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  1. Clan Name: Chui Clan Server: Starfall Crater Clan Faction: Crimson Legion Clan Rank: 15 Clan Focus: PvE Endgame Clan Type: Semi-Hardcore ---------- Clan Information: English is the main Language of the Clan. We are an International Clan! (We have members from all over Europe and the Middle-East too!) Equality & Respect are the 2 most important things in this Clan! We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination! Our main goal is to have a strong connected team that does content together. Communication is
  2. Lately, I have been working on my own Sheet to have everything that is important in BnS for BnS players! This Minimalistic sheet is easy to read and figure out. It is a very simple one. all credits & links & references can be found in the sheet! --- Note's Notes Feedback/Suggestions/Requests are very much appreciated! --- Reddit Post
  3. BnS lacks a lot of essential and important options and systems for clan management. here is a list that we wish to see in BnS: More Member Slots/Unlimited slots. Last online. More Ranks and easier way to manage/edit them. Clan Bank to share items between members. Donation History. Officers chat. Clan Notice and Clan announcements. Clan Calendar. Clan Workshop editing & easier way to know who is crafting/donated for the craft. Clan Workshop History. Clan Design editing/options for other ranks (not just leader).
  4. Please NCSoft! please rethink your strategy of locking the wardrobe behind subscription! many players like myself are unfortunate and can not get subscriptions. and such service like the wardrobe having it being locked behind a paywall is really getting annoying to manage storage in game. I have been trying my best to manage my inventory/bank/vault with all the outfits and things that i have even after purchasing all tabs and rows it is still not enough! Im not saying that it needs to go fully free, i understand that you NCWest need to make money (dont you already have
  5. thank you for your input and making this continue in the discussion. i like your idea... however, again i would repeat myself... no one is asking to remove one part or the other... keep it all the same just add more "alternative" methods in acquire what we want in whatever game aspect we the players/customers prefer to acquire through! its good and okay that pvp is getting the new alternative for them... now just give the same for the pve and we will all be happy!
  6. no one is saying anything about removing one side or the other. what the main point and case in this post was to tell and show the devs that even us the pve players want something similar to those pvp players. just make it fair and equal and everyone should be happy! its good that they are listening to the community, but they need to listen to ALL of the community that includes both sides PVP and PVE players.
  7. So, Regarding the new upcoming patch, PVP players are getting more ways for them to get their desired skills and whatever they want from new pvp vendors.. that means they just need to do what they like and love in the game which is PVP... that's all fine and dandy, its good that the devs are making and finding new ways to tend to their customers... HOWEVER Us the PVE players also matter to this game! we PVE players have been demanding new ways and fun ways for us to acquire our desired items that we want to progress further in this game in means that are pure PVE! that
  8. In theory it does make sense that you have to do a percentage of the mob/boss HP to get contribution but we need to get real! when there is a big zergfest and more than 50+ players killing mobs/bosses in soulstone plains or even Grand harvest then this system DOES NOT WORK! the mobs/bosses do tend to die fast + with the lagg no one (specially melee) can actually get the percentage contribution done! Half of the time i cant get the percentage done because i couldnt do my full rotation because the mob/boss died too fast! There should be a NEW better way to get people cre
  9. this is a salty post! i will try to give feedback and opinion and at the same time will be super salty regarding this matter! for the past couple of days i have been trying REALLY REALLY HARD to do the dailies in grand harvest and even in Soulstone plains JUST trying to give it a chance or even at LEAST get contribution for doing the dailies in there but NO! the freaking BS system that we have in the game is just too stupid and SHOULD be REMOVED from this game! tagging is the bane of ANY MMO and we have seen and it was shown in many other MMOs on how open tagging is much better ove
  10. Did you not get the part of not wanting to be free but like a one-time purchase instead? i am not whining or complaing about the situation instead i am presenting an alternative to the issue like a midway solution that is for both consumer and publisher benefits. they want to make money out of wardrobe? sure just have it like a one-time purchase option like the character slots and talent pages in the cash shop.
  11. from all your replies i can clearly see it now that you do not get the whole point behind this forum thread and you are just trolling. what you are suggesting is "follow the one way" which is how NCSoft want us to consume the game but that is not the case for a lot of players. Many players want changes to this business model because it is "anti-consumers" but in this thread we are talking about one feature that needs to be re-evaluated rather than the whole premium issue. Why the wardrobe is unfair and why i refuse to pay for it? you would have gotten the answer if you read and got
  12. I agree with you, that is why i had the options in the strawpoll just in case. one-time purchase and a deposit/withdraw fee is no problem for me as long as it not hidden behind subscription. I want to give NCSoft my money they just really need to re-evaluate this.
  13. You clearly are ignorant and do not know how others play. many players have different play-style. there is no one standard way to play the game. you have the hardcore players who farm end game content, you have the PvPers who only do arenas and PvP for ranking, and then you have the collectors who play the game to collect items whether it be cosmetics or crafting or even hunt for rare drops. I do not want to stop playing the game because i enjoy it a lot in here and i want to continue! i want to support the game by giving them my cash for their cosmetics but not having a wardrobe i
  14. I understand your point but as far as i know the skins and even more are in the store to be bought and consumed again so at least they can be acquired again compared to the masters outfits that were only acquired once. changing premium is a huge thing to do all at once and doing it in one go is a bad idea in my opinion. they should do changes one at a time just like how other games did (Tera and Guild Wars). So changing just a part of it or one feature at a time wouldn't take that long and should be done in a a month or two and keep rolling the changes with the updates every month.
  15. i dont care whether or not they take the Taiwan or the chines or the japanes model as long as i can get proper storage in order to sink more cash into this game. and regarding the account bound stuff they said in their latest stream that they saw the feedback and told the devs about it and they will work on an item to make easier to transfer stuff between characters. i really do not care much about this because i do not see a problem with not having account wide outfits.... as long as i have storage to store them.
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