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  1. Extreme connection problems?

    Same thing from CBT1. 3 tickets. Lots of forum posts and comments. Result is still the same. If support doesn't care about this, I'm refunding Founder Pack. I paid for game of good quality, not an unplayable one. UPD: I must say BnS works fine on NA server. Idk how will it be tomorrow, but now it's just fine. UPD2: nope, the same. Relogged to EU for a minute, then to NA and all repeated. Seems like nothing helps.
  2. About skill delays.

    This is actually THEIR problem, they don't want to resolve. Fresh video (sorry for quality, I never recorded before, just did it for tech support) of gameplay on Taiwan server (340 ms ping) and EU server right after the start of CBT3. I already submitted 3 tickets. I have reply only on my first one. Second one was closed without any reply and the third one includes this video. So, my computer is okay. My Win 10 is okay. My Internet is okay. Otherwise, I couldn't play on TW without lags, could I? 1st part - TW server, 2nd one - EU.
  3. Hi there! Some news for those, who experienced the same lag as I was. Problem is not on my side. Today I've installed TW client and enjoyed playing BnS almost without any lags or skill delays (ping 340 ms (!)). With WTFast it's going much better and I'm so very satisfied. Hope for better connection quality on CBT3 and happy to have some alternative place to play.
  4. Skill Lag (West Coast)

    Same problem here. Nice to see that someone having the same problem, I began to think that it's only me. I can't play at all because of this delays. Got killed before I even use something. :/
  5. Lag!

    Oh, so we having some "elite" regions that play without lag and that's why no one bothers about those who have problems? How nice. I participated in many CBTs. And BnS is the first game with such an awful quality and service.
  6. It's a pity, but I can't get to the settings of my router. Login and password "admin" didn't match. I'm afraid to set all to default, I think I won't bring everything back if I fail. Maybe I'll try tomorrow. All stay the same and I just play another games. Maybe near Head Start they finally do something with all the lags that other players and me are experiencing.
  7. Lag!

    Well, same here starting from CBT1. WTFast won't help. I've tried different settings, but no result (sometimes connection become even worse). I can't play, tech support ignored my ticket and said that they don't know how to help me, all possible forum suggestions didn't help as well.

    Having the same problem from CBT1. Technical support answered that "we can't do anything, talk about your problem on forums". P.S. WTFast makes the situation even worse. But thanks to it I know that something is wrong with "sent bytes". But how to fix it - nobody knows.
  9. Maybe it become clearer. Sent bytes are way too low. I can't understand program (TCPView) information, but maybe some of you can.
  10. Answer from tech support. Unfortunately, if you are still experiencing an issue it will have to be troubleshot on the forums as we are unable to offer Technical Assistance through email. I can only recommend you keep an eye on your post or any similar posts for a possible fix to the issue you are experiencing. Thank you so very much, support. It's just what I needed.
  11. Can I say I tried everything I could now? Downloaded, installed, logged in. Same thing.
  12. I've already submitted ticket and wrote about it in "Errors" theme, but, maybe someone experiencing the same issue and together we'll finally find solution. Problem: when I press skill buttons, character reacts 7-10 seconds later. I've got killed before I even start battle. Same thing happening while I'm looting, talking to NPC or doing something in inventory. Running and using windwalk is okay. I wonder why everything worked fine on Tech Alpha 2 and in other games (TERA, Aion, LoL, Warframe). Also, Alpha-2 ran perfectly, withoutr any lags or other problems. This all started from CBT. Specs: Win 10 Home edition Intel Core i7 4x, 2600 MHz Memory 8141 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 3 GB What I already did: - used all possible advises; - reinstalled BnS and Launcher; - turned off firewall and antivirus; - asked my Internet-provider about possible issues and seems like everything is perfect; - used different ping-programs like WTFast, Battleping, Razer Cortex (actually, ping programs make everything so bad that I even can't enter the game); - tried suggested comands netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled netsh int ip reset C:\resetlog.exe (it helped for a while, but after relogging lag returned); - tried suggested programs (Leatrix Latency Fix, TCP308Optimizer). After all this tries I still have no result. I can't play like this. I don't know what else should I do.
  13. Thank you for all help and advises, but still no luck. I hope I'll fix it somehow soon. P.S. it become worse with every relog. -_-
  14. Thanks, but didn't work as well. I think I'll wait for support help (if there will be any). It's a pity that I can't play the game I waited for so long. And i still wonder why this lag affects only BnS.
  15. Sad news again - after relogging the same thing repeated. And became even worse. Commands don't help anymore. Am I cursed or something lol.