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  1. As far as I know that won't help you as it will unlock them from the trader you need the bravery tokens for and not the zen bean one.
  2. +1 For this. I have been saving up the beans for the last few Tokens I need since the duelist pack was a few short for the HM skill books and all the offals - Now I'm left with a stack of tokens I can't spend as I don't intend trying to PVP up to gold rank any time soon. Really disappointed they didn't just leave this in the dragon express.
  3. Can confirm, this happens with Yura's hair. I assumed the same as Malign, that his happens with all hats.
  4. Support still haven't gotten back to me, but I canceled and did it again with credit card instead of paypal and got my stuff activated instantly. Def a paypal problem.
  5. I'm definitely being whispered by the bots I have blocked resulting in a tweeting sound being played pretty much at least once every 2 minutes, usually more. It's driving me absolutely crazy too. Have re-logged and changed zones since blocking any spammers and the noise still plays so I don't think the zones thing has anything to do with it.
  6. I just assumed it would take a while to process, is it definitely supposed to have gone through by now then?
  7. I had an email to say my sub was activated 9h ago and still not recieved my items / hongmoon coins / time added to my premium duration, it's not just you.
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