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  1. Twisted Dragons <Recruiting for End Game Content>

    Hate me up!
  2. SystemErr(1000) NetowrkErr(132) WSALastErr(10,054)

    i just started having this problem after the last update it getting annoying we need a fix here...
  3. The Way of the Summoner

    Same here,i been having this problem all day, i try rebooting the client but that didn't help guess I will play my KFM...
  4. Bugged the way of the summoner

    man they really need fix this bug been at this quest for almost 2hrs now.....
  5. Forums Unavailable Monday Morning

    Hello it's me calling from the another side....
  6. CBT 2 - Open for business

    hi i'm new here how everybody doing, but yea beta start today at 10am right but been trying to connect to server but i keep getting connection fail any help will be nice thanks :( ...