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  1. Summoner Hack - Invis 24/7

    WTF? Couldn't even touch him. OP
  2. WTF is going on?? I literally couldn't touch him.
  3. Sin - Fighting Spirit OP

    First, are you talking about Second Wind or Voltex? I assumed you meant Voltex. But, yes, I do save my second wind but the sin will just continue to chain stun me without fighter spirit until i have no health left. Eventually, I have to use second wind. Second, How can I resist turning leaf other than guardian tempest, maelstrom or back flip? You can't tell when they are about to cast it. Maybe you can predict but it's not always 100%. 3rd, How can you escape Spinal Tab? It's a stun. The only way is to use Second Wind.
  4. Sin - Fighting Spirit OP

    You can't tab out turning leave + spinal stab.
  5. Sin - Fighting Spirit OP

    Is it just me or SIN's new Fighting Spirit skill is extremely OP? Once they land a second stun and activate fighting spirit, it's pretty much a GG for a BD.
  6. How can I see my ping in B&S?
  7. Help me solve RANDOM crashes

    I also want to add that the game NEVER crashed on me during beta or the first 2 weeks of release. This happened after the first stupid patch update.
  8. Help me solve RANDOM crashes

    I gave up on this. I have the same issue. I'm under the mercy of the game. Depending on the mood of the game, i can go 2-3 out without crashing. On a bad day, my computer shuts down every 1 to 10 minutes into the game. I wrote a ticket to gm. I deleted all Razor software, reformated my computer 4 times, bought new mouse and downgraded Windows 10 to Windows 8.1. The game still crash my computer. It's like going into a circle with GM. They told me to do all the check file check, delete software, file check again, delete some more software, file repair, file check again.... it never ends.... Totally gave up with GM's help. I either have to suck it up or use my old crappy laptop. I've lost so many battles in arena because i keep getting crashes.
  9. Yes, BD is much harder than Summoners. But, I'd put: Kung fu Master Blade Master Force Master Assassin Blade Dancer Destoryer Summoner
  10. Ugh I hate the crashes!

    GM! Stop the crashes!
  11. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    Hey guys! I've figured out a way to fix the crash. Get the Logitech G600... =(
  12. Hurl would not work on a smart summoner. The summoner would run next to the cat and wait for you to use an AOE attack or mistarget on the cat to wake the cat up. Also, when you go for the summoner and not the cat, the cat would knock you over and scratch your face while the summoner pound you with sunflower. You pretty much screwed.
  13. Crashes Caused by Razer and ASUS Services

    THIS IS BS! I lost two plat matches because of these stupid crashes! You guys spent time on random non important updates while you haven't fix the real issue here! I'm going to quit pretty soon if you dont fix this crap!
  14. 70% of the time when I'm at the arena lobby, my computer would automatically shut down on me. Anyone having the same problem?
  15. The real WHY summoner is OP

    How about go play other classes and post a few videos of you beating decent 45 summoners and and then we will talk