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  1. I'm sorry as much as I am all for community and people being helpful and nice, generally speaking in order for this to happen the game has to be 2 or more of these things: a) Really niche b) Not f2p c) More socially/team driven This is from my experience mind you. A games environment typically attracts its community. From my persepective a f2p, hypersexualized, combat motivated game all about your character becoming the best martial artist in all the realm, this typically is going to attract jerks. Because that's what they see. The people who are looking at the game
  2. Switch channels or ask if you can team up (You might make a new friend.) I myself have been gone for a while and have been leveling up my old 45+ level characters. If I'm in low level areas or dungeons its often because I'm farming costumes i missed when last i played. If someone just TELLS me "hey man, i want to see the cutscenes" or "Could you slow it down? I cant get my achievements with you one shotting everything" Im usually chill enough to accommodate (just don't be a jerk please.) However, again, i can only speak for myself. Costume farming can take forever, I STILL have yet to ge
  3. Well I bought the highest pack during initial west release, and left after 6 months. Surprise! I came back this month and I am currently having a blast. 1) BnS still has fast paced combat that doesn't feel stagnant to me. Instead of blowing all my cooldowns and waiting for timers to refresh like in other MMOs, some of the abilities do different things depending on the context in which they were used. Doing (or failing) combos makes the game a labor of love for me. No other game gives me that kind of combat atm 2) While it took a time to get used to the new "One or
  4. My theory would be that they reproduce semi-asexually. Since they are related to birds (pheonix) by lore, I hypothesize that one Yun produces an Egg, then another Yun fertilizes the egg with "magic/chi" and poof! New baby yun. Not that much different than Namekians from DBZ. The only thing that messes up that theory a bit is that they have navels; but who cares right? Nipples have no real function on a male body amiright? Seriously tho this isn't the weirdest thing I have heard of for reproduction in any fictional setting.. trust me.
  5. Because fighting with a kitty cat is realisitic kung fu. Because fighting with a big honking barbarian axe is kung fu. (Everything else can be backed by HKAT lore and Eastern Mythology .. so I'm not using them as examples ... yes, even Warlock) If anyone played Dynasty Warriors they would know better, but whatever. I get it, "Muh Imurzion." Ignore the fact that china was using explosives, black powder and the like well before it hit europe/greece.
  6. But NPCs with guns (and one in specific with a Chaingun) are just fine?
  7. This is all you will ever see of it ... Like many things BnS showed us and didn't really deliver. You could keep hope alive. However honestly, I expect them to go the easy route, reuse animations and create more hybrids. I mean, why make anything new when you can recycle stuff and still make money? There was supposed to be stronger platforming elements to the game .. we didn't get it. There were supposed to be many more uses for dragon pulses.. We didn't get it. Hell there are entire moves and abilites we didn't get, that was during the time we saw development videos like the one above, that w
  8. It would be real simple in my opinion to level restrict dungeons before we start having elitism kick in. Otherwise, say goodbye to pugs and people will only start running with premades (include gear checks, performance ratings and general douchebaggetry) Honestly I am not expecting it to happen, the level restrictions that is. I have seen the future on CN and TW and am just getting while the getting is good.
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