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  1. Because you pay less in the long run. 30 day sub is 11.99, 90 day sub is roughly 11.66 per month, and the 1 year is roughly 10.41 a month. The less you actually spend, the less points you get.

    If you have a bank card that allows you to purchase NCoin from a website, you can purchase it from just about anywhere. (not sure if they carry them online),, NCSoft themselves (which I don't recommend, they've had issues) Personally I get mine from Amazon and the delivery is seconds plus I get bonuses to my digital account.
  3. Ncoin Prepaid

    Like I said, it depends on your state. I buy at Wal-Mart and Gamestop (when they have them) and get charged sales tax because they are not tax exempt purchases. The only thing I don't pay a sales tax on is food items. Everything else is taxed :/
  4. Ncoin Prepaid

    You're gonna pay taxes when you buy it at Wal-Mart too, at least I do. Every state that has a sales tax is gonna tax it.
  5. What's your skill key setup?

    I use a Nostromo and didn't bother changing key bindings. Everything I need is within reach with thumb or forefinger.
  6. Auto-ban cause of high mail traffic?

    More than likely these premium BOTs are the accounts that people paid these companies to power-level. You contact said company, give them ALL your log-in information, pay them too much money and they're supposed to level you to max. In a LOT of instances they actually take your money AND your account, strip it and spam their website. WHY would these companies even bother wasting money on accounts when people PAY THEM to take their info??
  7. I didn't even change keys. My Nostromo is set up like this (Row 1) 12w34 (Row 2) TAB asdf (ROW 3) zxcv (Directional key) qcev and my mouse is set to f SHIFT 567 so all my keys are what's IN the game, I just use the software to change my keys to the appropriate numbers/letter.
  8. 3 people (including myself) use a mouse and gamepads with assignable keys. I have Shift, F, 5-7 all assigned to buttons on my mouse and so far I haven't been banned.
  9. My husband, my son and I have all been using the Logitech gaming software as well as the Razer software since CBT and we haven't had any problems so far. Though with the above quoted email from NCSoft, I am becoming slightly worried.
  10. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Favorite gold spammer so far. Even uses its website as its freaking name!
  11. Help

    Servers ARE NOT UP until 10AM PST you can use this little page to help you convert your time to PST. It even has a nice little slider.
  12. Playing with Keypad.

    Go for the Tartarus! I have small hands too and I currently play with a Nostromo (Tartarus replaces this). I DID splurge and buy a G13 and TRIED to play on it but I had serious problems reaching all the buttons I needed and it was just too clunky and confusing. I ended up giving it to my husband to replace his dying G13 and went back to my Nostromo. I have almost everything I need on my Nostromo, a few things I still use the keyboard for, I can reach everything without dislocating my fingers and no wrist pain. So all in all, go for the Tartarus if you have small hands, you won't regret it!
  13. I did, but thank you :) I just thought it was interesting the way it just doesn't even show up. My husband's monitor is of normal size and his works just fine. So if it's just me I'll be happy with being unique lol
  14. How is this a stupid thread? I'm simply asking if anyone else has this issue. If it's just ME, then fine, no problem I'll troubleshoot it on my own or just be fine with it. So I can't see my username or password when I type. No big deal it still works, but if it's an issue anyone ELSE has with a larger screen and odd size, it would be a good idea to brainstorm for a possible fix or work around and make NCSoft aware of.
  15. So ok, it's NOT game breaking or anything it's just odd and I'm thinking maybe it might have to do with the fact that I'm using a 54" TV for my monitor? I can still put in all my login info and log in, it just looks like this;