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  1. I think the main problem with the storyline (I haven't been in Silverfrost yet) is that it requires the player to be a blind idiot. Everything is blatant and in your face, but your character acts like a complete imbecile, falling into all the telegraphed traps. This isn't much of a problem in Viridian Coast, since those betrayals are actually handled pretty okay. But it's much worse in the Cinderlands (and gets slightly better in the level 36-45 areas). There you are forced to work for Yonkai, becoming complicit with his atrocities because killing him wouldn't be "the Hongmoon way". You
  2. No. Don't use that false dichotomy. "Either they rip us if with prices, or the game becomes pay to win!" is an unhealthy costumer attitude. Things can be priced fairly while avoiding 'Pay to Win' tactics. If you go around saying that isn't possible, then you are encouraging the businesses to be avoid pricing their products fairly. This is the attitude that leads to no new content except for RNG Cash-grab boxes that havea 0.000005% chance of giving you an anachronistic outfit that doesn't fit in the lore, because that's the cheapest clothes to produce: just copy something from the real world,
  3. Hey, TotalHavoc, here, have a sandwich filled with dung. No, don't complain: it was free! :p And remember: the 'free player' that is complaining here and that you are scoffing so much would actually spend MORE than 15 dollars per month. For NCsoft going F2P instead of just a subscription is an absolute win; specially with how backwards the MMO player consumer mentality is ("they need money, they can do whatever they want!" and such). Free-to-play systems won't get better as long as we forget to have standards for our consumerism.
  4. Nice strawman there, Total Havoc. It burns very nicely. But is a strawman. The problem with holding the wardrobe as 'incentive' for the signature/premium subscription is that it will make people think twice before purchasing costumes. Instead of players going "Oh, I like this outfit. And it's cheap! I will buy it!" when they see something they like in the shop, you get a "Oh, I like this outfit! And it's cheap! Oh, wait, I shouldn't buy it. I'm already kind of strangled on space thanks to all the outfits I collected in game and the other items I'm storing in my bank. I should wait
  5. Welp, my internet sneezed and I got kicked out. So I guess I'll do this post while I wait the 5 minutes, wait, no, 48 minutes, wait no, 98 minutes, wait, no 30 minutes, wait, no 128 minutes.....of queue. My Destroyer ended up being a bit different from her Beta design. The outfit from the Lair of the Yutay (the first image) dropped at the first try. Yay! Too bad the axe from Blackram Narrows doesn't want to follow suit. And the queue is now like 703 minutes long.
  6. I could reply to that with "if you want a martial artist game without housing, maybe you should go play Mortal Kombat!" Don't be a crappy community, community. We need players to play this game if we want it around. Shooting down any and all suggestions for the sake of shooting down any and all suggestions is just going to bring a lot of bad 'word of mouth' from those players. "Hey, have you played BnS? I wanted to try it." "Don't. The community is very hostile." Incidentally, seriously, why do you oppose housing or whatever? What does it affect
  7. Hui Ning. Her outfit is ridicolous. In a bad way.
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