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  1. Are there any developers?

    Thanks for trying to help me guys. I tweeted their support account and that program doesn't work since launcher doesn't even open.
  2. Here is the problem: I got a founder pack, i have access to game but i cant download it since some UDP/TCP ports are blocked in my university campus BUT, they can be opened easily IF i know which ports this game and launcher uses. and here is the funny thing. I sent message to the support staff, i got an automated email back saying that i should use forums for things like that.At first i thought that it is plausible and I have been posting topics about this problem since closed beta 1 and no answers were given. At most i got 39 views at my topics.This is the WORST support i have ever *cricket*ing seen.
  3. Need TCP/UDP Ports of Servers

    It is pretty clear from the title, i just need the ports so i can forward them in my campus. I posted another topic like this in the closed beta 2 and 3 section but no one cared and it was the games support who directed me to these forums. Therefore i am pretty disappointed in this whole farce.
  4. Guide: Errors, installing, game-crash, delay

    Are there anybody who knows the ports that are used for the launcher and the game server? Most of the ports are blocked in my campus so i need these ports to open them.
  5. I can't start the launcher because it gives this error. To be specific; E01005 NIC updater.nclauncher.ncsoft.com_17231940 It probably is trying to connect to a blocked port on my campus. They opened the ports required for Wildstar after i mailed them the ports for Wildstar and i can play it with no problem, if Blade & Soul uses other ports for the launcher and the game server, can you please give them to me so i can mail them to open the needed ports. ( If the EU server will be using different ports, i will need them too )