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  1. From the beginning 10/10 my hype blinded me... went all in with a masterpack and 1 year premium bought all the costumes available mostly. Now I would just say 5/10 as of now. Cons: -I hate the slow costume rotations 2 weeks 2 outfits... this pass rotation has been the only week since valentines outfits release that I've actually bought both available outfits. Most rotations since then have been very lackluster. With the costume library blade and soul has i see no excuse for this. -BOTS... yea other mmos have their fair share, but I haven't seen any that bad to this extent. I've always gotten private messages or mails from them but never have I actually seen them running free as they do here. Also this bank account robbery... never seen this before on a MMO and I've played a long list. -The eternal combat glitch that has been here since the beginning and still not fixed making us waste time running back praying you don't get hit again to 7/10 get stuck in combat again with the escape option on a 30 minute cool down. -Most importantly how the progression works not complaining for myself... but in the future how are new players suppose to catch up? This game is not new player friendly whether people like it or not it will affect our player base in the long term. Compared to the first 2 months of release the new starter bots outnumber actual new starting players already. Progressing a new character with the help of your main is easy because u have easy gold to funnel into the new character. I don't think we can say the same for people who are just starting out and this could be a huge turn off. -This game caters to hardcore only, if you don't put job like hours into the game you will never catch up without funneling some kind of real cash into game. Not saying to hand people gear and stuff. The people who grinded their gear to BiS do deserve it and I'm definitely not saying to put casuals at their level. But usual a lot of money comes from the casuals/semi hard core who are grown up and work(who else could afford 15 dollars per outfit?) I feel like the game pushes these kind of people away and thinking long term you don't really want to push anyone off the boat. -Elitism+Community gets a 1/10 for me I can understand having a preference AP for the higher dungeons Yeti and so on since you don't really need anything from there unless your gear is good and u finally need items from there to progress. But it's just sad people dropping POH and BSH when new players are trying to get things they need like the weapon they need for upgrade,belt, and bo pae to get themselves started and the Elite treat them like the plague. It's truly heartbreaking most of the time people try to cry that the publisher killed a game... no YOU killed the game with the rest of your digital high horse community who refused to lend a pinky finger to new players and you chased off any chance of new blood coming into the game. PROS COSMETICS GAH <3 -girly scream- when stuff I do like comes out it makes me very happy! -combat of course -character creation <3 -customer support i'll give 8/10 if you go into detail with your situation they solve things pretty fast compared to other mmos, think I've only had one problem with them which was just the Headstart Mushin transfer fiasco but that was understandable.
  2. Just wondering! :D i hear korea got it so when will be seeing it in our hongmoon store thanks <3 I like to race change at least once/twice a month :3 excited to get these!
  3. Outfit Mail Stamp Problems

    Okay i have a bone to pick XD... what is gonna happen to the rng box costumes ??? Which we only have two the "Best Friend" and "Black Padded Coat" these cost real money why are they not given the same ability of mailing they are hongmoon store costumes as well. Also, the outfit pouch costumes why aren't these given the same treatment the only way to get fabrics in this version of the game is by decomposing cash shop costumes that cost 10 dollars each being the lowest costume is 800g. You need multiple of these fabrics and you may not even get the costume you want or even a pouch at all. Some people dumped 100s of REAL dollars for the lootbox costumes and the outfit pouches they should be treated the same as the other store costumes. Hopefully you guys fix this.
  4. Yes god... so basic. I bought 1 outfit this week very disappointing lol.
  5. This is getting ridiculous... we had to unstuck because of thrasher had to unstuck because of blood mane. Now we are stuck in this room for 9 minutes since you guys thought it was smart to put a cooldown of 9 MINUTES on the unstuck knowing good and well you have this HUGE bug in dungeon that keeps people in combat.
  6. It's this friday right? Or did i miscount the weeks XD
  7. CARRRY? Because you out gear someone it's carrying? I was running 4 man for the weapon... which can only be gotten through 4 man or through tokens! They can run it as man times and fast but use the cross server chat if you want your 450+ AP SPEED JUMP RUMP. IDC DO THAT... go for your speedy run. But people need to get their weapon for upgrade! I need no one to carry me this isn't my first character I don't need a carry
  9. omg... why would i be salty its not that no one wants to run its always 2 people who get into the grp that insta drop! while we keep trying to reform they come back in or another one comes in and they drop. I wouldn't come here if it wasn't a reoccurring issue I have no reason to exaggerate! Feel free to pug I'm not complaining about that but people who are pugging then expecting the whole lot to have 400+ or 420+ AP are silly and they waste time doing so when they could just form their own. People do upgrade their gear that's why they are running the damn dungeon to get upgrade weps as I was! IT IS ONLY HM 5 !!! They literally come in on the high pony then LEAVE it is always them or i wouldn't say it was them ! Why else would i say it? I have no reason to pick on them my summoner is HM 5 who gives a flying hoot i don't care about your hongmoon level. I'm bringing it up today because i ran into this problem today and last night! I thought it was the late night salt crew but behold today I run into the same problem! It took me 30 minutes for a group to stay together there was no HM5( WOW PATTERN HERE) and we cleared bsh 4 man just fine and had a great time. But it took me 30 minutes to get it together it shouldn't take that long when the ques are literally instant. But there is the problem of people dropping group (HM 5 people) who find the group not to their standards and it happens so much to where the other members give up as well because people keep DROPPING.
  10. I don;t need catering to... the LFP is pugging people! MEANING it's random if people want 450+ AP they can use the cross server chat what is the point of joining the lfp like 6-10 times looking for that right mix when you can just FORM a group of people to do the dungeon as you like! The drop penalty is justified because you are running new players off with this silly elitism which you could simply just take the cross server chat and find the people you want to run with that is up to your standards. I don't need anyone to cater to me i have 30 moonwater stones on hand and I was doing bsh to get my darn weapon that i needed for upgrad but I had trouble doing so because people with their HM5 and their 400+ AP kept queing in that's fine if you don't want to run with people below that form a grp in the cross server chat it's there for a reason. That is the point of this post to get some prevention of leaving from LFP groups it's not like they do it once or twice I get the same people jumping into the pugs like 5-7 times the SAME people and they keep doing it over and over. When they could just simply form their own group in the cross server chat!
  11. I run a whole lot i do my dailies everyday I have encountered a bot maybe twice. I simply requed and ran into a few of the others that dropped the same grp as me with the bot and we got a non bot it wasn't that hard. I do see what your saying the bots are a problem that's why i said there should be a 6-8 drop party lock you out thing not 3-4. The bots are not that bad to where you need to drop 6-8 times.
  12. We do need both but what you don't understand is even with minimum it won't be a 400 AP requirement because you don't need that much to clear any of the dungeons without issues you just don't. If you want a fast run get done quick and move on with life run that is why the chat in cross-server is there for that exact reason. So you can place YOUR requirements to get into your group and no one will have objections. People will happily join your group with a like mind and you will all be happy. Why can't you guys do that instead of clicking LFP then dropping when you see people who don't meet your expectations? When you could save yourself the sorrows and just grab people who feel the same way as you do.
  13. I understand the issues you guys have with naryu lab and im sure it's very slow to do 4 man with 360 AP even though it is doable. You have that right to be picky so if you would like to be choosey on who joins your group you guys need to use the chat cross server function to form. Don't que into the LFP if you don't want to run with people who have 360 it's just that simple and less painful for you and the other players to keep drop drop drop drop dropping till you find a grp that meets your standards just form it. I was discussing BSH... people pugging for this and wanting HM5 and like 400+ attack points is over kill for the dungeons that's not how it was first cleared when it was released. If people want to be elitist that is totally fine but form
  14. If you have a MINIMUM requirement to where you will run with someone you should be using the PARTY FINDER or you shld be using the cross server chat and linking a group for those people YOU want to join. You should not be pugging. As i said the drop cap would be around 6 it takes 2 tries to get a non bot party. I have run across a bot maybe twice this whole time in blue dungeons. I agree there should be a MINIMUM requirement to get in dungeons it they meet that req it should be fine. If you want a faster run you should form a premade in the cross server chat and people who have a like mind will happily join you for a quicker run.
  15. tt This is getting out of hand people with HM 5 think they are tooo good to run with HM 2-3 people like why? They don't even bother to look at people's gear I have 385 attack points because I have to wait to get enough of the pirate daily tokens (18) to upgrade I have all my materials. Seriously people keep dropping BSH 4 man as soon as they see people lesser than 5 it is getting out of control. Literally been queing for the last 30 minutes, will get in there is always ONE HM 5 they drop we begin recruiting and the stupid HM5 keeps coming in and dropping sometimes the same person. If they are all that and a pack of skittles then why the hell are they using cross server. How else will we get the pirate weapon drop we need for upgrade it only comes from the dungeon or with tokens. I Understand the bot fiasco this penalty cant be like 1 or 2 it needs to be like 6 drops minimum those people who keep dropping because people don't have hm 5 will easily get up to 6 drops and the people who are doing blue dungeons it doesn't take 6 drops to get a group with no bots. Honestly had a summoner drop 7 times LITERALLY not like we wanted her but it kept putting her in our grp and after the 7th time we gave up. This is my alt but imagine how this feel for a new player this amount of elitism on cross server which is used for some who haven't found a guild yet or in a guild but still new but no one to run with all the time. This pretty much makes the only way to get into the dungeon is to run it over and over with guild mates till you get your drop but people have stuff to do. Please ignore the numbers on this post w/o it for some reason the text shows up white... just started happening today.