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  1. IT doesnt "build" threat, it just counts as damage, unlike bombarment who doesnt generate threat, DV works as any other skill.
  2. Nowaki

    Ice VS Dark

    To add something to the previous post, for dealing Max damage during Sb on dark build, you gotta become meele and stay next to the boss (since Awaken RB is process on hit, not on use, so the closer you are the less distance the projectil needs to move in), while in ice it doesnt matter at all. The damage difference on shadow during SB ITS HUGE when you are close and when you are not.
  3. The point on the topic is not stealth being OP or sins spaming stealth... Its Sins Having Ward AND Stealth at the same time, idk why you speak about Sins counter, you cant use it while holding the ward, its their feature ofc.... Im Saying its not Fair for them to have That move speed and being untargetable for several seconds, while everyone elses have an incombat speed and vulnerable to attacks while holding the ward..... Let me be clear about this IS NOT about sins being OP cuz stealth, but sins on stealth WHILE HOLDING THE WARD and their movement speed, wards ahve special skills for you to
  4. Im not sure wat are you trying to say, but yes you can party with any player no matter what level (as long as they meet the Req to enter the dungeon)
  5. You are right, its 2 focus not 3, and but still the spam is too real and you will be focus starved only with shackles, you will need atleast one mantra.
  6. First, no it doesnt regen any chi, so its 3 focus all the time unlike regular HM Volley (which the blue one cost no focus so you consume only 3 focus every 2/3 seconds (cuz cast time and GCD and wait time blah blah) the spam is real, so is the chi starving Sadly Shackes isnt enought to maintain the focus, you can fit Mantra if you dont have HM Sanctum, Mantra animation is kinda slow so i rather not use it (so is sactum thats why i start the cast during SB animation cast, also i dont have chi problems outside SB so i dont really need sactum. Also a tip for Locks, hug the boss on Sb,
  7. Well.... ppl always find a way to fair "cheat" (Please notice the "" i dont wanna resply to "is not cheat blah blah blah" ), now, are sins/summons and their stealth on Baluga, they just stealth grab the ward and pufff !!! they run faster than anyoneelse cuz they keep their stealth mov speed, plus you cant attack them (using certain aoes doesnt work at all since their mov speed its really hard to catch them) Sins are more annoying honestly they can use their 10s stealth and just kapoof! I think that if you grab the ward you should not be invisible!
  8. Rupture animation is rather slow, so dont use it, what i do is V - 2 - F(leech) - V - 3 - V - SOUL BURN (cast) - C (HM Sanctum for Chi) - V - RB - 4 - RB -4 ...... 2 (HM for focus) after Sanctum is gone - RB-4 -RB -4 You can pretty much skip the V's if you have to i jsut use them to add a little more burst damage due the wingstorms, but speaking only about Sb you dont need anything but RB-4 and a Chi skill when running low.... Same goes for ICe Build Just Spam RB and 4 when ready.
  9. Thats because of new awaken skill, before you had awaken rose (LMB) whhich added some damage to a low damage skill, but now you have awaken sunflower/bees improving its own damage.
  10. Sactum doesnt work against any NCP range or meele... the good thing about being a WL is that people none expects anything from you but SB.
  11. Nowaki

    Legendaty wep??

    2 things to considere here: 1- you will NEVER proc the skill reset on seraph, not even in PvP you aint no BD who can tank enought damange to proc it, if you get many hits that you cant block you are dead (so far, im pretty sure blocking doesnt count as "taking damage", tho im no 100% sure, just blocking never triggered it on me) 2- Baleful skill reset is not as OP as you may think, since its not a constant reset, its about once between 1-2 minutes, and what are you going to reset? wingstorm ? imprison? those are the only important skills you use everytime the come out of CD, sure you
  12. ....and all the Warlocks go "Excuse me ! ?"
  13. HM Sanctum is nothing but a vanity skill if you ask me, yeah 4 more seconds are nice.. but no that good.... in Pve is more like useless (i mean, im sure you could find some scenarios where you can use it... but is more like a vanity stuff than a need) in the other hand, elixir is core skill for fark build after DC, and on pvp is a really important skill (let you cast with no focus on CCed enemy) you need that to air combo properly.
  14. Tenha is OP tho, not the class but the player.
  15. Nowaki

    Warlock for PvP?

    You gotta play different against different classes, so unlike you are more specific about what classes are giving you troubles this is all i can say: Check mysaria https://www.twitch.tv/mysaria He is best WL in EU (and in NA if you ask me) on the info tab you can see what build he uses against different classes.
  16. actually ignore that he is speaking of an spected repulse, not your case.
  17. If repulse icon pops in your screen mean you blocked something and you can use it, but you can only use for a few seconds, it wont last too long there, also keep in mind that you cant push back bosses so if you use it against bosses it wont do anything.
  18. At that stage, to use repulse you need to sucefully block a hit, which means you need to get hit first and block that hit to trigger repulse condition.
  19. i dont expect that much..... i just hope one day it will not be an adventage for the enemy.... like can you imagine the thrall not trigering sin's decoy all the time??????????????????????????????????????????? OMG !
  20. Helix is your Leveling Best friend, and no matter what level you are wingstorm is the core of your damage, so get helix asap, use ice wingstorm for regular leveling, and in dungeons use shadow (middle tree) for life regen.
  21. just make them stand in your back, move near the boss and block... if you block them theyll stay there not moving around, if you fail they will move all around the room doing insane DPS and insane bleed and knockback.
  22. How do you get that detailed list????? xD
  23. i really appreciate what they are doing to make WL good again.... but please please please plase make something with or freaking useless pet !!! At least remove those stupid useless animation!!! i wanna be able to use SB when i need to, and to stun when i need to..... i cant wait till the pet finish an useless animation to use the skill i need TT.TT, at least change priorities and let any thrall skill cancel that useless thing!
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