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  1. Sin vs Des bug

    hi, please double check if the blind timer of tab escape from sin is right against des.... it always feels like des gets a shorter blindstun than other classes if i tabescape out of their cc's i barely have enough time to use my F to get to them and stun them again with LB ... it feels like the blindstuneffect is way shorter than against other classes. Would be nice if you check if it's correct. Thanks.
  2. Hey, just wanted to adress the ping issue which most ppl who are actually dedicated to the game have probably faced until now. Well that's a problem, most of them use things like WTFast / Pingzapper etc. to avoid the pingspikes. But you have to pay for these programms or just use the trial versions which are kinda annoying, because you have to restart them every 30 min. So my suggestion / question here is if it's not a possibility to add something like that to the game itself (like you did with gameguard) so everyone can have it and actually play the game like it is supposed to be. In Korea this problem might doesn't exist because they have a better servers / connection, but for Europe / NA it would be an option. It would also have a good aspect for the publisher / developer ... your customers have 1 BIG reason less to quit this game. Best regards, Nyne.
  3. Cheating Summoners

    Hey NCWest employees, i'm pretty sure you already noticed there are many hacking summoners which use perma-immunity and infinite chi. So you can't really do anything about that in 1v1 arena if you have to fight them, They just spam sunflower and are untouchable. Anyways, i think i'm not only speaking for myself if i beg of you doing something about that, especially at higher rating it gets pretty annoying to grind up 5 win streaks with +5+5+5+5+5 and right after that hard work you get 1 hacking summ and a whole hour of intense effort is just gone, because you get -26 ... Just banning them if they get reported doesn't really help. Your points you lose due to these games are just gone and you won't get them back, even if you ban them right after the game you get another hacking summ anyways. best regards, Nyne.
  4. hey, sometimes the venom swarm (assassin spell) travels on a different speed. Sometimes they fly like instantly if you stand beneath your target while they are in the aircombo and sometimes you wait like multiple seconds and you aren't even able to get a web off on the ground because they travel too slow ... watch into that please. thanks, nyne.
  5. sin vs summoner bug

    Hi dev team / community, noticed a bug where you don't get stealthed through your shadow dash when you are dashing a summoner cats back sometimes. It works often, but sometimes it doesn't work, maybe because of some cat model issues. And yes, i'm 100% sure that i was behind the cat before i dashed, whenever it lays on the ground i go behind, use my dash and sometimes it doesn't get me into stealth for no reason. Fix please, thanks. Greetings, Nyne.
  6. catgrab bug sin glitch

    Hello dev team / community, noticed a glitch in 1v1 arena sin vs summoner. As soon as the sin uses Wooden Block and the summoner cat grabs him while the Wooden Block is active, you can't tab out of that cat grab. proof: https://imgur.com/WKd6kvb https://imgur.com/a/KDzCA thanks for the fixes. Nyne.
  7. some bugs

    Hello Dev Team / community, noticed a bug where you can't tab out of the catgrab of summoner as a sin even if you got it ready. It seems like this glitch only appears as sin vs summoner, probably got something to do with wooden block. Another bug is when you don't get stealthed sometimes while you are Shadowdashing a cat of a summoner while the cat lays down and you are CLEARLY at it's back ... it won't stealth you. Also wanted to menshion that the server latency / ping got worse since this patch and i get dc's more often than usual. Thanks for fixing. Nyne.
  8. Hi dev team / community, I really would appreciate if you buy better EU servers / fix the ones you got, the ping is way too high even if you live close to the location. I live like 200km away from Frankfurt and still got a horrible ping. If I do a pingtest on the internet to Frankfurt it says like 11ms .... but to the BNS servers in EU it's WAY more. I'm sure this is in the interest of all competetive 1v1 / PvP in gerneral players and everyone would benefit from this. As I heared the NA servers are fine, why don't you do the same for EU ? If you can't fix this give us a programm like WTFast or something like that which is implemented in the game so there is no advantage / disadvantage for ppl who can't or don't want to afford paying for a programm made by others to actually play your game. Thanks, Nyne.
  9. Hello BNS Team, hello community, In arena when you fight a summoner they catgrab you on the ground ... normally you can use your escaping "tab" skill to get out of it ... but sometimes it bugs out and you can't get out even when you got tab ready, you just can't use it, lost so many games already because of this bug. The other bug is an Assassin only bug. When you use turning leaf to swap the position with your opponent in arena and use your shadowdash, you are supposed to get into stealth. But sometimes it doesn't work. You just don't get into stealth, the enemy is turning around a bit WHILE he is in the turning leaf mini stun. and i guess that's the reason why you don't get into stealth after shadowdashing. You can also see it in this video right here at 3:35 ... https://youtu.be/ZKe90yHQy9E?t=215 (watch on slowmode if you can't see it properly) So as it seems this bug is still in the game, even in Korea. And please don't argue with "it's just lag, that's why you don't get into stealth" ... it is NO lag ... do you really think that they got lag in korea tournys where they got like 5ms ? They got the best internet connection in the world in asian regions ... it is just a bug. PLEASE FIX THIS, otherwise this will ruin so much game experience. Thank you, Nyne.
  10. hi, i recently noticed a bug where the FPS (frames per second) dropped insanely low, to like 20-30 fps after I played a certain amount of time (mostly after a few hours). It Always happened to me while I was playing arena 1v1. As soon as this bug appears it doesn't stop until you restart the game. After the restart everything is fine again. Nyne.
  11. Spin VS sin ?!?!

    Hello B&S Team, something has to be done about this in my opinion, so that's why i adress this right here. As Sin there is a problem and i don't know if this is really intended but if you use wooden block or side-dodge against spinning classes like destroyer / LBD you get out of stealth instantly ... so the moment you get into stealth with woodenblock / side-dodge because they did spin into it you also get out it in the same second ... so what's the point right here ? I don't really get it .... why don't they get punished for braindead spinning into wooden block / side-dodge ? Instead they get a double benefit ... the sin uses one of it's cooldowns and gets nothing out of it while the destro / BD get less dmg / a chance to block while spinning .... Shouldn't there be some kind of I-frames when you enter stealth, like 0.5 or 1 sec or something ? Anyways, in my opinion this isn't really comprehensible. Spin classes get rewarded for braindead spinning into spells which are exactly made to avoid such plays, but it doesn't work on your current state of the game, the moment you press woodenblock into their spin you get out of stealth ... so what's the point of using it while they are spinning ? You should consider to change/fix this .... another point is that destroyers crit for 10.000 while everyone got like 20-26k hp .... so 40-50% hp with 1 hit ? cmon .... this needs regulation. sincerely, Nyne.
  12. Buff / Debuff displays

    Hi, I was playing 1v1 arena against a Destroyer and noticed that there was a little Buff icon displayed while he was whirlwinding which helps me a lot to time my reactions for it. Unfortunately there is no such icon for the Bladedancers when they are whirlwinding. So my question here is, could you also add a icon on their buff bar to show up for Bladedancers when they are whirlwinding, please ? My Thanks, Nyne.
  13. hello, in my opinion destroyer is very strong in his whirlwind form in pvp. You can't cc him while he whirlwinds, you don't do dmg to him because of it's 400% dmg reduction and if you hit into that 0.5 timewindow you get stunned. OK, I'm fine with the fact that they have the option to do so and i can deal with it, but if I may I would suggest a little adjustment here. Instead of letting them spin all game in a 1v1 arena match ... which is like 5 times + in a row without doing anything else is a little bit too much in my opinion. Maybe you should upper the cost of the whirlwind so that they can't spam it 5 times in a row without getting punished for it. Three times would be a propper limit if you ask me and after that they should have to do something else in order to spam it again. Thank you - Nyne
  14. Auction House Bug

    Hey there, wanted to report a bug where i couldn't sell more items at once in the auction house even when i had only 4/15 listed. It said that i already reached the maximum of items listed, which was clearly not true. here is a link with a screen for proof: http://imgur.com/poM2KxX Thank you ;) edit: oh okay sorry, just realized it says "dailie max" ... so i guess you cant sell infinite items a day then, no matter how big your list is.