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  1. This is extremely disappointing. T^T I was hoping for a special event & costume for this so very much, especially since this is an MMO with a heavy Chinese theme (Wuxia coupled with other references).
  2. Why is the localization so bad?

    Here is another example of a changed quest: Apparently she's merely a kind elderly lady in the original. It is "Ye Harang" which was changed to "Yehara". There are several instances of this happening in the game it would seem.
  3. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    The same things such as? And lie about what exactly? I think I may be misunderstanding, my apologies. ^^;
  4. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Posts on official forums for MMOs are but a small fraction of the player-base and not indicative of the players as a whole, merely the ones who choose to post on said forums.
  5. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    Not only that, but in our current version we only have a small sampling of all available costumes. More will come with time. I don't understand the tail portion on these attires either and they aren't even the only ones that have it. Two cash shop items "Scarlet Shade" and the Gon version of "Winter Flower" also have these large fluffy tails and I don't know why. It really takes away from the look of the outfit.
  6. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    I think she's saying exactly the opposite. There is a costume she likes, but on her chosen race (I'm assuming either Gon or Jin from how shes describes the outfits as she has not yet stated which race she chose) it is rather revealing whereas on her friend's character (which I'm assuming is either Yun or Lyn), this same attire is less revealing and more to her tastes. She desires this version of the costume. This is merely my understanding of what she was trying to convey.
  7. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    My pleasure! That website is indeed wonderful!
  8. Does Blade and Soul NA have censorship ?

    I believe what he was trying to say was that the original Korean outfits on the character creation screen looked too much like lingerie to him and to him, that is meant for intimate things only and is offensive (which has nothing to do with the topic at hand and is irrelevant). As you stated, he didn't convey it very well however. It is entirely possible English is not his first language. What I also do not understand about his post is the line "i love this you can now go out without dobok and you won't feel embarrassing". Not everyone will feel "embarrassed" having their character wear lingerie-like clothing in the game. Some may not care, some may find it merely pretty or cute.
  9. How do the Yun reproduce?

    This actually got a response from the senior writer for the NA/EU version of the game in the following thread: Relevant quotes: @LastWriterStanding As a roleplayer I would just like to say that I love this games story, and while I have not gotten very far in the story (I think I reached level 28 or so) I have been enjoying it all. Luckily my leveling partner is my SO and we read all the dialogue, side quests included. That lovely fella in Gloom Forest with the southern accent make me laugh every single time, I don't know why. Anyways I do have a question for you and it something that a few other roleplayers have expressed interest in knowing as well. Q: I love the Yun race, everything about them is the epitome of elegance and grace. On the bladeandsoul.com website the write up says they are descendants of a mythical Asian bird. How are knew Yun created in present time? With them being an all female race this makes it even more curious to me. I had a head cannon in mind that was closely akin to that of the Mass Effect Asari but I'd rather get some official information from your team. @Adamaris It's always nice to see an active RP community crop up in any game. Don't let the haters get you down, yeah? As for the Yun themselves, along with the other races of the world, I'm afraid there's not a lot of information about them or their origins. While the writing/localization team did indeed work on some background for the various groups (histories, cultural habits, common slang among each race/region, etc) there wasn't a lot of exploration about the races in the original EN1 content. The two most prominent Yun in the game are Jinsoyun and Jiwan, and they don't exactly get a lot of non-plot related screen time, after all. If it's not there in the first place, we have a limited capacity to expand on it ourselves. This goes doubly so when it comes to content that the Korean Devs may want to cover in the future themselves. If we went and gave a definitive version of our own on some matter and then the Devs later on created content that contradicted it, that would be very problematic. Nobody likes having to do retcons. The most I can really offer is general lore information based on older content documents from the game's development. The Yun are effectively the Elves of Blade & Soul - you'll even find some older concept art of them with very long, protruding ears still floating around the internet. They don't originate from the same region as the other races and there's even indication that they may be from an entirely different realm, like some of the various spirits and monsters of the world are. There is indication of interracial relationships and breeding in EN1 background dialogue, such as NPCs showing attraction to other characters not of their own race, or even a few married couples from time to time. So, while there is no canon information behind how the Yun breed, one plausible theory is simply that any offspring born from a relationship with a male from one of the other races is simply always a Yun due to some innate supernatural aspect of their biology. Fun little factoid - if you look into the game's coding in regards to costumes, the Yun are actually noted as not having a gender. Costumes all have designated item ID tags indicating the race they can be worn by and either M (male) or F (female). All Yun costumes, however, have the tag N (neutral). In the past, I actually idly pitched an idea to the devs of allowing character generation for Yun characters to be more ambiguous in regards to gender rather than being strictly feminine in appearance, but that never really got any traction. Overhauling the whole character generation and costume design would be an absolutely tremendous undertaking, after all.
  10. so, are all costumes gonna be like this?

    To the original poster, which race did you choose? The yun have plenty of costumes that may be more to your tastes! ^.^ Only a few shown here are from the cash shop, so you would be able to obtain them in-game with relative ease. In addition, this website would be most helpful in searching for further attires: http://bns-fashion.com/
  11. They did indeed. Hopefully they re-add them to the shop for Chinese New Year.
  12. Is this armor set available in game?

  13. "Once available, this will be a new purchasable consumable that can be used on an already purchased Hongmoon Store character bound cosmetic, which will allow it to be mailed to another character on your account." To be fair, she didn't state whether it will a purchase from the Hongmoon Store and we very well -could- get to purchase it with in-game currency at a special NPC vendor. Even if it -does- end up being an item on the cash shop only, there is an alternative to the NCoin called Hongmoon Coin that is fully obtainable without paying actual currency.
  14. It does indeed, but it is probably more meant to invoke imagery of the Fenghuang, otherwise known as the "Chinese phoenix" in the West. They too have a very long, flowing tail of feathers that is kind of like a peacock's. It was used as the symbol of the empress back in Ancient China, hence the English name given to the attire. ^.^ (( P.S. I -just- saw the new pictures you placed in the original post, that attire is absolutely lovely as well! ))
  15. costumes. we need costumes.

    Ladies enjoy playing virtual dress-up as well. ^.^