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  1. Whoever is complaining is probably a weeaboo that can't put his animated gf as profile pic,sad life.
  2. In general MMO world DPS meter is usefull,for some games having a good DPS is a must for clearing dungeons. But for B&S DPS meter is not needed,the game depends too much on ping,true like any other online game but so far only B&S has such server instability not to mention random FPS drop no matter how good your PC is. Clearing dungeon mostly depends on your strategy and how good you dodge enemy skills and timing yours,how good are you at playing your class. How high your AP is or how good your DPS is the lowest factor in clearing dungeons,iv cleared Naryu Lab many times wit
  3. Kinda like this idea especially since my main is KFM and only skin that i found that's somehow decent looking is Silver Deva Gauntlet,it's small and it only covers upper fist part which suits almost all outfits more or less. Don't know who designed gauntlets in this game but that person did a terrible job. I doubt we will ever get hide weapon when out of combat option.
  4. Just saw this on a website: After releasing a hybrid class Force Kungfu Master, NCSoft will release a brand-new class in 2016. With lots of brand-new features, this new class won’t be a hybrid class like Force Kungfu Master. In addition, the highly-anticipated sex/race changing items are scheduled to add to the client in 2016. Lastly, the tweaks to class balance are underway, and NCSoft is bringing numbers of class rebalancing changes to Korean version soon. http://2p.com/40732526_1/Blade-amp-Soul-Getting-Big-Updates-in-20
  5. Not sure if it work like that,unless they add animations of different race/class to others that don't have them. My assumption is that they will add race change and only those who are not bound to class restriction will be able to change.
  6. True it's easy but it's not easy to gear up,actually it's easy to gear up just not cheap.. Im currently maxed geared and would like to change race aswell,was thinking of lvling new race to lv 45 but getting the same gear on 2nd char would require me to waste 1k+ gold and time on achivements and gathered costumes shop and dropped ones just so i can look differently..... Many games have class restrictions yet they implemented race change so i don't really see a problem,make it availlable only to those that are not bound by class restriction,i don't see a problem there.
  7. I think that people have bigger problem with buying gold with coins cause it means some people will farm all day for gold while others will just buy it in 5 mins. I don't really mind that cause every person who has a job + social life cant really farm gold 24/7 so i actually see this as a good balance. If you have free time you will farm,if you don't and are willing to spend irl money for a game it's your choice to do so. Loot system maybe isn't really good for this cause it will be a fight between wallet warriors vs farmers. War will start soon as legendary weapons starts droppi
  8. Didnt quit yet but i might. Even thou upgrading weapons is expensive but it will just become even worse in next update. Legendary weapons are coming and the one that drops cost 10k+ gold to reach max lvl. It is best weapon in game but considering the drop rate of it and bid system it will only be for extra rich players. Think on KR they sell for 5-6k gold or so. Bid system should change simple roll for.items is the best.
  9. For all the people that complain about how he does his combo in between your cooldowns,just buy at NPC potion thats gives you 6 seconds immune to any dmg, 7silver for stack of 5,not expensive and combine it with your cooldowns.
  10. Main problem that i have with this is that you can only salvage cash shop costumes and transmutation can not only give you not desired costume that you want,but it can also fail. I would actually be okay of getting random costume,but considering you need to spend real money for something that can fail is total greed. On my server those fabrics,normal ones are 5x=15-20g now i understand why players put those price cause you basically turned euro/dollar into in game gold. if they wanted to earn some money they could just put all those puch costumes in the shop,this way not many
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