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  1. Will you be able to swap bracelets for 1 Moonstone/Elysian Crystal, or only the normal way? (100g + Silver Scale)
  2. Hey... I find it really annoying that I always have to convert timezones... Not like it's hard to do or anything but if we have EU servers I think we should be treated equally and just at least show CET time too in announcements, etc... Like CBT start, Launch Date... Event times...
  3. I know how to convert them, I play games since forever... As I said, it is just really unprofessional to have servers in EU but don't use timezone for it... I know how to convert timezones, can you even read? NCWEST have servers in NA and EU, therefore they should use timezone for EU and NA... is it really that hard to understand?
  4. If they can use the "most popular" or whatever time for NA, why they can't do it for EU?
  5. Are you blind? I even said it's not hard, it's just unprofessional imo...