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  1. Dungeon Difficulty Update

    Can I get my daily by clearing hard mode? I think this is the most ridiculous part that we faced. Why we have to intentionally play so called easy mode for daily?
  2. Fire gunner - F12 burst 3mil, full buffs burst 3.3, wth?

    Someone should bring this up. There's something wrong in gunner dps atm.
  3. The Founder Title (Recommend to Redesign)

    Doesn't get benefit from being "The Founder" nowadays. At least make it cooler for us to use it.
  4. Hey I play this game with my father, and his account has been hacked. ID & PW have been changed, thus he cannot submit any ticket via his original ID. Is there any quick way for recovering or contacting any of NC Soft team? More the time goes, it will give more headache to get recovered to pre-hacked status.
  5. Most players remember that the protagonist (you) pledged to Mushin three times for his/her revenge on Jin Soyeon. With the power of Mushin, the character goes into the Dark Art and serve Mushin as his/her master (betraying Hongmun) . Then you came to Silverfrost Mountains, but soon find your character is doing anything but evil, which has nothing to do with the Dark Art. Some may wonder why the epic stories (and some sub quests as well) in Moonwater and Silverfrost are having conflict each other. The answer is… Silverfrost Mountains has been rebooted. When NC Soft exported the Blade & Soul to China, China not only licensed but created their own version of story at Silverfrost Mountains. Why? Simply 2 reasons. First, the original Silverfrost area required much higher computer spec (B&S always required high-end spec, from its birth to Moonwater) compared to previous updates. Average computer in China wasn’t able to run B&S if original Silverfrost is introduced (you should search the complicity of structure and HUGE area that original Silverfrost contained). Secondly, under the Chinese government gaming law, the protagonist can’t be “evil”. Therefore, Silverfrost was changed. Then NC Soft decided to bring Chinese version to Korean server. When it was changed, people had excitement since B&S hasn’t updated new feature for quite long time. However, the result was the worst you can imagine. As explained above, new stories in Silverfrost have problem in connecting previous stories, and, most importantly, the entire story became DULL. Well, at least the last moment of Eight Guardians was much better than original. Most players who played the original Silverfrost blame that introducing 유천 (Yu Cheon / Yu Chun) was the cause of the harsh criticism. Honestly, in my opinion, this Yu Chun guy should have joined Yes Men rather than Talus Empire. Before reboot, other Talus commander named 황보석 (Hwang Boseok) had Yu Chun’s position. Unlike “superbly righteous” Yu Chun, Hwang had both good and evil existed within him. He is perhaps the most realistic character in entire B&S world. Hwang, born as second son of Talus general, witnessed the death of his father by corrupted Talus officials, and swore to “cleanse” every single corruption by joining Talus academy. He finished academy as second place; however, because the first place guy named 정하도 (Jeong Hado / Jung Hado) made a decision to stay as bodyguard for the Talus princess, Hwang was not able to get promoted as a “manner” in the views of high officials. To achieve his ultimate goal, Hwang executes emperor’s order precisely without having any doubt. The protagonist meets him at a village where Hwang’s soldiers and Hwang himself is raiding villagers for not paying taxes. The protagonist decides to join Hwang by helping him out collecting taxes and punishing villagers (villagers were allied with a group of thieves due to heavy taxes). Hwang then hire you as his mercenary forces and make you to do every dirty job such as killing innocent civilian in front of lying village chief, etc. Hwang is merciless and has zero tolerance even to himself; in same time, he never takes any bribery or becomes corrupted. He spends his own money to have fun during vacation, and takes extreme care of his servicemen. He even refuses Soyeon’s order to send his men into area with full of disease and corruption by dark chi (he sends YOU!). While you work as mercenary, Hwang arrests 소양상 (So Yangsang / Yun Sang), destroys every single group oppose to Talus Empire, and renegades called 복운회 (Bok Un Hoe / Ascending Cloud) who wants to restore the power of Stratus Empire by collapsing Talus Empire and all officials connected to it. When the job is done, he says “you are my man, remember that” to the protagonist, and helps you to get access to your deed. After several achievements, Hwang finally becomes the general, he starts removing corrupted officials and tries to make the empire clean from inside as possible (you can find his letters in the pile complaining about the corruption among the officials directly to the emperor, but never delivered). His goal is almost complete along with the revenge for his father. However, he gets frustrated when he finds that the true emperor has been locked into the jail, and all he worked was just for Jin Soyeon herself, he draws sword to Soyeon but gets defeated. It wasn’t clear what happened to Hwang after the event, but if you listen to npc, Hwang is presumed dead but no one witnessed actually. Anyway, Hwang Boseok brought a lot more dynamic and dramatic moments (since the first half of Silverfrost quests are connected to him)., and showed how the protagonist develops in following the Dark Art and returns back to Hongmun (you were able to choose to stay as Dark Art). I played both the original and rebooted version of Silverfrost. If we have chance to choose between two stories by any chance, I will definitely recommend the original and show my middle finger to the rebooted one. My next write will be how rebooted Silverfrost fvcked up some character’s set up.
  6. Unsealing charm and key are cheap in other servers because of presence of "bots". Bots in B&S is like neccessary evil.
  7. When Korean server launched back in 2012, the weapons system was totally different from what we have now (no evolving system). DPS has been increased by 3 to 4 times at same level compared to years ago, and because of huge damage increase, all dungeons are now too easy and boring. For example, I was able to solo Blackram Narrows at level 21, and the Temple of Exiles at level 38. Making team play unneccessary and get all the items alone instead of money fight bidding. So far, none of the dungeons required even 1 teamate to get it done. In my opinion, NA server should remove 6-party option, the 6-party buff (reduces damage taken), and dragonblood in every dungeon below Silverfrost area. Basically, going back to original party system: 4-party, no buff, and no dragonblood. (Reward of 4-party and 6-party Silverfrost heroic and above dungeons are different). By doing this, everyone can learn how to use their class efficiently and figure out what to do in order to maximize dps. At the moment, most people I played with just attack boss "brainlessly", and tank with dragonblood extra life instead of skills. If you are getting use to this, you will SUFFER A LOT at Silverfrost. Achieving something in hardest situation is better and enjoyable anyway.