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  1. Thanks Wixa and Rich for your advice, i'll stick with the full MSP for now then :)
  2. Hi i've recently returned to the game, i had enough of the flowers to purchase the full set of the MSP but i also have enough of the raven feathers to purchase the first 4 pieces of the raven ss set. Can someone please let me know if i should stick with 8 pieces of the MSP or would it be better to have 1-4 raven and 5-8 MSP? Any advice would be appreciated ^_^
  3. Sounds like something i would do Charlie ;b but yeah as previous posters said it doesn't hurt anything to send in a ticket. Goodluck!
  4. If you watch the video of the stream from a week ago it shows the solar energy in the mysterious crystal trade box but has a blank space where the gem powder should be in the radiant energy trade box which is pretty suspicious now after the stunt they've just pulled. Oh and btw seems Nc staff are hiding posts that talk about cancelling subs so here's my post again. Canceled my sub and asked for a refund on the RE i bought from the cashshop yesterday. I doubt they give a damn about what we have to say, the only thing they pay attention to is their profit.
  5. I've just returned to Blade and Soul from a break of 8 months and i see they still are one of the most incompetent game companies i've ever seen lol. Talk about not learning from their lessons, they continually do things to alienate their customers on a fairly regular basis. I've put in for a refund of the Radiant Energy i purchased from the shop yesterday and yeah while that's a drop in the bucket for them if everyone put in for refunds it would at least be a good way of showing our displeasure at their dishonest business practices in the only way they will take notice, their prof
  6. Feel free to add your pics for a bit of fun. #when you feel someone watching while you take a selfie #you can never have enough bacon! #when your cat's mad at you for giving the dog more attention #cheese! smile for the camera #when you feel like there's a spider on your back...
  7. I've been playing BnS since Beta and paid for premium for the first 2 years, i stopped paying for a sub after that because it just wasn't worth the money for what you got. I've always been the type to pay for subs in the game i like but they really need to make some big improvements to make premium worth it. Some of the things i've always thought should be sub benefits have been mentioned already but here's the list of things that would make me decide to pay a sub again. - No fees for windwalking, marketplace and mailing (including outfits) we already know it's possible
  8. Can someone please tell me if this outfit has been released in NA? I've been waiting for this one for a while but my pc is getting repaired at the moment so I can't access the game to check.
  9. These are some of the outfits we don't have yet, they're not exactly what you're looking for but have a similar theme/colour scheme i guess. [removed broken links - PhoenixMitra]
  10. There is a lack of casual outfits to choose from so personally i really like it and would happily buy it for my character, although i would hope the shorts would be a little bit bigger for the female lyn is all. A few things they favor in BnS costumes i've noticed is a slightly more oriental feel with tassels etc. you might try to include that into your theme next time. Also even though it's more work and often they ignore the other outfits and only choose 1, you could try doing variations for the different races to suit thier race characteristics. Really li
  11. Depending on how patient you're willing to be there is the option of waiting for the next vipercap/tower of memory etc event that any character lvl 16+ can attend. You can easily lvl a character from 16 to 36 just doing the daily event dungeon.
  12. I usually use a spare character spot on my account when making a new preset, that way you can go in and have a look what the character will actually look like in the game as well as try on different outfits/wigs to check on proportions in the wardrobe if you happen to have premium, it's a lot cheaper in the long run to make sure you are absolutely happy with the character before using a change voucher. If you don't have a spare spot, you can make toons on EU or set up a second freebie account.
  13. You have much higher odds if you play the event on multiple characters, of the 5 characters i have at 16+ 2 of them have 30+ chocolates the rest anywhere from 6 to 20 and all but 1 character has 1 or more of the outfits.
  14. I only started doing the event today and out of 9 characters 3 got the outfit and 1 got the 10x crit. As much as i dislike having to rely on rng this event does seem pretty well guarenteed to give you an outfit and enough chocolates to get a gem so long as you do the the event quest every day. Obviously having more then one character lvl16+ to do the event will highly increase the odds of getting one or more of the gems.
  15. THAT is the kind of innovative event that we all want to see, it's about time NCsoft stops thinking that a cashshop sale is an "event". I still love BnS but i'm tired of game companies not living up to the potential of the games they produce and instead just turning them into a blatant cashgrab where instead of spending some money on fun stuff like cosmetics etc you either have to spend ridiculous amounts of time or spend ridiculous amounts of money just to keep your gear at a level where you can play effectively at endgame. If another game comes out with the same quali
  16. 2 days ago Babbletron said on twitter that a list of prizes was going to be put up tomorrow which would have now been yesterday, no sign of a list yesterday or today so maybe they'll get around to it by Wednesday when the patch hits lol.
  17. If they're going to put out a new race I really want to have male/female Lycandi as a playable race, obviously with more ear and tail options though.
  18. I would really appreciate an answer to my question please >.<
  19. I've been purchasing ncoin cards from Electronics Boutique for a couple of months but recently I was told by the EB employee that the cards have been discontinued, could you please let me know if they were discontinued just until new ones with BnS on the front are released? It costs me an extra $35 dollars in conversion rates if I have to buy directly from the site.
  20. I bet they are watching this thread closely, it will give them a very good idea on which outfits are the most popular so they know which ones to put in rng boxes. All those people asking about when the Winter Coat and Best Friend outfits would be put in because it was their favourite got what they asked for... in an rng box.
  21. I use a logitech g600 and i put shift and space on 2 of the buttons so i don't have much of an issue with it, all i need to do is press shift to sprint then space space to glide and space to drop. It would be a lot easier if you could just press shift again once sprinting to glide though. The ingame options menu leaves a lot to be desired, i've had to program my mouse and gamepad with the default commands because a lot of the time the secondary command option wont work at all.
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