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  1. You can pay to progress in PvE faster, so if you consider that P2W then sure. At the end of the day you'll be able to run easy dungeons just a biiit faster than everyone else earlier. Kudos. However, YOUR GEAR DOES NOT MATTER IN ARENA PVP. So if PvP is your concern, you can't buy an advantage. :/
  2. You freaked out in minutes, quit the game, and gave all your stuff away... and now you want them to recover it? Because you couldn't take a second to google about name-changes?
  3. I actually feel like the Lyn dress is passable, just because it looks like one of those asian dresses with the features painted on and manages to be cute and give a nice silhouette. But the Gon version? What happened to those fishnets? Those are horribly textured.
  4. I should've clarified that I saw it posted a month ago, and yes the information is from the 2015 Season.
  5. I think that costume that was censored above with the thong wasn't intended, but the swastikas probably were. The Swastika's removal is perfectly reasonable and completely irrelevant to the costume anyway.
  6. That's because it is. Other versions can't salvage costumes. Only Korea can, but they pay a subscription.
  7. Implying this would somehow affect PvP? And you don't even know what it is yet you're leaving before you get answers?
  8. Seems odd to me to censor these when we've got other similar/worse things ingame. Might be a bug, or they plan to release the original as another option?
  9. ... We're now on the patch where Summoners are average. Get more skill points with the 50 cap and HM Levels then proceed to destroy them with your new options. Summoners benefit most from the 45 cap because they get everything important right off the bat.
  10. Blade Master is top tier in this patch. Hit 50, get more Hongmoon levels, and work on getting Hongmoon Skills. Then learn your matchups and you're good to go.
  11. I see class ranking posts for the KR Top 100 every now and then. Last list I saw was a month ago. That post noted, (Note the numbers are the number of players of that class in the bracket) Top 20: Assassin 6 Warlock 4 Blade Dancer 3 Forcemaster 2 Kung Fu Master 2 Blade Master 2 Summoner 1 Destroyer 0 Top 100: Kung Fu Master 19 Assassin
  12. No one said we suddenly become terrible. We're just average now because every other class got more.
  13. Do the Siren -> Pirate line because the new 50 line is currently limited by a lack of materials and drops. People are still working on crafting recipes and such.
  14. I'm hoping the PvP bot situation will become more tolerable following this next patch due to soulstones becoming so plentiful via faction farming. PvP is going to give almost nothing in comparison, which will hopefully ruin incentive for bots to PvP at all.
  15. I like that most of these complaints are a result of the 45 cap and you're quitting... a few days before the 50 cap hits NA/EU.
  16. Last I was aware, designers in League don't typically create the numbers. They just work on mechanics and kit. The balance team works on numbers. That said, I don't agree with her here. Especially since it's known BnS' balance isn't good until 50 and she reviewed it before then. :/
  17. As we get more Hongmoon skills and Hongmoon levels, Blademasters get stronger. This is because they currently lack skillpoints. They perform just fine at 50 as well, so if you can hold out until then you'll be well off. They're not going to give us special balance updates to help Blade Master along just to remove them later when they inevitably get stronger.
  18. I tried asking Support and they never answered. They do however lift the limit for you for 24 hours if you contact them.
  19. I'm sorry, what? The Exchange System actually gives Free Players the ability to purchase things from the Cash Shop. That is in no way Pay 2 Win. The gold players are buying with Ncoin comes from other players, and if this system wasn't available they would probably just buy it from Chinese gold sellers. The Cash Shop itself is not selling anything that gives paying players an advantage, and this system actually allows free players to get costumes and other knick-knacks from the shop just by selling some of the gold they earn in game to others.
  20. Anyone whining about "not having enough time" needs to probably just quit MMOs altogether. The whole point of MMOs is to spend time. I'm a University student with a job and I'm still keeping up with this game's content without playing every chance I get. It's not hard. (I also play FFXIV and LoL on the side) @BOMBFIRST Mushin's Tower Dailies + Poh 24 is already pretty much 7g, and together they shouldn't take more than 45 minutes. Moving back to the topic: Threads like these pop up every week in every MMO regardless of the population. Mushin still maintains 12+ channels
  21. It's not a nerf. It's bugged. The way it worked before this patch is how it works in other versions and still does.
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