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  1. Whats the point of playing anymore?

    Not sure if you actually read my post or you lack understanding skills,at what point did i complain that someone has better gear then i do? i said that person with better gear has same stats as i had on lvl 45. And that the only problem was that gearing up again will just bring me to same stats that i had 5 lvls ago. I even said gearing up was fairly easy but that i don't see the point of doing it cause it seems i don't get anything beside more AP. Please instead of posting useless crap to make yourself feel better,first read then comment and if it feels like you didn't understand at first,read again.
  2. Whats the point of playing anymore?

    My bro completed mushin with his Wl while he had 410-420 AP he was even HM lvl 1 only, so i don't think AP matters that much,i had hard time with mushin even with my 460 AP on my KFM,while some people cleared it easily even with much lower AP with same class, think it mostly depends on your ping and skill build and ofc how good are you at your class. I had fun before,now i can't say the same. I don't actually mind all the grind cause i don't even have the time for it,when it was released at first i was on 1 month vacation of my job so getting gear was pretty easy,now i do work again and i could spend enough money to exchange for gold to upgrade to new stuff if i wanted to,but i just don't think it's worth. I had high hopes for this game and i wanted a game that would keep me for at least 2-3 years,this game just doesn't offer that feel the need of playing it.
  3. Whats the point of playing anymore?

    You did,iv seen people who had 60% crit rate at lvl 45 and i myself had 58%. Now i didn't gear fully yet with new content but as i said the person with awakened new gear + accessories has 57% so basically need to gear up to reach same stats as before. I heard reason for this is actually cause we had unbalanced content so far and that we were too strong then we should have been or something like that,not sure if it's true. Not sure if this was pointed to me but i didn't write i was quiting or screamed anything,as i said i was simply asking a question. Thank you,i did not know that. Still would be nice to see all stats cause like this is just looks demotivating :D
  4. This is not another qq thread,im seriously wondering whats the point of playing. Saw a guy with awakened scorpion weapon and maxed out accessories already,not really surprised by that cause if you're rich enough in game you can easily obtain it all in 1 day thou. My reason im asking this question is,that guy who had already almost maxed out gear has basically the same stats as we all had at lvl 45,only thing that's actually different is AP (attack power) which i personally don't even feel or notice the difference when hitting mobs/bosses. I went from 460 to 530 and doesn't really feel much stronger,im guessing it's cause our critical rate and crit dmg got lowered the more we lvled. As i said saw a guy with new accessories lvled and he has 5,3k crit rate and 1,7k crit Dmg almost which gives him 57% crit rate and 204% crit dmg lol,only stat that he got higher then before is AP which is now 604 I had higher stats at lvl 45... So the whole point of the new patch except new content is to grind for gear just to have the same stats as i had at lvl 45? only difference is AP..... Usually when new content is released with new gear you get stronger,this content didn't really bring much except more grind,hell if i wanted to do naryu lab im actually doing it with lower stats then before,my higher AP don't mean shit if i don't max out my accessories ,when doing older content a player should feel overgeared not undergeared... Im not saying game become harder all of sudden,it stayed the same,every new dungeon so far is doable with even below 500 AP so i seriously don't see a point of gearing up atm.
  5. PvP vs PvE POLL

    PvE Im usually fan of both and PvP just brings out different type of fun and challenge so i always enjoy both contents,but this game just kills open world PvP and even arena one which is said cause its most known for it...
  6. It actually revolves around arena PvP and its most known for that,cause its most balanced among MMOs considering gear doesnt count in arena. As for open world PvP it has one of worst system i ever saw consdering how unbalanced classes are the whole battle system which just isnt suited for massive scale PvP. Not to mention how badly game is optimized and FPS drop and lagg/delay in skills most players experience. All reasons why they shouldnt force people to PvP for PvE,cause in the end if you're only on this game for Arena PvP which lots of ppl are you probably wont spent much money on the game since premium and gold is rather uselss for PvPer,while a PvE fan is more likely to spend lots of money...which is why they should maybe listen to players.
  7. You had one job, NC.

    There's a picture on imgur of a guy who got swordsman hat on his 239 mushin run. Game RNG/drop rate is just crazy low,i understand that cosmetics need to be a bit rare but doing that many runs just for looks is just wrong. http://m.imgur.com/a/z0YGx
  8. With new Silver Frost have a class balance?

    I was always amazed that some people actually watch cutscenes and follow story in MMOs,i never once did that haha, usually single player games have a great story that is worth following,but MMOs....especially when they try to force story onto you like B&S does,even if you grind most lvls you still need to finish story quests in order to be able to run full content. Whenever a game forces me to follow storyline the more i try my best to skip it and do it faster.
  9. Not sure whats the hype about TOS, no matter how good story is or anything the game just looks like a cartoon,almost like playing ps1 games graphics. Sorry but the reason i have good PC is to enjoy good graphics in upcoming games. If i want to play games like TOS then il just download some on my mobile phone. Sure it's not all about graphics but playing 2d games these days?... ugh If you enjoy those kinds of game then im happy for you.
  10. Reason why BnS won't lose many players

    Can i just ask you how long did you play Aion? i spent there 4-5 years and while there were bots it was nowhere near the same problem as it is in B&S,in Aion a bot couldn't do dungeons or go cross server since there wasn't one,only place where bots were in Aion was mostly at some random areas botting and hoping Godstone would drop since that was only item that's usefull from world drop and it had a chance of drop like 0.1%. And manastones,but the drop rate was so low of them that people complained constantly that they barely drop so bots were actually helping players in that aspect,more they farm more players can buy. There was nothing similar in Aion that bots could farm like they can in B&S,such as moonwater tears or soulstones from arena quests etc,not to mention even if you did put a bot in dungeon you wouldn't even make it to boss,probably not even first few mobs. Point is a bot couldn't farm main kinah/gold income so it didn't mess up the prices and way of earning gold like they mess up in B&S As for the spammers,yeah there were a lot of them but spammers aren't the real problem in MMOs,with or without them if a person wants to buy gold he will do that without spammers.
  11. Game Issues and Why I'm Quitting (Rant)

    Not sure if you have problems with reading or understanding stuff,not to be rude or anything but where did i compare Aion to B&S in terms of harder/easier ? I simply mentioned Aion in a way that i do actually enjoy PvP in MMOs and that it ran smoother then B&S,there was no saying that Aion was harder or anything similar to comparing these 2 games in that matter. It seems that you didn't read thread carefully or again trouble understanding things,people have problems with this game being too grindy or non casual friendly which actually is the case,you mentioned you could farm dungeons all day and buy soulstone and the whole point of this thread is that people don't have time to farm dungeons 24/7,and saying that i DO NOT WANT is wrong,cause it's not that people don't want to farm all day,it's that the people don't have that much free time. Next time before posting something so useless and calling people spoiled,at least read the damn thread since you either didn't or lack understanding skills. Did you actually read the posts in this thread? seems like you didn't. The main complain here is that people don't have time to farm that much,not that they don't know how.
  12. New 50 lvl big update

    There's more ways then those to earn gold in this game,too bad it's not casual friendly but still more ways. So pls don't accuse ppl for something that's probably not even true.
  13. New 50 lvl big update

    Reason to complain is that farming gold these days is a bit hard,well not hard rather time consuming and a lot of players are casuals here,bots made prices of soulstones,moonwater tears etc to drop too much and now it requires too much time to farm the amount of gold need to upgrade/evolve then it took before. True that new content also gives us more ways to earn gold and higher amount of gold,problem is people will be stuck at profaine/siren gear and lvl 50 content might be hard for them to do with that gear...
  14. Game Issues and Why I'm Quitting (Rant)

    There's a reason why i don't like PvP quests in this game. first and foremost you don't only compete with other faction,but you also compete with your own,this game has some of the worst comunity in any MMO so far that iv met,people barely want to grp with each other to do quests,i recently met a guy doing quests and when i asked him if he wanted to grp up to kill mobs faster he said not,he said that he does quests faster alone...now i don't really know how he got to that conclusion but the more people in party the faster the kills are done? or am i wrong? Not to mention people reseting Waldo 90% of the time,there's always some1 grabbing him and throwing him as further as he can to reset,it doesn't matter if there's only 2 of you if he doesn't get the 1st hit he will probably go for reset if he can rather then grouping up with you. 2nd reason is big drop of FPS,whenever there's 10+ players there's just FPS drop for no reason,i played Aion for 4 years and i enjoyed PvP there,even in sieges with 200+ players game ran more smoothly then this one with 10 players. Do we even need to talk about class/gear inbalance in open world pvp? some people using macro while others aren't... and to top it all with cream on the top,lets add ping dependant game which high number of players are affected for some reason,skill delays etc etc..... Im actually a person who enjoys PvP in games,but this game probably has one worst open world pvp in MMOs due to it's poor optimization and too many problem that comes with it. So i don't think people are spoiled,it's just that game sticks it right in the players ass.
  15. Game Issues and Why I'm Quitting (Rant)

    I guess prices of tear depend on the server,unless they changed during the night on my and now are 50s. When i started doing farming brightstone tears were around 80-90,at some point they even reached 1g per tear but that was only for few days so in the end for some time it was worth farming. You can't get banned from doing solo runs since game was designed in that way, Ogong dungeon exploit was bannable cause people got to boss without defeating captains to open doors. Doing brightstone with assassin takes around 7-9mins,kill minibosses in stealth and that's it,Pigsty dungeon is actually the most fastest way to do it with sin,takes me 3-4mins per run,considering i can stealth all the way to mini boss and then to main boss without the need to kill adds/mobs and boss attacking me,but yeah it's hell of a boring and i would need hours still for decent amount of gold to earn. At the end if you're a casual player,a person with job and social life this game is becoming less and less for you. Even with lv 50 patch coming that brings higher amount of gold per quests,it still wont help,cause at some point gold required for upgrading/evolving weapon will be higher then the amount you can farm as a casual player,same as it is now. Exactly,im playing 1 mobile game and people there spend literally thousands of dollars for it,i myself have spent probably around 1k euro for it in 6+ months that i play,and that's considered too low,there are people who spent probably around 5-10k every few months, I'ts not that im buying pay2win stuff,it's that i like the game very much and enjoy playing it and often spend money for new events and such and it's a mobile game which means it's very casual friendly. But i guess comparing mobile games to MMOs it's really fair or right thing to do,but they could all learn something from mobile games. That's why they probably put legendary items in shop in some B&S versions,they know that people can't farm 24/7 at least not all players. Considering i heard drop rate for legendary box is so low that maybe like 1% of server has a weapon if not even less. And that boxes cost around 6-10k gold,not to mention upgrading that weapon from lv1-10 costs apparently almost around 10k gold as well.