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  1. If you play Earth summoner you should aim for full msp set, upgrade it if you can and keep it until you have VT ss as the stats on the msp set benefit earth summoners more than the BT set does. For Wind summoner i think they benefit more from the BT ss stats so just get the msp set until you can replace it with BT>VT set.
  2. As Grimoir said you have 3 minutes to get to the boss after the system message, plus each system message tells you which area to wait at so if you really want to farm the boss just set a timer for 40 minutes after you see the first system message then head to excavation, croxar or aomak and you won't have any issue with missing the boss.
  3. Yeah i told him my cat was specced for resist damage not taunt on that paticular run but he said that didn't matter and that my cat hitting sogun aggro'd him into doing an aoe, i've been away from the game for some time so i thought i should check whether i remembered soguns mechanics properly. For some reason i remembered it as being the person who blocks the first orb on the firesword phase as getting marked not the person closest. ;b Most of the sogun runs i've been on since returning have been just burn everything down and ignore mechanics which is a little dissapointing becaus
  4. I recently pugged soguns lament with a mostly lower level party apart from myself and an assasin, we completed the dungeon but at the end of it the sin started going on about "that's why he hates summoners so much" and said that my cat had almost killed him numerous times because the cat gets aggro (even without using taunt) and causes the boss to do an aoe. As i understand it the only time the cat can endanger the melee classes is if it gets marked when the summoner blocks first orb in firesword phase and the mark switches to the cat when seedshroud puts you into stealth, i always
  5. That's a pretty big overgeneralization there. I have been playing this game since beta without hitting this wall you speak of and you can easily complete all of the games content if you pick a class and build that is less ping reliant. As for gaining a bad reputation for not solving the issues the game has, bns buddy has proven that with some tweaks the game can run much better. If a person who isn't even part of the bns franchise can improve thier game then what are the people who are actually paid doing?
  6. I would hardly call it good will, it's simply good business practice to sell your product to the largest amount of customers that you can. The issue that this thread is about is not that we don't all have a server in our own regions it's the possibility of being excluded from events. As for ping yes you have a point but even with my 200 ping i still get plenty of enjoyment from playing the game.
  7. There was more than one of the petitions over the last 2 years and people gave up asking for it because ncstaff stated they had no plans to start another server. Dead horse is dead, flogging it wont get you anywhere. A company that happily accepts our subs and f10 transactions should have no issue with including everyone in thier events. Excluding actual physical prizes like the gaming peripherals which of course i understand would not be practical to include for other regions
  8. Oh my what a brilliant suggestion! I wonder why no one thought to petition for a SEA server before? (that was sarcasm just in case you missed it) >.>
  9. It's kind of murphy's law, i don't much like the wings because they sit too far out from the back but out of the 150 boxes i bought i got 3 pairs. Wish they were tradeable so that i could sell them and make the people who didn't get them happy.
  10. Pretty sure the sun hit his shiny white knight armor and blinded him to the fact that while some members of the support staff are doing thier best the support system is fundamentally flawed lol.
  11. I think it was mentioned in an earlier thread that in TW the Empyrean stones were reduced from 10 to 5 to go from seraph/baleful 12 to dawnforged 3, you might want to read back to find the thread to be sure though.
  12. I preferred the original weapon system for the sake of the whole start out with a weak weapon given to you by your master and then grow and evolve with it on your hongmoon journey, however at least with the new system you will save gold on the constant upgrading as the storyline quests give you new weapons along the way until you get to endgame and then receive an upgradeable legendary weapon. It's also a bit more simplified for new people to get to endgame, with the new system there's less confusion trying to work out the weapon progression system while they're leveling up.
  13. ^ This, a guildie asked to have some gear transferred when SF came out so that he could change main, he showed the ticket to everyone and the support staff bald face lied to him saying it was impossible to switch the items from one character to another. He then asked why another guildie had just had his gear transferred if that was the case and the story changed to sometimes they are able to transfer items but its based on "merit". The guildie who had wanted to change main to SF ended up quitting over the incident and NC lost a lvl8 premium paying customer over it. They
  14. I didn't personally love the hairstyle but i did really like having cosmetics that i could give to my alts as an end prize, i guess they can't please everyone so the daily dash changing every month is a good compromise for players to get a chance at getting something they're interested in sooner or later. I really would prefer they take return to start off the premium box options though, complete one round and return to your original position is fine but returning to start and not having the chance to get some of the later slots isn't much of a prize in my opinion.
  15. As Cherish said nc support is completely random in what kind of response you will get, i have seen friends get completely different responses for exactly the same request more then once. One gets his entire set of gear transferred from SM to FM, the other gets told they refuse to even transfer just her pet when she changed her main to gunner, both people have lvl 10 premium, both people asked nicely but two different answers. It's ridiculous and extremely bad business practice that support staff do not have a standard set of rules and regulations so that unequal treatme
  16. I've had every available slot unlocked for nearly 2 years and i honestly never thought it would take this long to get more inventory added. Every few days i have to rearrange my inv/bank and decide what i can send to an alt or simply throw out (even though it makes my hoarder heart shudder lol) to make room for the things i need to keep on my main,
  17. Excerpt from Enemy Silence post @maryelle: 1. you seem insistent on arguing instead of being objective. The evidence is in your face the moment you play or play against a summoner. The evidence is the communities reaction to summoners. The evidence is the win rate of summoners in the lower ranks. The evidence is in posts made by fellow summoners, explicitly proving my points by stating how independent the cat can be. The EVIDENCE as you keep stating shows that summoner is only viable in low/mid tier pvp, you only need to look at the leaderboards and esport results
  18. Unfortunately the majority of events are for lvl 50 characters apart from events like tower of memory, vipercap etc where you can enter at lvl 16+
  19. This is pretty normal practice for ncsupport, some staff will be more helpful then others rather then all of them sticking to a standard set of rules and practices. The only advice i can give you is to ask in a polite and completely easy to understand way again and hope another staff member gets your ticket.
  20. Yes i've noticed that you need to be very straight forward with support lol. Pretty sure my ticket was pretty clear and to be fair to the support rep i wont be able to mail some things but you would think support would know to tell me that bound to account items would be mailable. My original ticket Trix Yesterday at 01:04 Could you please tell me if i transfer my main character from Zulia to Yura will i still be able to mail outfits/items i obtain on my main to my alts that are left behind on Zulia?
  21. I put in a support ticket and this was the answer they gave me; Yesterday at 13:01 Hello, Thank you for contacting the Blade and Soul Support Team. Unfortunately, you will not be able to mail the items from your previous server. This is intended part of game mechanics. I hope this clarifies your concern. If you have any other question or issue, please let us know. After seeing your post i made an alt on Yura and tested whether i could send bound to account items just to be sure and you are correct while nc support is wrong lol. Thanks fo
  22. Have you tried file repair and also checked whether you are playing on 64 bit or 32? I was crashing constantly til i unchecked the play on 32bit box. Haven't had an issue since.
  23. Thanks to all my fellow summoners for your help! Unfortunately google doesn't answer all my questions so i appreciate your time and advice :)
  24. Actually i'm still unsure which element i should be going for. Before i took a break from BnS i played hybrid Bees/Sunflower depending on whether i would be dealing with groups or single target bosses, now things are completely different and i will have to stick to one as it's unrealistic to have 2 sets of gear. I've been leaning towards Earth/Sunflower since coming back but i'm wondering if that's the best path as i play from Australia and have quite high ping (especially now that bns wont let me use wtfast). Any advice on whether i should go Earth or Wind with my pin
  25. If i transfer my main to a different server but leave my alts on the original server can i still send outfits, items etc to my alts from my main? Thanks for any replies :)
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