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  1. From the beginning 10/10 my hype blinded me... went all in with a masterpack and 1 year premium bought all the costumes available mostly. Now I would just say 5/10 as of now. Cons: -I hate the slow costume rotations 2 weeks 2 outfits... this pass rotation has been the only week since valentines outfits release that I've actually bought both available outfits. Most rotations since then have been very lackluster. With the costume library blade and soul has i see no excuse for this. -BOTS... yea other mmos have their fair share, but I haven't seen any that bad to this extent
  2. Okay i have a bone to pick XD... what is gonna happen to the rng box costumes ??? Which we only have two the "Best Friend" and "Black Padded Coat" these cost real money why are they not given the same ability of mailing they are hongmoon store costumes as well. Also, the outfit pouch costumes why aren't these given the same treatment the only way to get fabrics in this version of the game is by decomposing cash shop costumes that cost 10 dollars each being the lowest costume is 800g. You need multiple of these fabrics and you may not even get the costume you want or even a pouch at all. Some p
  3. <o.o> keep showing your want for the items by liking the post maybe we can get it in the store if we show we want the option
  4. Yea it's not even that I cant run it... ive done so many runs nothing but a lockbox each time and the dungeon is already looooong.
  5. I'll always keep hope at least we can say we put the idea out there... we will jus thave to wait and see :(
  6. HAHA lol... I've run it alot and haven't seen a thing. The most I see is literally 1 weapon box Everytime ....
  7. Like... Please I have lost count of how many times I've done this dungeon not a single accessory... the drop seems to be worse than the pirate princess scroll. Can we please have this option?
  8. Trying to pull 1st boss in pigsty to a corner to avoid the mushroom pulls as a summoner and your cat tries to go in for the kill ;-;
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