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  1. What will happen with Nebulas?

    Tbh I'm barely playing as it is, the grind is too much and it gets boring to do that, literally no incentive after doing the daily challenge
  2. How to Subscribe to Newsletter?

    Basically they tricked us
  3. What will happen with Nebulas?

    I didnt even get 1 nebula stone... count urself very luck
  4. Server Crash? Again?

    This isn't acceptable people PAY for premium.... people cannot login and their premium time is getting wasted. Will the EU people get compensation for this technical issue that is on your end... it seems the NA players are fine but this has happened more then once for the EU players.
  5. Cold Storage Merchant ninja nerf

    Ran cold storage twice today 0 spawn Ran heavens mandate twice today 0 spawn my luck :( QQ
  6. Warlock Soul Badges....

    noone ?
  7. Warlock Soul Badges....

    Translation error or something but what the hell is Bulwark Charm ? is that the block skill ?
  8. Trove Chest no more?

    this literally started the day after i went on holiday and finished the day before i got back.... i missed out on it completely so may i have it just for myself ? :D
  9. yesterday took some FM (i think it was) who had like 430ap in a 4man lair of the frozen (probably the easiest 4man to run) everyone else had just over 500ap and still managed todo it perfectly fine.. too many elitist people in the game tbh
  10. Fake mail scam or not?

    Scam, look at the url...... NCVoft doesnt take a genius to work it out
  11. Price Hike.....

    So let me get this correct, USD prices will stay the same? so anyone paying with GBP is paying more due to the conversion ? according to XE $11.99 --> GBP But NCS will want £9.49 $34.99 --> GBP But NCS will want £27.99 $124.99 --> GBP But NCS will want £99.99
  12. Price Hike.....

    Whats with the premium price hike? trying to make people quit or something O.o
  13. Subscription only came out 2 months ago, so u literally bought subscription and left the game :L
  14. [MASSBLADE] Joins B&S! - (My Journey)

    Would totally upgrade your PC / Laptop as you might find playing later on when in towns or doing dungeons with people a struggle with less then 10fps
  15. New ways to get HQ Fabrics?!