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  1. In addition to Itadakimasu and Hana, we're now officially allied with Bun First! Warm welcome to all our new friends! We're still recruiting, but since we're quite close to having all our space filled, we're planning on updating the application requirements soon! Please don't hesitate to apply now if you're interested in joining! :D
  2. @Nightflashhi there! Just PM any of our officers in game and/or in Discord! We'd be glad to have you. Also welcome to all the guys (and gals) who have joined us the past few days! Great to have you guys in our family. We're still recruiting! we did update our requirements so please check them out! :D
  3. Welcome to our newest members! We are still recruiting all classes, details can be found on the OP. We have updated the application requirements however, so if you're interested feel free to check them out. Even if you're not, you're always welcome to ask questions directly here or just hop in our Discord channel and have a chat with us!
  4. Hi there, Thanks for the application! Feel free to PM us in game or in Discord for an invite.
  5. Yes, we're pretty active during that timezone, but the guild doesn't have any emphasis on any particular timezone; at least that's the goal. We believe that it's better to not restrict ourselves into a single timezone because people often plays on 'weird' timezones like nightowls and such. And yes, we still have a few spots available, just post in your app here and register to our Discord.
  6. Due to recent events, people moving on with RL, BDO release, new patch in BnS, we have managed to free up some open spots in guild. However, we also have updated the guild application requirements and procedures, so for previous/new applicants and those whom are in the waiting list, feel free to check them out on the first page. We can't wait to hear from you guys! PS: For previous applicants/waiting list, just go and visit our discord (discord.me/audacity) and go straight to contacting our officers there. Thanks :)
  7. We're currently full at the moment and closing down direct invites. We'll try to get all the people in who have posted their app before this post; and will hopefully open up new spots when the situation allows. You're still welcome to contact our Officers if you really want to join and we'll try to get you a spot in if we can; or have a chat with us in Discord. We apologize for this.
  8. We have updated our application requirements to the following : Minimum level is 45. We apologize for this if it somehow prevent you from applying, but we believe that this is the best for both new applicants and the current members, considering it'd allow new members to hop in and join clan activities right after. We would however, make exceptions on a case-by-case basis if the situation require us to. Being able to use Discord is now a requirement to joining, we will not however, require you to have and use a mic while in Discord.
  9. Just an update, since the game has been up for quite some time and to prevent new members from feeling left out due to progression gap, we've decided to raise our requirements to joining with an at least level 40 main and level 45 as the recommended level. Thanks!
  10. @Shiho Just send tell to Aion, Kaway, Saikou or Aisaka in game about your app! Thanks.
  11. @Iranicus Our previous guild numbered close to 50, but the lot of us decided to move to Cerulean and start over with some of our most active members. We're currently building our ranks to our old level in terms of numbers and activity. @MrDraco It's decent, depending on class. I personally don't do arena, not yet, but some of our members are quite active in 1s and 3s. @doinitsolo Grab a hold of Aion or Kaway in game if you're interested in joining :)
  12. Nice, send Aion or Kaway a tell in game, if you couldn't reach any of the two, grab Aisaka or Saikou.
  13. recruitment is open | Poharan - Cerulean Order Audacity is an English speaking semi-hardcore PvX worldwide guild for NA Server Poharan. We have a core group made up of experienced members who have been playing B&S on various Asian servers for years. The guild has an even distribution of players in NA and Oceanic timezones to promote more activity and interactions between guild mates. We are currently in alliance with : Itadakimasu, Hana, Bun First If you are an active and social player looking for a friendly and active semi-hard
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