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  1. Game closes after a few minutes

    Thanks for reply!
  2. Game closes after a few minutes

    So I opened the game, and I logged in on my lvl 45 BM to try out the new content. I read Yura's letter, went to the Mushin's Tower and, after I arrived there, the game closed. Ok, I re-opened the game, logged in on my BM and then the game closed. The 2rd times was the same. So I wanna know: has anybody else experienced this? I am mostly expecting at a "no", so I suppose I should enter the laptop's settings and do something to them, right?
  3. Floor 3

    Can someone give me some advice regarding the way I should play on the 3rd floor of Mushin's Tower, when fighting the last boss? The thing "kill the boss before the others kill you" doesn't quite work when it comes to the last fight on F3.
  4. Warlock Class

    When asked, the staff said soon.
  5. Problem logging in

    After waiting about 3 minutes I could enter in Character select.
  6. My Angel Outfit

    Please no! My eyes! NOOOOOOOOOOO!
  7. Target Lock

    Just wanted to know if there is an option to lock the target on a specific someone when you fight.
  8. This MMO is so basic it hurts

    I respect you!
  9. Server Down...Again

    Is the server down? I could enter very easy.
  10. About the JP voicepacks

    I wanna know this too.
  11. Fans of the anime?

    I am a big anime fan. When I first heard the name I was something like: this sounds interesting. After finishing the anime: Now I wanna play the game to see how the plot evolves. Here is my anime list: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/KuroganeKanata
  12. They are aware of this problem and the staff does its best to solve it ASAP, using the resources they have at the moment. Meanwhile we can just wait.
  13. Respawn

    After I die I have those 4 options: Restore Chi, Call for help, Unequip the faction uniform and ressurect nearby and Ressurect Nearby. Since I was killed before I was able to restore my Chi, 2 options remained: the 3rd and the 4th. After I pressed the Unequip the faction uniform and ressurect nearby button, the game closed.
  14. Change server

    There is an option in the Lobby Shop, but you have to pay(as far as I know)
  15. Suggestion

    Blade and Soul team, we all know most of the servers are overpopulated. That's why I wanna ask: why don't you move some players from a server to another one? Or give us the option to change the servers for free, once. Anything, but please try to do something about this problem.