    • Why is this feature not planned when this game had been out for 4 years?
    • Why server ports are so limited? I expect atleast 50k players per server. 7k pp/s... that's a joke right? WTB Amazon Data Centers!


    If the above are impossible then clearly, you guys need a new database consultant to implement new sql scripts that may handle high traffic and data management. Welcome to 'murica, where enough is never enough. LOL.

  5. 5 minutes ago, Vearth said:

    I'm sorry for your $200 Cad. I think it would have been better invested in an electric super charger kit that you can buy on eBay. It would take you 5 minutes to install it onto your tC rather than waiting in queue.


    I think I'll do that on official launch. 8 hours queue time is beyond my misc. time allocation for games. RIP.


  6. Dear NCSoft,


    I threw money ($200 Cad) at my screen just like everyone else here and on behalf of the folks, here's some suggestion for BETTER customer service improvements.


    1. Add a script to kick idle players that are afk for more than 3 hours
      We have people waiting to log in while people who are "logging off" are intentionally leaving their characters logged in to avoid queues. This issue greatly hogs server resources and will be even more noticeable on official launch when gold farmers park their characters in towns.
    2. The priority login system sucks
      Either you create premium only servers or remove it entirely. The inability to game with my friends who bought "filth" tier founder pack are stuck in trash elo queue times.
    3. Upgrade servers or let players transfer out
      We don't know the precise number each server holds (someone mentioned 20k) but clearly, it's not really working considering this weekend is only a soft launch. I can't even fathom the obscene login timers for all servers during officiall launch. Take a page from Blizzard's data centers which handled 70 million players globally at one point. I give the benefit of doubt that B&S soft launch have 1mil prems but the servers can hardly support it.
    4. 1 month CBT and the game is still broken
      How did the dev team go through 1 month of CBT and players are still experience cut scene crash, compatibility crash, etc. Maybe a OBT would have been better and dev team would have been able to test this login bottleneck and larger array of compatibility issues.
    5. One of the worst soft launch I've EVER seen (yes, worst that CoD with the massive patch update on launch, worst than WoW expansion launches)
      Why? Two words, Square Enix. Learn from Yoshi P who successfully relaunched a dying (and almost bankrupted company) FF14:ARR with 1million+ subs on first day with no login bottlenecks.


    That's for now, because I finally logged in after 4 hours with my filthy master tier founder pack. Time to play for 4 hours and go to sleep... yay queue time.


    Yours truly,

    Filthy master tier founder pack member.