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  1. Barlock outfit, shame on ncsoft

    I like that false dichotomy: "It's either this crazy ass RNG system or else EVERYONE would get the thing easily!" No place for alternatives like the outfits and adornments having a set (and higher) token cost, meaning the players would know exactly how many times they'll have to run or grind through something before they get what they want. RNG is the crutch of the lazy designer. No idea how to keep your players in-game for more than a few days at a time? Add RNG and appeal to their gambling tastes! Because clearly a system that is completely arbitrary is WAY better than making a system that actually rewards the players for their effort.
  2. Why do people hate a decent game?

    Well...for starters, OP: 1) A decent game wouldn't keep the Wardrobe functionality hostage behind a subscription (the only thing WORTH ANYTHING there), and costumes would be account-wide by nature instead of requiring a shameless cash-grab consumable to move around. 2) A decent game wouldn't suddenly force the players out of their selected playstyle (PvE, PvP) to continue the progression of their characters at endgame. PvP players can't level up properly without Pve, and PvE players can't upgrade their gear without doing Pvp dailies. 3) A decent game would be upfront about the intended playstyle of players, instead of letting everyone to reach endgame through 'casual' PvE before they are told "Reached endgame! Awesome. Hope you like PvP because that's required for progresion trololol!" 4) A decent game wouldn't have invisible walls on hills that aren't on the borders of the map. Seriously, I've smashed my head against an invisible wall placed around a hill...when there's a friggin' road going around that same hill. 5) A decent game respects the player's time. The combat, character customization and outfits are pretty darn great, though. The area design isn't BAD, either, it's just that it's filled with low-res rextures, invisible walls and corridor design paradigms. But everything else fluctuates between 'meh' and 'this is infuriating'. They know the best thing they have are the outfits, so they are trying to squeeze as much money as possible with them. But the worse thing is that the 'fans' of the game are going along with it.
  3. Junghado 70+ kill and still no hat really?

    Welcome to RNG! It's the lazy developer alternative for actual gameplay!
  4. The main storyline is insultingly bad

    I think the main problem with the storyline (I haven't been in Silverfrost yet) is that it requires the player to be a blind idiot. Everything is blatant and in your face, but your character acts like a complete imbecile, falling into all the telegraphed traps. This isn't much of a problem in Viridian Coast, since those betrayals are actually handled pretty okay. But it's much worse in the Cinderlands (and gets slightly better in the level 36-45 areas). There you are forced to work for Yonkai, becoming complicit with his atrocities because killing him wouldn't be "the Hongmoon way". You have to be patient and mercyful with a tyrannical *cricket* with no redeeming qualities...but killing all the mobs and NPCs you end up killing for MUCH LESS and mostly for working with him is COMPLETELY OKAY for the "hongmoon way". At the end of Moonwater plains you have another very stupid moment where your character allies himself with Mushin and Yura. Yura! The demoness you saw manipulating a prince into killing his own sister and corrupting a whole town. It doesn't make sense, but the writers know it. And they don't care. That's why the player character is a complete idiot: because otherwise the plot couldn't continue in the way the writers intended.
  5. The game does a pretty bad job at alerting the players that this is a PvP centric game. From the very first moment, Faction quests are NEVER emphasized. Not even Arena quests. They are thrown as side quests and you can't even see the faction ones unless you are wearing your faction outfit (and why would you? To get ganked by overlevelled gentlemen and gentleladies?). But suddenly at certain point at level 50 the game pushed it right in your nostril by making one of the required materials for upgrading a PvP only* reward. And then silly people in the forum PRETEND the players should have known. Heck, not even the website makes a big deal about how PvP becomes a must. What it should do is make the PvP aspect more prominent during levelling up. Then NOBODY will be surprised. But, of course, then there's a problem: people who dislike PvP will see it coming and leave the game to something that doesn't force them into it (or to make the difference out by farming gold and depending on the PvPr's supply in the auction market). And that's the problem, isn't it? Casual PvE players are the widest MMO demographic. They serve as content for the cash shop wales (no players means no queues, which means you can't do dungeons, or gank them) AND to the PvP crowd by contributing to the economy by, for example, buying their surplus soulstones. *And no, don't tell me that they are 'basically PvE' because SOMETIMES there are no players on the other faction to battle over it and/or because one of the factions is underpopulated. They are still designed to stimulate world PvP and they force the player to wear the uniform and thus OPEN THEMSELVES TO PVP. They are PvP quests, no matter how 'easy' it might be to avoid the other side.
  6. I was soloing the Naryu Temple instance because I want the mask that drops from there. While I was there, the Grave Raider outfit dropped. It's Gon only. But worse than that, it's untradeable even with characters of my own account. Why? What am I supposed to do with it? I'm lucky I don't have a Gon alt, but if I had one and this was an outfit I wanted for him, I'd be SERIOUSLY pissed off. Right now I'm just bewildered. Why? What do character-bound outfits acquired in the open world accomplish besides annoying the players off?
  7. NCsoft is too cheap to pay 10 dollars per hour for a GM to check the entrances of instances where all the bots gather for their hourly rituals.
  8. RNG favor warlock and lyn cancer

    I'm going to go ahead and say that Hujikar's weapon drops are purposedly modified depending on your class to make it MORE UNLIKELY that you will get your class weapon. I farmed it for quite a while with another warlock and a destroyer. We got 0 razors but like 3 weapons for every other class. Meanwhile, the destroyer had 3 razors but no axe. That was a similar experience from when I farmed him with my main character, a destroyer. Every weapon dropped like 3 times each before I saw an axe at all. Outfits and cosmetics just have a very, very low drop chance in the first place.
  9. Bumping this shamelessly because it's still an issue. Using Opera. Need to try five or six times before it actually logs me in.
  10. The game already has account-bound items that can be transfered to other characters in the same account. I see literally no reason to make costumes bound to the account and transferable without requiring a shameless cash-grab consumable (a thing they announced). They are already pretty darn expensive compared to other games that offer you outfits for the same price BUT FOR YOUR WHOLE ACCOUNT.
  11. Question about warlock.

    Hopefully Warlock isn't so low in DPS at endgame that doing dailies or other solo content (like Mushin's Tower) takes significantly longer than other classes. That's going to be a big turn off for people playing the class on their own.
  12. Animation cancelling... is dumb.

    I agree with the OP. Animation canceling would work well if it was a mechanic built into the game (just like how invulnerability skills are) that wasn't spammable. The only thing that keeping it around does is discourage players with higher pings when they are compared with animation-cancelling players who do overall better without actually necessarily being anybetter. It doesn't just affect PvP, either. You can see how players who are capable of animation cancelling are much more effective at beating the various enrage timers of boss fights. Players who can't animation cancel also can beat those thanks to gear upgrades, sure. But animation cancelling lets you bypass the intended gear requeriment. Plus, it comes with a design problem: what if the developers start thinking that animation cancelling should be the standard? Or that it is 'common enough' that encounters have to be balanced around it? Then players who can't do it are left on the sides not because they lack the skill or the commitment, but because the game decided that a broken non-mechanic should become a mechanic. It is a bad idea to keep it in this game as it is, no matter how you look at it. Unless, of course, you are one of the guys who can pull it off. Then you are not going to want them to take out all that extra damage you can dish with what is essentially a legal exploit.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. Sadly, uninstalling the drivers and using DDU to get rid of the remnants before reinstalling did nothing to solve the problem. Luckily I can just turn the graphics down to a minimum (yuck!) and that allows me to play without hiccups.
  14. For reference: I have a GTX660, Windows 7 of 64bits, 16GBs of RAM. I updated to the latest graphic available driver today and since then the screen keeps 'crashing'. It goes completely black and a few seconds later it comes back while a tiny window in the corner tells me the driver failed and had to recover. The last time the driver 'failed' it also froze my computer, requiring a reboot. This is happening VERY often in the Gloomdross Forest area with my warlock, like every three minutes, making the game completely unplayable for me. I have yet to try playing on my higher level characters, but everything seemed fine with the warlock until I reached that zone. It doesn't seem to be related to skills, either, as it happened a few times while I was doing nothing but moving the character or the camera around. This does not happen at all in the other games I tried, where I managed to play normally without problems (Fallout 4, Wildstar, Company of Heroes 2). I guess I'll try downgrading to an earlier driver version tomorrow, but that's kind of annoying. I'm not sure if it's the driver or the latest patch of the game that is causing an issue.
  15. I can't move my character

    I had this problem today in Brightstone ruins. Suddenly I could not turn around or move in any direction, but I could still use my skills and chat. Changing the control settings didn't do anything. Once I left the party (and thus got kicked out into the lobby area) I was able to move normally again.