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  1. A New way to make f8 less toxic

    I'm sorry as much as I am all for community and people being helpful and nice, generally speaking in order for this to happen the game has to be 2 or more of these things: a) Really niche b) Not f2p c) More socially/team driven This is from my experience mind you. A games environment typically attracts its community. From my persepective a f2p, hypersexualized, combat motivated game all about your character becoming the best martial artist in all the realm, this typically is going to attract jerks. Because that's what they see. The people who are looking at the game as an artistic expression of martial arts mythology and a story of one persons path of revenge to redemption are going to be in the minority. Further compound the fact they do not have to make ANY financial committal to play the game and they can be the most toxic trolls they want to be, because in the end what have they lost? There are no consequences to their behavior. Nothing. They got to watch a person "take the game too seriously" and "white knight around like they are all that." NCSoft does not care in the long run, a f2p model means they aren't committed to development like a p2p is, so they can be much more free and loose with what they do because in the end "you have no right to complain when it's free." This got more ranty than i originally wanted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- TL;DR version: No amount of facebook like/dislike mechanics are going to "make people be nice." You wont have gotten rid of the people you dislike, you will instead give them the tools to further abuse a system "for the lulz." The best way to quality control your game play is to make friends.
  2. Is this a norm ingame now?

    Switch channels or ask if you can team up (You might make a new friend.) I myself have been gone for a while and have been leveling up my old 45+ level characters. If I'm in low level areas or dungeons its often because I'm farming costumes i missed when last i played. If someone just TELLS me "hey man, i want to see the cutscenes" or "Could you slow it down? I cant get my achievements with you one shotting everything" Im usually chill enough to accommodate (just don't be a jerk please.) However, again, i can only speak for myself. Costume farming can take forever, I STILL have yet to get that stupid face mask in the beginning areas.
  3. Reasons to leave BNS

    Well I bought the highest pack during initial west release, and left after 6 months. Surprise! I came back this month and I am currently having a blast. 1) BnS still has fast paced combat that doesn't feel stagnant to me. Instead of blowing all my cooldowns and waiting for timers to refresh like in other MMOs, some of the abilities do different things depending on the context in which they were used. Doing (or failing) combos makes the game a labor of love for me. No other game gives me that kind of combat atm 2) While it took a time to get used to the new "One or the other" element builds and streamlined skill trees, I actually enjoy it more than the way it used to be. This is easier to keep track of than the enormous skill trees of redundancy of the past imho. 3) I don't mind the dead areas because my low-level characters are spoon-fed gear through the story missions now, soloing my way through the story is enjoyable, and since i am a fan of old school hong kong action theater and wuxia mythology, this story is enjoyable for me; revisiting the cutscenes is no different that re-watching my old favorite movies. I'll skip a scene or two here and there but reliving some of the ore touching moments is always a joy. I LOVE THE GAMES SOUNDTRACK! 4) Sure ... All the extra currencies and gem are obnoxious, i would much rather there be 3 currencies tops and have done with. However, i have to admit but i have played enough hunt and gather games to not get too frustrated by it. Besides just knowing how much effort it takes to get certain costumes lets me know at a glance, how much effort (not just cash) a person put into the game. 5) On the subject of whales... They don't bother me, but its in my personality to not give a crud about being the best in everyone else's eyes. I want to progress at my pace in my time. There are some things i think are a total waste of money to buy in this game, while othe things i will plunk down my cash for convenience or cosmetics. Never will i spend money to get the favor of elitists waving their wallets in my face (But hey, if they gift me stuff ill happily take it!) Elitism only affects me by how much i let it, and that usually is once in a blue moon... I usually ditch before they can start throwing their superiority complex in my face. Regardless ... People leave, people come back, and there are those who have been here since day one. In they end they are going to do what makes them happy, you cant really expect anything more or less.
  4. How do the Yun reproduce?

    My theory would be that they reproduce semi-asexually. Since they are related to birds (pheonix) by lore, I hypothesize that one Yun produces an Egg, then another Yun fertilizes the egg with "magic/chi" and poof! New baby yun. Not that much different than Namekians from DBZ. The only thing that messes up that theory a bit is that they have navels; but who cares right? Nipples have no real function on a male body amiright? Seriously tho this isn't the weirdest thing I have heard of for reproduction in any fictional setting.. trust me.
  5. Yura has nipples

    If you (I'm not saying "you" as in YOU but rather "you" as in people who this refers too) are *cricketing*-off to a video game boobie, you have other issues you need to attend to than getting into an uproar over something that doesn't even look remotely realistic. If this was a God of War MMO i think people would be reacting differently and this game only has IMPLIED nipples that don't even look remotely "real." They are like "nipples! I didn't even try, these are just placeholders... so whatever."
  6. Silent player in guild

    And this is why I choose to be a (mostly) solo player, rather than be forced to socialize and make idle chit chat so that people can feel good about themselves. It doesn't hurt me one bit to be clanless. I have been in and out of 9 clans so far, just couldn't find a connection with any of them. So I just left. Give the silent guy some time, he will move one and it will no longer bother you that hes just wasting space.
  7. Yura has nipples

    Does this bother you? Did you know there are several player costumes out there that are prone to "slip-age" if you look reaaaaaly hard? You do know the game has a mature rating right? Or was this a "hee-hee-heeeee boobies" post? Just curious...
  8. REALLY picky players pt. 2

    I don't care if they do or do not implement the ability to kick players in the future. You have MMOs where people discriminate on gear, which makes it hard for new blood to come into the game. Why? Well its because it alienates newbies who either have to struggle through content solo, or have to bow and scrape to elites who normally do not want to bother with old content. I have even been in games where helping the new guy get up to date gear was turned into mercenary work, where they newbie would have to pay for help. But on the flip side you also have MMOs who don't gear discriminate, and while you have generally helpful people trying to encourage others to get better, you still get plagued with leechers and other "slackers" who just want to be carried to end game. NCSoft if they chose to do the former will just pretty much state that they do not care about new blood and keep focus on the elites. If the latter is chosen (which is pretty much how things are going now) people will come and people will go, but the game will remain accessible to some degree and the elites who chose to stay will have to figure out work around. Such is the nature of MMOs and their communities. or td;dr - Having a kick option has longterm pros and cons. NCSoft I am sure is aware of this, thus the reason why it hasn't be implemented yet. If ever.
  9. Hit level 45 but didn't get Temptation?

    Be patient. If by the time the 11th rolls around and no one has their costumes, THEN grab your torches and pitchforks in outrage. Until then, drink a low sodium V8 and chill.
  10. Just got false reported in Arena

    Dont worry about it ... NCSoft should see pretty quickly that the report is BS.
  11. What's coming & is it worth continue playing?

    Gosh man... Im not trying to be mean, but if you have gotten that far and the game is no fun, then maybe its not your kind of game. No shame in admitting that.
  12. Nevermind I figured it out.

    Nevermind I figured it out. Feel free to delete this thread.
  13. Warlock Expert difficulty?!

    When i saw that, i jumped out of my chair and danced a jig. "My class" in not a OP face roll destined to be cried and whined about in the PvP forums without some serious shaking of heads at the whiner. A "summon class" that looks cool and requires SKILL to get anywhere. YES! YES! I LOVE IT! TO all those who were hoping for the face roll version I TOLD YOU SO!!! EAT IT!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHahahahhaha, only the truly purists will get the most of of this; the people who loved it for what it is, not the casuals who were looking to yawn their way to diamond in the arena. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS! Go back to DES, SMN and LBM you haters!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahahahahaha. *dies*
  14. FM v Sin

    You and I are in the same boat. I got my FM to 45 first, now I am leveling SIN (33 atm) ... Here is what i have seen: As a FM i can burn down entire groups of mobs fast, my single target DPS takes a little while. My defenses, while strong are not as good as SIN, but much more forgiving. If i mess up a rotation, or fat finger some keys its not the end of the world. I rarely die on my FM, but I have been in the red often after a big fight. On my SIN my single target DPS is INSANE. I can burn bosses 5 times faster on my SIN than my FM. I don't handle groups as well however, I can get overwhelmed by groups and must watch my positioning and cool downs carefully. My Defense is solid, I can do runs and take no damage, as long as I don't F-up my rotation or fat finger the wrong key. If i do mess up, the punishment is severe, I have died more often on my SIN than my FM. But when I do well, its no contest, my health bar doesn't even wiggle.
  15. Please allow Warlocks to be...

    Without going into many spoilers, lore wise Lyn were supposed to be more magically in tuned with the spirits and the "spirit energy" of the world. That's why as you progress through the story many of them are healers and mystics. From the eraly footage back in 2011-2012 the summoner was supposed to summone demons and spirits anyway, not some cat. They did so with paintbrushes as opposed to a staff. When the game was released ideas changed, but I had no problem with Lyn getting warlock. The Jin are neutral ground, they can be anything, but to be fair they left them out of the loop for FM and the racial specialty classes. So Jin getting Warlock, made a little sense. The Yun should have gotten Warlock, but NCSoft canned that idea; lore wise Jinsoyun is akin to a warlock anyway. but whatever. I have given up on Yun getting anything exclusive since they are a gender specific race and I'm sure people are worried about about "gender locked" classes. The Gon are mostly warriors, but becuase of their "dragon ancestry" I guess NCSoft allowed for them to use Magic, but originally they were never supposed to get mystic classes. That is until Soul Fighter was announced. Gon's being Soul Fighters make a lot more sense than Forcemasters, but I guess there needed to be a "logical progression."