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  1. Happy Easter

    i wonder if this is considered naming nd shaming
  2. How do the Yun reproduce?

    Yun reproduce with Xerox copiers.
  3. So I just finished talking with a rep regarding the missing stuff. Sure enough, the system is set up to only allow a single instance of the founder's pack to be on the account. Even if you cancel it, the account is permanently flagged as having purchased the pack so buying the pack again wasn't allowed by the system. The solution was to make a second account, refund the second pack, and buy a third pack on the second account. So this will be the last post on this account I'll probably be able to make since it will no longer be set as having a founder's pack again. To answer the question as to why I cancelled just to rebuy it. I had buyer's remorse and cancelled the first founder's pack. After about a week of thinking it over, I decided to go ahead and rebuy it.
  4. That was my original plan. Had I known this would have happened, I most certainly would have. I was thinking about maybe suggesting that to them if it will make things easier for them.
  5. Just a heads up to anyone who purchased a founder's pack and decides to cancel it. If you want to repurchase the founder's pack on the same account, make sure they give you the NCoin back on your account. I had cancelled my first founders pack and repurchased the pack using a different CC. They are having trouble restoring the live NCoin to the account and are currently looking into it on a ticket I opened. So my current live NCoin balance is 0 and not 7200. I'm pretty confident they'll resolve the issue, but I wanted to just give an FYI to anyone else who may consider cancelling the preorder.
  6. Account storage

    Yeah. The cost for inventory expansion is the big ice bucket challenge for me. I plunked almost 5k N Coin + all the dragon pouches from the founder's pack and managed to get about 75% of the inventory space unlocked on a single character. And even if you unlock it all, I still think you get more inventory space on some other games for free. FFXIV and WoW both come to mind. Though those are p2p games. Oh yeah, don't forget, if you have the master founders pack, that still leaves 6 more characters to unlock inventory for. Probably ~$100 or so per char. Let's hope they give lots of dragon pouches for free in the game.
  7. About Unique Weapon Skins

    Like Shirou said and to better clarify: Costumes purchased in the shop are BoE to a single char. Master founders pack costumes are BoA. You can trade those as many times as you like between your characters via the in game mail system.
  8. Show Off Your Characters! (Screenshots)

    I'd actually forgotten about this Lyn I made in CBT 1. In honor of a certain homicidal pyro child from a certain MOBA. "Eeniee, meanie, miney, BURRN!"
  9. I agree with the op. The email verification does get a little old when I have to go through the email confirmation every time I log in with my phone.
  10. Can't connect to server

    I must admit, I tried a little bit ago. Even when it comes up in about 5 minutes, I'll only be able to dabble a bit in the character creation. Have to go to work in an hour so I have to wait until 11:30 PM EST to really dig in. :angry:
  11. NCoins

    To the OP: I'm actually fine with them not offering a bonus for the higher tiers. It takes the pressure off to buy the higher packs just for the bonus coins.
  12. Anyone know what time the cbt starts?

    oooh lol. I just realized I was looking at the end time.
  13. Anyone know what time the cbt starts?

    Am I reading it wrong? I thought 10 PM PST meant west coast. In which case, it would be either 2 or 3 hours behind EST. 2 hours behind makes sense if they are using the time zones the servers are located in though.
  14. I think giving passes to the founder's pack people is a good idea. Just happened to post that in a different thread. +1
  15. A good idea. I'm kind of surprised there weren't guest passes for the CBT phase included in founder's packs to be honest.