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  1. Thanks for the Compensation~

    Thanks for the heads-up; doubt I would have noticed it otherwise. Much appreciated, both to the OP and NCWest.
  2. Upcoming Alt Friendly Changes (UPDATED)

    Can't wait for this change to hit NA. A friend and my BF are kinda hesitantly trying the game out again, but weren't looking forward to the huge "fresh level 50 ---> True Scorpio weapon" grind. We level as a group, so even if the questing is a little harder it shouldn't be anything unbeatable for us. Any ETA on this? I'll keep stockpiling my gold until then.
  3. LFG incentives

    Re-introducing some variety to the Daily Challenge would also serve this purpose, I think. I don't really want higher-geared players to feel like they HAVE to carry me just because they get rewards for doing so... I'd rather see something like tiers for the Daily Challenge based on the difficulty of the dungeons involved. Let players only turn in one challenge a day still, so that high-geared players aren't forced to run entry-level content and make absurdly high AP LFGs, and make the rewards from the "lower" dungeons not quite as good as the higher-level ones, but still have upgrade mats and items relevant to the level of gear the player is at. I.e., a lower-tier Daily Challenge might consist of something like Bloodshade Harbor, Zaiwei Ruins, Lair and Chuanka Frost Cavern. Easy for 400 APs to do, but in return items like Taikhan Skin, Forging Orb, 1 mil Hongmoon EXP charm etc. aren't available for purchase. Instead it might have items like Frozen Stingers, Yeti/Python Soul Shield pieces or Silverfrost Mountains Dew for purchase. Maybe Soulstones or Moonstones, but I'm okay with that being left out due to the possibility of it adversely affecting the market. Honestly, I'm okay with partying with people around my own gear level. It doesn't bother me, I don't need to be carried. And maybe some of us lowbies DO need to be more proactive about making own our groups, specifying that we want chill runs without ragers, and just generally being more outspoken and verbal in trying to find one another to get our stuff done with. But I'd still like to see the Daily Challenge at least made more accessible - even if it takes me a month's worth of challenges to complete a single weapon upgrade, at least I can actually get it done knowing that something like Shattered Masts or Gloomdross Incursion won't be a big ol' middle finger right in my way like they are now.
  4. Maybe it was made apparent elsewhere, but I found out the hard way that if you already claimed the free slot from the warlock event (or bought additional character slot vouchers from the store already), that buying the character slot increase offered with the 1-year anniversary event doesn't actually increase your maximum character allotment, so don't buy it if you're already at max, unless you really want the event coins. Mine is just sitting in my mail until gunner comes to NA, I guess.
  5. I will never get the Heptagonal Daimond :P

    Once per account only, so no whaling out unless you do it through Cold Storage/Mandate resets. That said, I think buying everything in the shop amounts to something like 113 extra coins, so it's pretty possible to "p2w" one's way to at least the 35 AP gem, yeah.
  6. Event could've been handled a bit better~

    Tbh, I think Daily Challenge suffers from this problem too. There's always at least one dungeon on there I can't do because I don't have enough AP, which sucks because I feel like the Daily Challenge's entire purpose is to help people get geared a little easier. Does it really matter if there are 1-2 days a week where EVERYONE can get the Challenge done? Do we really always need to have some c**kblock dungeon like Sogun's or Shattered Masts stopping lowbies from completing it? Higher-geared players will still be able to do all 7 days of Daily Challenge, but 1 or 2 "easier" days with just stuff like the original 3 Silverfrost purples and a blue dungeon or maybe even the three purple 45s and like Heaven's Mandate means that alts or newer players can actually collect the daily currency too, instead of feeling pressured to join a clan or hoping they can slide by with carries in F8. I'm working on getting geared mostly through buying what I need off the market and crafting niche items to earn gold, but I'd happily do the Daily Challenge once in a while if it were 4 PVE options that I could reasonably complete. (I'm not that interested in PVP, sadly, even equalized arena - let alone the whalefest that is 6v6).
  7. Merchant of Wonders?

    Two redonkulously well-geared friends may try to attempt a 4-man of the 6-man with me and my also-460-AP BF...not sure how doable it is, but I'll be happy if it's possible (though also guilty that they're carrying the load >__>). As I mentioned in another thread, now that the alts I'm interested in playing are in the "safe zone" in regards to gear (ie, firmly lodged in the Pirate path, so no Oathbreaker fears), I can start focusing on gearing my main, which means that I should be able to break 500 AP soon. I know groups are starting to push for 550+ now for stuff, but I figure for stuff like Frozen Fang/Necro/Den nobody will rage-quit over a 500 AP, haha. And I'm okay doing content at that level for a while.
  8. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    I admit, I cheated a bit and bought some of the boxes that had the Spring Breeze outfit in them a few weeks ago...got like 500 Soulstones trying to get the outfit, which helped speed up the Awakened Pirate process on some of my alts. I still have a WL, Des, KFM and LBM that will be stuck on the new weapon path though, should I ever decide to finish leveling and gear them (unlikely, but hey). Incidentally, one of the characters I DID get Awakened Pirate on was BM...and I feel your pain on the SSP front. I'd recommend trying to do Heuk Bulmu/Yachun every day though, depending on your faction, because that's an easy 20 Soulstones and tbh even on my crummy-geared BM I'm still able to get credit without much fuss.
  9. My biggest issue with the terrors aren't so much that they're there, they can kill you while mining if you get too close, blah blah... My biggest issue is what the OP pointed out, which is that it effectively kills a lot of owPVP simply because as soon as you start whaling on that person from the enemy faction trying to grief during mining, they just wimp-mode right over to their terror and you can't do anything about it. It largely removes any element of risk in owPVP, unless you engage directly in the middle or something. They're a security blanket for griefers, and not much else. +1 for removing the ones closest to the center entirely (don't think anyone would argue about leaving them closer to the bases - don't want a repeat of Misty Woods base camp faction NPC slaughter all over again).
  10. 06/01/16 Patch Chat Thread

    I managed it on 4 characters... In some ways, I'm kicking myself, because if I had spent all that time and gold just focusing on my main, I'd be IN a place where I could do this upcoming Trove event thing without people rage-quitting Necro 6-man cuz of my gear, and I'd probably be able to better farm gold, materials, skillbooks, whatever FOR my alts... But in other ways, I don't really regret it, because playing multiple classes is what I find fun, and if I had approached the content at the same speed and grinding intensity as my friends I'd absolutely be burnt out. Well, now that the alts are all in the "safe" zone, so to speak (no more worrying about not getting them geared enough before the weapon path is removed!), I can focus on my main from now on. We'll see how it goes...soulstone farming sucks. Hoping the new Trove event, even if I can't actually get into the dungeons that spawn the guy, will still lower prices on the market for everyone else.
  11. Water locations?

    For Cinderlands/Viridian you can pretty much go anywhere and they should have tons. For specific locations though, the port outside Necrotic Laboratory (the Dragonscale area in Viridian) has a good amount of wells, and the Crescent Spring port in the Cinderlands (where the Golden Deva is) also has quite a few wells.
  12. Ashes in fall = BEST OUTFIT EVER

    I find their hips to be ridiculously skewed. Even moving the slider down to the smallest setting, my poor Jin WL looks like she had some rough births, if you know what I mean. This seems to be more a Hyung Tae Kim-ism than anything else, though - even the Lyn have these like twig chests and big thighs. At least with Gon, when the top part is...ahem, "generous", it makes the hip size not look so out-of-whack.
  13. Merchant of Wonders?

    It was the 6-man, yeah. I mean, in an ideal world, this event would serve it's purpose insofar that you'd need enough gear to not render the rewards (rare costumes, etc.) totally obsolete, but with the current state of the community just limiting the event to these particular dungeons really locks out a huge portion of the playerbase, IMO.
  14. Merchant of Wonders?

    Idk, I think just limiting it to those 4 dungeons is pretty bogus. You guys can go on all you want about "Necro is possible with 400 AP", but the fact of the matter is that I have not been able to get a single person to stay in my party once they see my character, a 50 HM 4 with 460 AP, in the party. They all instantly drop without fail. This community is largely garbage, and I was really hoping that this event would include AT LEAST some of the "less elite" dungeons like BSC, BSH, and Naryu Lab - heck, even Avalanche Den I actually get people to stick around despite my character's "low" gear - but no, they just had to include the dungeons with virtually no tolerance for error margins or failure. God, at least with Trove I could just throw real people dollars at it regardless of how geared I was. This is a slap in the face.
  15. Strike Gold

    This post is probably the best thing to come out of these forums in quite a long time. I haven't laughed this hard since some guy on the FFXIV forums wanted 20 seconds of full immunity in PVP if he died too many times in a row. A+ would lol again.