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  1. LOL not even with triple digit ping is this true
  2. I was in the same boat as some of the commenters in this thread when I first hit 45. The amount of gold needed to upgrade or the amount of time to craft the things I needed was going to take 7+ days for 2 lvl. I was overwhelmed. But don't fret. I've been 45 roughly 10 days. Grinding out dailies for gold, farming for mats, dungeoning for recipes. Without much effort I've upgraded to a true profane weapon, started stock piling soulstones (48 atm), and I'm sitting on 15g with a 14g gem in my bag waiting to be sold. It's fine guys... Just do ur dailies and farm
  3. In beta where the pool of pvpers was smaller and better skilled, as an assassin I initially had issues with bd's and summ's. Once I got to the point that the use of my buttons was reactionary rather than 'oh what's that move that goes xxx oh yeah and it's on button xxx *button press*' summoners weren't nearly as op as they first seemed. Blade dancers on the other hand can die in a fire
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