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  1. Class Change Voucher

    Not only would this voucher have to be expensive you guys seem to be forgetting the technical part of the issue. They would have to add another system to the game which can automatically re-seal all of your items so when you change to another class you also get the relevant weapon and accessories, soul badge, mystic badge etc. Just changing the class wouldn´t fly considering the playerbase, they would want their items intact too for the new class. So I see a huge headache for NC that they dont want. They screwed up with the White Orb fiasco, so I really doubt they could make something as a class change voucher. IMO
  2. Dragonfall, please... just give me Dragonfall outfit.
  3. New class Archer. LOOKS GOOD! :O

    Hyped for UE4 but Archer? Really, an archer? Out of all the martial arts and weapons they go with archer, then again, I think Blade and Soul lost their blades and souls when gunner came out. Why not a class with a spear or Bo or a flippin naginata (which is also kind of a spear) but at least that would make sense.
  4. KFM feels awful to play now

    KFM does feel off for me too. I dont know what it is but after running the daily dungeons after patch and hitting 60, my damage has dropped by half and I have no idea why (Wind KFM btw) I was able to sustain around 550k yet after patch I can barely hit 300k dps. Some one who knows the ins and outs of Awakened patch kfm builds please send help. I dont recoginze my class anymore
  5. Well, it is all the players fault. We as gamers are to blame for all the lootboxes and payed DLC´s. We cant hold it in our pants (pun intended) and need to throw money at things just to get somewhere faster. For years we wanted to keep the goverment out of games because we did not want censorship and we let gaming companies run rampart when they saw that gamers would put up with all kinds of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Now we are where we are, and I for one am glad that goverments are stepping in and banning this insane rng lootbox nonsense. I hope that all of the other countries follow. Blaming a company for feeding off of its playerbase is hypocritical, it is all of us who let them. You are all to blame for the greedy nature of these game companies.
  6. Dreadtide weapon skin: Move it to Mushin's Tower

    Does the Dreadtide arena still drop the Infinite Challenge outfit after the blue quest apocalypse patch? Did a little over a hundred runs but all Naksun drops now are tokens... oh and one health pot was in the mix there somewhere.
  7. F10 Daily Deal Outfit Request

    Would really like to see Dragonfall in the store... my KFM needs it.
  8. Producer’s Letter – December 2018 Update

    Not sure if sarcasm. This is like the best decision they could make right now. Considering the backlash of this patch in Korea, how broken classes are and how they are basically playing on a test server until it all gets fixed. I am glad they delayed it, for once NCwest isn´t puking out content just for the sake of it.
  9. I would like to see the Dragonfall outfit in the shop. Missed out on it but would really love to have it.
  10. Can't recharge NCCoin

    The problem is that you bought so much Ncoin in a short amount of time that their security system kicked in and locked you out of buying more. Its a failsafe, in order to get through it you have to write to support. Send them a screenshot of the message you are getting, helps too.
  11. Infinite Challenge Costume

    it always was, you gotta keep farming and crossing fingers
  12. Infinite Challenge Costume

    171 runs and over 4k tokens later
  13. I heard from people it took them 5-10 runs to get it, others 50 to a 100, for me it took 171 runs to finally get my hands on the costume. While it was horrible being screwed by rng like this it felt good to finally have it. If something is hard to get, but the person really wants it, then they find a way to work towards their goal. When rng is a part of the eqation then you have to play by the moderation rule. Dont run the dungeon for a whole day, it will burn you out. I did around 20-25 runs every evening, it kept me sane and wanting to go on. In short, I dont agree that it should be put up for sale at the merchant or cash shop, some things need to remain rare, because imo this is one, if not, the best looking outfit in the game.
  14. Dreadtide Arena ...

    I finally got the costume, in total it took me 171 runs. Never going back into that dungeon again... well, maybe 1 more time just for the sake of beating up naksun while wearing it.
  15. Dreadtide Arena ...

    I am currently at 165 runs on this, I am not even kidding. I dont know what it is, either people are lying that they got it on their 5th or 10th run but this rng is reaching retarded levels of insanity. (been farming since 22. january doing 20 runs a day) Still no costume. I begin to think that my account is somehow broken
  16. Another qq thread

    It does drop, seen at least a dozen people with it. I am at 2000 dreadtide tags myself at the moment and still farming the arena, yet there are people who have gotten it after 5 runs. So yes QQ, rng is bad but this is reaching retarded levels of rng.
  17. Founders pack costumes

    Hi, I have an issue regarding the two costumes you get from purchasing the master pack. These costumes were available during tech alpha 2 but when the cbt began those items were removed. They are not in the wardrobe nor in the character inventory. Does anyone else have this issue of disappearing costumes or is a known issue? I know that everything gets reset once the game goes live, but was just wondering.
  18. Founders pack costumes

    Thing is they aren´t even in my inventory anymore. During tech alpha 2 they were still there but since this first cbt began they were gone