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  1. This is extremely disappointing. T^T I was hoping for a special event & costume for this so very much, especially since this is an MMO with a heavy Chinese theme (Wuxia coupled with other references).
  2. This actually got a response from the senior writer for the NA/EU version of the game in the following thread: Relevant quotes: @LastWriterStanding As a roleplayer I would just like to say that I love this games story, and while I have not gotten very far in the story (I think I reached level 28 or so) I have been enjoying it all. Luckily my leveling partner is my SO and we read all the dialogue, side quests included. That lovely fella in Gloom Forest with the southern accent make me laugh every single time, I don't know why. Anyways I do have a que
  3. They did indeed. Hopefully they re-add them to the shop for Chinese New Year.
  4. It does indeed, but it is probably more meant to invoke imagery of the Fenghuang, otherwise known as the "Chinese phoenix" in the West. They too have a very long, flowing tail of feathers that is kind of like a peacock's. It was used as the symbol of the empress back in Ancient China, hence the English name given to the attire. ^.^ (( P.S. I -just- saw the new pictures you placed in the original post, that attire is absolutely lovely as well! ))
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