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  1. I've been trying to farm adder's nest at level 32 and still no luck. Going on run #102... EDIT: Been trying both solo and 6 man.
  2. Doesn't matter how much we want it or not. Due to various reasons etc, any content implemented must first be implemented in the KR version. This is just the way it works in this industry. As for Mabinogi, it is a completely different game with completely different game mechanics and world layout. Can't compare the two at all.
  3. I love player housing, don't get me wrong. The problem is, that this game did not originate in the Western Market, thus we would need the KR version to implement it first. Have they suggested it there already? Plenty of times! How long have this game been out there? 6 or more years if memory serves me right. How likely do you think it is for us to get player housing now, if they haven't even implemented it after so many years on the KR version? Yes, i'd love player housing, but it is highly unlikely to happen, sadly.
  4. Player housing will never be introduced for BnS. Otherwise it'd be out for the Asian versions a long long time ago.
  5. I agreed with this in the Beta, and i agree with this now. We pay a premium to get a subscription etc and more, but the items are only valid for one character? The person(s) in charge of this horrendous business strategy should get fired. I'm glad i didn't cancel my World of Warcraft account to be honest. At least when i make new characters there, i get all the items i've gotten in terms of mounts and other bonuses. Also, what happened to ALL the rewards from the founder's packs? So far i've only seen a couple rewards that was actually on the original list?
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