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  1. It does have VT SS you can farm for. That's mid-tier gear.
  2. 1. You do the main story line quests and you are level 60 with freebie gear. 2. HM levels aren't meant to be maxed out easily. It's not even something you need to focus and devote your energy towards. Just play and gain HM levels. 3. Essentially, the newest dungeons have the latest gen of gear. 4. Don't worry about awakening stages (after stage 10). Upgrading is guaranteed and not RNG like other upgrade systems. For example, +10 a ring with a 20% chance to succeed, 80% chance to fail and within that 80% failure a 20% chance for it to downgrade or 10% it bre
  3. Basically, what the guys said. Check in the journal for "Taking Refuge". If you don't have that you need to complete more of the story line. Once you unlock Moon Refuge, here's a guide. https://youtu.be/d0saVGN5g4c
  4. I'm in NA and I have 150 ms. You will need a VPN to reduce your ping, no other way around it.
  5. See video description for recap/info and links to the Google doc.
  6. The game will be fine provided: - Open communication (road maps, dev letters, plans, etc). - Pushing out updates and changes that benefit most if not all players. - Create events that are fun and have meaning. - UE4 as current optimization scares off new potential players and annoys current player base. - More involvements with the community. - Does not try to treat the game as a live service (ex. don't be an EA/Activision).
  7. Video guide for boss 4 (Grand Celestial Emperor) in Nightfall Sanctuary (TT).
  8. I just added in a guide for boss 1. Enjoy your BC runs!
  9. English video guides for boss 1 and 2 of Dreamsong theater.
  10. VPNs would be the only way to reduce your ping. Some work better than others. Try them all and see what works best for you. If you try out ExitLag you can use my promo code "Eckogen" to get a 20% discount.
  11. Without knowing the rest of your gear; this is how you are creating the match up. You (with PvP 5-set SS) vs KFM (most likely fully decked out PvP SS, accessories, Dragon Forge 9+, pet, soul, heart).
  12. English video guides below for Hachi, Machi, and Mao.
  13. 100 trove keys used. Should provide a general drop rate. RNG is of course RNG:
  14. Best bet is to join a clan that runs dungeons regularly and hard modes.
  15. You can try VPN programs such as ExitLag to help reduce ping.
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