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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Whell look that spam , he made a character with a the website url and posting on party finder so anoying . What Ncsoft gonna do about that? SHould hire a guy to have a job just to ban this gold sellers as soon as it post on each server? Screenshot
  2. Fix the queue times.

    Yea how we undo the premium because premium queue is longer lol
  3. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    maybe is a specific problem so why just us having this? Something we have in common , I have razor programs, windows 8.1 16gb , Video card Amd
  4. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Guys try to play in window mode , its working fine atm
  5. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Guess i found the temporaly solution. Iam playing in window mode and atm no crashes
  6. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    Idk maybe there is now. Isnt the same client u know that.
  7. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    How much memory u guys have? 16Gb? it says something like memory idk maybe because we have more trhen 8gb? lol
  8. Hardware Config, DLL list Error

    Just a thought do u all have more then 8 GBs? i Have 16gb
  9. Game crashing every 10 mins.

    I play for 10 minutes and the game sundely closes Specs Core i7 5820K 16Gb DDR4 2400mhz SSD Samsung EVO 500GB Radeon 7970HD
  10. Game Crashing all the time

    Heyyyyyyyy it happens with me!!!! Omfg iam not the only one
  11. Hardware Config, DLL list Error

    Is It appears when u playing 15 min normaly and game closes with this message?
  12. Hi I just bought my founder pack today , but since the access was sent to email to the people who bought some days before , will i still receive the e-mail to join this closed beta weekend? THank you