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  1. There is no need to nerf content that is already nerfed, many are always asking for nerf this and nerf that, but you also need to understand that a nerf in mechs also means a nerf in rewards, less gold from the daily quest, worst chance for drops, worst boxes from the Dinamyc quests, etc. Some advice as how to clear better: - If you dont meet the requirements for partys with high gear, wait a bit and farm lower dungeons to gear up - If your gear is good enough to do the dungeon be more carefull on your recruitment - Try to find a nice clan and run dungeons with the
  2. As some already said, the game is not that much better than when it was released, I'm playing since CBT btw, the area you refer was the faction pvp field named soulstone plains, that is a dead zone at these moment cuz NCsoft reduced the HP and rewards from the bosses, also related to open world pvp is broken, every fight is just a matter of who one shot kill first, same on pvp 6v6, 1v1 and 3v3 are fixed stats so there's no oneshots there. If you left 2 years ago then there's quite a bit to do and lots of things changed, you can get in and do the story and that will let you get lvl 55 and get y
  3. I have my main char (BD) geard with top mid tear gear, Raven 9(No luck with Husk and Im not gonna pay 10kg in marcket), Awakened Cosmic st3, Furious Pet, maxed BT and VT accesories, and even with the gear I have, I can see how awfull the last patches to the game have been, and yes Im talking not about only the last one but the last 3 or 4, with each of them being worst than before, some ppl say its all ok cuz all you need to do is grind, but even if you can grind on the top tear dungs rigth now its completely inefitient, usualy I could do 500g a week only loging 2hours a day and doing dungs an
  4. If the do update the engine I Hope that solves all the stuttering and freezes that we get on raids and dungeons, also if they plan to implement a new way of fishing gathering and so, let's see if it's really useful for our character progress and not another windrest
  5. I was checking at the patch notes of korea about class changes being applyed tomorrow and something about the changes of Blade Dancer catched my attention: Koreas weapon change: Raven Weapon Lightning Flash deals 280 > 345% of AP as additional damage Aransu Weapon Lightning Flash deals 520 > 600% of AP as additional damage NA/EU weapon change: Raven Lynblade now causes Lightning Flash to deal 185%/240%/290%/315% of Attack Power as additional damage, up from 170%/220%/260%/280%. Aransu Lynblade now causes Lightning Flash to
  6. Actualy it would be better to have an ingame option, since support will not do that always, I got 2 pentagonal Obsidians from trove and after that I got 3 hexagonals, I asked support to change the pentagonals to other element and the person who attended my request denied it 2 times. If you ask support you are mostly dependant on the mood of the person who takes your request, while if we had an in game option it would be easyer and we could put to use the obsidians we got full of moss on our inventory, I think it would be a nice improvement if they implement a feature like that.
  7. Its more a matter of what you like, since most of the outfits for Lyn males are ugly as hell XDDD, I decided to create my char as Female Lyn cuz theres a lot of cute outfits for Lyn females. And just like HateMe said Lyns cant look badass.
  8. As mentioned in the other post aside from the Gunner that is broken as any new class in any game, the other classes are very balanced, the KFM has a very good DPS if you can manage the anicancel, and ofc if you gear you char, at least im saying this from a PVE point of view since I hate PVP and never do pvp XDDD. But even if I dont do pvp I know that KFM's are one of the best classes on PVP (Cancer for most clases XD), If you are interested in PVE content KFM is one of the most wanted classes since there are not many and they have a very important buff for the party and also are awesome for t
  9. Sorry for the late responce, I havent tried with a destro, my class is BD, but for most classes there is no way to avoid the KB, that is the reason why you show your back to the boss before the kb after he does the KB you will do the SS and that should get you close enough to the boss to use an aproach skill, and get on time for the stun, the chain cc has a 2 secs window to complete so it shouls be enough time to aproach and stun, its better if your aproach skill applies stun cuz it will do it easier. I hope its still helpfull.
  10. Actualy, yes, all meele classes have aproach skills and can do the rush if done correctly, fisrt for meele classes before he does the knok back, you must face your char so your back is to the boss and inmediately after the knock back do a SS and rush to the boss with a skill. And for ranged classes they have movility skills such as Q nad E for FMS the E for gunners wich moves you a lot closer 0_o, and for summs and warlocks the have their pets to do the stun for them wich dont get moved from the boss.
  11. I'll have to say Im in total agree with this post! XDDD I know a lot of ppl is complining about the dung being too hard and everything, but this dung is all about mechs and coordination, and I just love it, dont missunderstand me cuz my main char is high lvl and I'm used to go the DPS mode on almost all dungs cuz of me and my friends all have nice equipment, but playing this dung from the first day was realy nice, remembering the days of me being lvl 45 and not having the ultimate equipment to that date! Its realy awesome. Also just to be clear Me and my friends have not wiped even once
  12. This is a topic that me and my friends have also talked about, turning our sight to other MMOs they usually mark their classes as tank, DPS, support, healer etc. And usually healers and tanks have the less DPS on the party cuz they are there to do what their class is for tanks keep boss under control getting it's attention even if they are the smallest DPS, his skill is shown for the way he tanks the boss not for his high DPS, ppl usually takes gear as if that was your skill meter but they forget that there's many ppl that have gear cuz they buy the carries to get that gear without even knowin
  13. I like Shadow more than Fire, the DPS is almost the same if you do the rotations right, but in the case of Fire I dont like to get targeted by the bosses because of the burst also I dont like to be rooted on the ground while doing the tab burst, in shadow I feel my moovement on the field is a lot better since I dont get rooted on the burst, also the rotation is more flexible and the animations suit my taste more, and I kind of dont like the RNG fator on the 3 skill of the fire build.
  14. Hi everyone! As you can guess I play as main BD, but also I play with 7 other classes on lvl 50+ the only one I don't play is destroyer, as a blade dancer ofc I know all the weaknesses of the BD and there's a lot of them, usually every class has their own weekneses, 1 of them is the long CD of key skills for BD, if you manage to iframe or escape that key skills you'll have a lot of time to play with them and give them a slow death, ofc there are a lot of factors to take into account on pvp and that's on any class, if your ping is bad you'll get beaten by many other players with a decent enough
  15. That set is realy outdated, it wont be of too much help now, as the other posts say go for the msp full set, rigth now you need the st5 kill to get the last pieces but this 13th that limitation will be removed and the price for the SS will be lower (Less moonlight flowers) also the keys will be cheaper if I got it rigth on the stream. As @Nala said check if you got your HM points on Atack and 10 on defence (If you are good avoiding damage you could even use all on atack I do that XDDD) also youll be able to upgrade your seraph to st 7 a lot easyer cuz the material requirement will go down, aft
  16. For your level and AP you must be using the equipment given to you in the story rewards, so first you should get the pinnacle jewelry, you can get it in shattered masts, sogun's lament and I don't remember where the other 2 drops XD, also try to get your weapon to true ivorymoon with that you should be around 800ap, with that you can farm a bit for the materials to get seraph or baleful most of them should come from the story quests. After you get that you should be able to run desolate tomb for the legendary neck and Nauru foundry for the legendary belt, I would not recommend to get the
  17. As most of the opinions said before I would recomend BD, its my main class and I can tell its really fun, I also play every class except for destroyer (Havent buyed the extra slot yet XD) this was the long story short. BD - High movility lots of damage, great crowd control if you are used to play only ranged classes it could be a bit hard at start since DB has to be stickd to the target to hit range of most skills is 3mts except in wind where you have a bit more range but at lower levels wind wont do as much damage as Lightning but still is reaaly fun to play. Pay atention to the rotation
  18. Ty everyone, I didnt knew Jonathan Lien had said that, I'll go to check the videos on twitch then, then I'll have to be patinent to get it, this outfit is the only one I hate to have missed. About exclusivenes on the outfits I think the same as Souba, I have the Silver Dragon exclusive for the 1 Year subscription and even if they say its exclusive I know some recolors of it have come out on Korea (I didnt liked the recolor btw) but its ok if ppl can get the outfits they like. =)
  19. Hi I'm playing BnS since the first CBT on NA and I got almost all the outfits from the events to this date but unfortunately some time after the launch my PC said good by to these world and i had to stop playing a bit of time, it was enough time for me to loose the event for Regium Corvus, so i was wondering will this outfit ever return be in an event or in the store?
  20. Hi! For end game you will have to party with more ppl cuz the bosses require some mechs and in most cases cant be done by only 1 person, ofc if you are geared with endgame gear most of the content aside form what some call the big 5 and the raids can be done solo. As any game theres some toxic ppl and some others are helpful, If you want to advance fast and get to the latest content then 1 of the first things to do is get a nice clan with nice ppl willing to help that way youll skip most of the content and will only need to do the low lvls quests once as you go trough the story (if story is a
  21. @Liinxy I know this can be just a few of the opinions of most players on BnS but I think its the general feeling about this content, if its posible that this post is of some use for the dev team I hope its usefull, we all as players get some kind of escape from our daily routine full of stress and a lot of other stuf in the games we play, so as players I think we all want to have fun content, not another frustration to add In our list. Hope this is usefull.
  22. Hi! this happens pretty often I've got this question asked multiplel times in the game from other players, you can look for Chungsil in Greenhollow, I hope this helps. P.D. I forgoth you gotta talk with Hongsil first on Greenhollow the she will let you go to Mushin tower so you can talk to yura at 2nd floar.
  23. Ok I wanted to open this topic on the forum a long time ago but never did it cuz always forgoth about it, but since not only me but all of my friends share the same opinion about ToI I thouth it was a good Idea to have a topic to share the experience of the comunity on it and maybe let the team of NC know the opinion of everyone about it. Now to the point... Long story short, I just hate ToI. My experience: The feeling I get from playing ToI is only frustration, and dont get me wrong I love this game but from all the content of this game for me ToI is completely us
  24. Powder? like Element Powder from salvaging weapons and Jewel Powder from salvaged Accesories?
  25. I also liked a lot the solution suggested by @Walex it's well thought and it would not only make farming evolved stone possible, but fun since all that content died cuz of the rewards are not interesting, putting that aside it's a really nice content of the game and having all that options you don't need to sit all day doing the same thing and that gives new players the opportunity to enjoy all that awesome content, I'm playing since CBT so I had the opportunity to see and play on all that content and I would love to see it coming back to life. It's more enjoyable to play and spend more time (
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