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  1. [Guide] How to get True Pirate Overnight

    Doesn't this guide apply to almost every mmorpg anyway? Buy a cash shop item > sell for in game currency > ?????
  2. The content is being rushed for a good reason and no you shouldn't stress about it too much! Even if the old dungeons became abandoned, you can still purchase the materials you need to catch up from AH by doing dailies that give a lot of gold now and probably more in the future!
  3. Hey! Let's sue a company that's already suffering from gold bots ruining their game!
  4. Here we go again. Now I'm not white knighting nor happy with the bots, but... "Ncsoft is not bringing what they offer on their product. The product info clearly states that you play with real people not bots. They clearly advertise Arena and PvP as a real person to person interactive experience, not bots. They also don't mention anything about bots when advertising Dungeons." - OP Yeah ignoring the bots and finding ways to avoid them doesn't really bring out the fact that bots exist but, hundreds of people are doing that in game and they're having fun. NCSoft already responded on the first few threads about the bots and they said they're already and still trying to do something about them. Creating another cringe thread doesn't make a difference. IF and only IF NCSoft is not profiting when bots are around, don't you think they're going to do their best to get rid of it? Have a little patience. Have a little appreciation that a game like this exist for FREE. If you can't find a way to enjoy the game, that means you don't like the game. Because if you really like the game, you'll enjoy it no matter what.
  5. I don't think NCSoft's reason of temporarily taking is down is because of the "lewd" pictures being uploaded... I mean this and many more costume exists! Bruh
  6. This is one of the reason why the Indie Game Developing community is growing. Triple A companies do not care about anything other than money. It's disgusting but it should be obvious already that nowadays, most humans are driven by money. Learning game developing myself, I will never step into a Triple A studio unless they have the same mentality as Indie Game Developers.
  7. The Levelling Challenge Reward

    You can try contacting the support and tell them what happened and they might transfer it for you.
  8. Instead of being all negative why not be positive?

    People who actually enjoy the game don't really bother going to the forums. Forums are just a place for people to complain nowadays. Everyone just acts like the sky is falling.
  9. Spiders why Spiders

    Idk how it feels on your perspective but doesn't it feel nice that you get to beat the heck out of the spiders in game? Haha.
  10. Is anything being done to combat bots?

    Before we all keep raging about the bots, let's take a chill pill and a deep breath to acknowledge some of the good side. - Without these bots, the prices of everything in the market will probably be 10 times more expensive. - Without these bots, the game would be pay to win due to the currency exchange. - Without these bots, there are a lot of casual players and it will be almost unplayable for them(including me) due to the market being expensive to upgrade their gears. - Without these bots, you'll be forced to PvP all day just to farm for soulstones cuz you're too poor to buy them on the market. I know, these bots are very annoying but I just wanted to shed some positivity. What do you guys think? Share some of your opinions about the positive side of the bots without immature bashing(you will be ignored).
  11. FPS problems or my PC?

    It's almost impossible to get more fps on Blackwyrm or any clustered places with a lot of players. You can try to upgrade your CPU tho since CPU usage is very important on mmorpgs. If you want, try playing on "Optimized for Low End PC" where you play on a 800x600 window and graphics are really really toned down when you're fighting Blackwyrm lol.
  12. WTT: (gold for premium membership)

    Bumping once a day isn't that bad I guess :P
  13. need help with fps drops

    Fps drops are mostly from CPU or bad coding with the game. In this case, both(as assumed) are the common issue that our average pc have. Although, your pc isn't strong enough to run this game smoothly on high graphics. We almost have the same setup(mine is a lil stronger) and I still have to play on the lowest settings(but max textures cuz I still want to enjoy the game's graphics) at 1080p to get 60fps during solo and 10 - 25 fps with players.
  14. Video: Two Spells = Ded

    Oh god, that skill is actually still very brutal at lv45! Good job on the editing too!
  15. @players asking for 400 attack power for a dungeon?

    May I ask which dungeon are you trying to run?