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  1. So, are all characters going to be required to be created at 50? Or is it an option?
  2. And would 4 times as many people buy it? No, maybe double at best. Further, what about the people who buy 1 outfit for their character, and never change? $5 costume is $5 in the bank, and that's all the costume money they get from them. Same as $20. So take the $20. But, if you believe you understand economics and marketing better than NCSoft, please apply to them. I'm sure you know more than a company that made a $520 million profit last year.
  3. Eternal Spring is cute, and I'm wearing it right now. But no, it's basic economics. Let's say I can make a cheeseburger for 49 cents. If I sell it for 50 cents, 1 million people buy it. If I see it for a dollar, 50,000 people buy it. At 50 cents, I make $10,000 profit. If I sell it for a dollar, I make $25,500 profit. For 20 times less sales, I make almost double profit. These are things marketing people know. Trust me, if there's one thing video games know, it's the best way to make money.
  4. OK, sure, they're above your price point. You know what you do? You don't buy them. You don't walk into Nordstrom and say "Your clothes are too expensive!" do you? They have marketing experts that chose the best price point to make the most profit. It's not like you need costumes to play the game.
  5. Yes, everything can be, no doubt about it. But for the most part, if you have somebody coming in with Pinnacle and True Ivorymoon, there's a pretty good chance that they haven't been playing long - maybe a week or two. They likely don't know the mechanics, don't know their class, and don't know their rotations. Granted, this is in general - there are likely plenty of exceptions, such as low AP people who've been that way for months, or high AP people who are whales. But you're more likely to find an experienced high AP player than you are an experienced low AP one. It was good
  6. Every individual has their own definition of p2w. For some people, the only way for a game to be p2w is if BiS gear is available in the cash shop and not available in the game, and you cannot buy it in any other way than with your own credit card (aka, no currency exchange). For others, a game is p2w if the only thing on the cash shop are costumes and they're tradeable. Hell, some people call games p2w if you can trade gold between characters since gold sellers exist in every game that you can trade gold in. My definition of p2w is that there needs to be an item in the cash shop th
  7. So, a few days ago I got my stage 6 legendary, which is around where I wanted it to be. I was going to work on upgrading my soul from stage 3 to stage 6, turn my 3 hexagonal amethysts into a heptagonal one, and run some MSP to get a 5-set legendary soul shield. It'd take a few weeks to do, but with my gradual crafting profits and casual daily challenge farming, I'd get it soon enough. But then... costumes! How am I supposed to gear up when all my money is going into Hongmoon coin for costumes? There are just too many cute ones to pass up on! :'( (PS - This i
  8. This technically is an issue they must resolve. When you purchase premium membership, you buy it to receive the rewards listed on http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/premium-membership/ As the extra spin and premium squares are listed, we are not receiving an item we paid for. If someone took this up to the BBB, they would probably have rights to a full refund. This happened back in Archeage when they said "Premium Members can own land~" but didn't supply enough server space so every premium member could have a spot. Either way, daily dash usually just gave me crap, so I don't
  9. Stats from 1 week in with 7 characters: 2 characters @ 27 chocolates 3 characters @ 17 chocolates 2 characters @ 7 chocolates So, if my odds are typical, the rate is about 1/7. A typical player therefore would end the 3-week cycle with 51 chocolates (21 days + 3 procs), plus about 5 from the daily dash, meaning a HM store purchase is required to get to 60. However, many of these involve no actual money, as you can currency exchange for the HM coin to buy the bundle and sell it on the AH to get your money back. For a single player, the basic probabilities:
  10. Oh, the earthseer part is simple. They break apart soulstones with the frozen stingers to re-assemble them as paper. It's a rather big piece of paper, hence why they need 100 of each. Of course, paper comes from trees - not from rocks - but the earthseers have a lot of relations with demons (you see it all the time in the lore), so they learned of their evil ways of taking stone and changing it into lumber. The Jade Magnolia is simply a writing instrument. The Earthseers tend to be a bit demanding when they do their work, so unless they have the prettiest of flowers on top of their
  11. Hm, interesting. Seem to be an asianic vegetable from my google search, which makes sense. Regardless, they're definitely not honey! :o
  12. Steroid upgrade your body, and they do all other sorts of terrible things to it! You need to know all about what you consume. :o
  13. So, can somebody explain to me how these work? See, a cookie involves some sort of flour to form the substance, usually an egg to hold it together - some cookies can do this with just butter - and sugar to give it flavor. When you have a specialty cookie like a peanut butter cookie, that is an additional ingredient for flavoring, and the others are adjusted. So, we start off with a sweet potato. I'm not sure what a sweet potato has to do with any part of the cookie. First, it's not violet. Sweet potatoes are orange. Second, it's not honey. Honey is made from bees, and s
  14. How'd you get 38/character? It's a 21 day event.
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