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  1. Claim your Swordsman Pack & Character Slot Voucher

    No premium either, jebaited.
  2. How to Troll and entire Faction

    Taking other players by surprise, then hit and run before anyone notice, and all thanks to the credit card. So skillful, so majestic. That's the hero blues deserve.
  3. daily dash got reset

    Not really, I have premium and still got reseted.
  4. Again. I'm getting tired complaining about their incompetence.
  5. SystemErr

    GJ NCtards, GJ. Your incompetence is unmatched. Bugzen can learn so much from you.
  6. Unpack received items

    I've got the same but with the class act.
  7. Bought Class Act Costume, cant claim.

    I've got the same.
  8. EU login servers down again?

    I couldn't even log into the forum to complain about their incompetence. Well played NCtards.
  9. SystemErr 300

    Same here, can log onto all character, but not the main one.
  10. Disconnected from server

    Lol, I replied to one of the post saying "Yes, that's true". My post was deleted. GJ Good work? Where?
  11. Disconnected from server

    Incompetent as always ncsoft. You didn't screw up anything recently, so I guess it was high time.
  12. I wouldn't say I hate whole outfit but I definitely hate this garter on Kuns so much. Weren't Kuns supposed to be embodiment of grace and elegance? And those suspenders looks just awful. Also Cobalt Captain is imho much worse. So plain, absolutely no geometry beside ribbon + some unsophisticated bump map. Almost as cheese as maid uniform.
  13. NC don't respect EUROPE?

    You forgot about 1$ = 1euro factor, old server naming scam, server location problem and many more
  14. It would be nice if there's a marriage system T u T

    I support the idea.
  15. Seems like you failed, pastry troll. Next time come up with smth what actually makes sense.
  16. Looks like Wedding Costumes

    The silliest cloth movement (during dance) I've seen so far. Also - come on! - long dress and no leg collision? Lazy as ever. Wedding dress concept is tempting but realization is so lousy.
  17. content is too hard for the avg F2P player

    Make this game even easier? My answer is just three letters: L, O and again L. What will you losers come up next time? "Instant max level" button? God mode skill? You kids don't remember, but in the '80 and early '90, games were actually hard. Not like current "extra mode" hard, but really hard. It was sometimes really frustrating, but also very rewarding. Modern games difficulty is just laughable, it's crap for masses. Go play Mario or Prince of Persia, than talk to me about game being hard.
  18. Great rule. Now all cheaters, hackers and scammers can feel secure. Can you think of any other way to protect them?
  19. Soulstone plains

    Chill out angry kiddo, I quoted my post which was quoted by you, but - because of crappy forum engine - it look like you said it. You would noticed that if you actually read what others wrote. "try harder next time" Also that's a total bs.
  20. No Easter Event ?

    You can and you can do it quite easily. Nowadays Eastern and Xmas have nothing to do with religion it's just a pretext to sell or buy some crap we don't need. Only a few worshipers take it seriously for the rest it's just a opportunity to celebrate something, doesn't really matter what. Example? Japanese. Do they believe in Christ? No. Do they celebrate Christ's Mass Eve? Yes. Just another colorful holiday to eat a cake or go on a date or whatever they really do this day. There is absolutely no religious context in there.
  21. No Easter Event ?

    Oh noes, not Easter event, it has so much in common with actual christian holidays. As we all know, Jesus dressed this day as a bunny to collect colorful eggs to his basket. Yep, just as the bible says.
  22. Soulstone plains

    They reported the bug which was well know for like two (three) years in Korea, yet nobody cared enough to do anything, than they get a hotfix within a week or two? as it only prove they can do something about this. PS should I also write a random part of the sentence in caps?
  23. Nerf the Summoners

    That's sweet, unfortunately the cat does not give a damn and still can interrupt your air combo. Just 3 skills while being cc'd? That's so weak! Just cc? So weak! Really? If you are destroyer, the best matchup versus scummoner, than you can actually do anything? I won't, that's not a warlock thread. Whether wl is op or not, it has nothing to do with scummoner situation. Next time come up with reasonable arguments, otherwise you can accidentally