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  1. How does the system work?

    Thank you for your help, I forwarded it to my friend but as i saw him he never uses any ice spells (i started an fm and on my potato i still can solo the first field boss so i dont understand the compaining) I hope it will help him and I dont have to hear him cry in agony because it's the 20th assassin against him in a row.
  2. How does the system work?

    force master, he is kinda weak with it, he has no idea how others (WITHOUT any mist fog smoke) evade spells (yes force masters do that to him, he sits next to me so i can see it).
  3. Summoners should be banned from arena

    Blade masters should be banned from arena... you know blocking gets you stunned :) same with assassins they are just invisible, then what about blade dancers? they tab tab tab to win. Forcemasters freeze you on 3 right clicks and dont start about the destroyers and the kungfu masters, cuz you wont be walking long. Ban these with the summoners then the arena is fine to go.
  4. Disconnect after disconnect

    fixing the good things into bad things cuz why not, we are not asians who born to play osu on insane.
  5. Disconnect after disconnect

    Come join me on the russian side, they don't have DCs but a lot of OMLETTE!! (I traded with my friend he had 300 omlette, i gave him more :3 )
  6. Disconnect after disconnect

    Why would they fix it? Like they ever cared... Spammers, Bots, hackers everywhere, Class unfairness, nothing is explained. Random server shut downs.
  7. Disconnect after disconnect

    So I know my notebook is a potato, BUT why the dc always? The russian version at MAX froze for a some minutes then I could play again. But here: Loading screen? DC! Too many players here? DC! Having fun and playing for 30 minutes? DC! I never ever encountered ANY DC MESSAGE in the russian version (I don't care if it's not the original, it is still the SAME game) and I played with it for a half year. What causes it, why is it happening? I have to wait for my sisters notebook (so maybe play for a day or two in two weeks) The original version is worse? Will it ever go away or I should just delete the game? At minimum my Notebook still is able to run it. CPU: Intel Celeron N2830 2.16 GHz RAM: 4 GB Video: Intel something integrated.
  8. How does the system work?

    Have you ever tried to basic a Blade Master? You get stunned. (hard class ofc) How the hell does a summoner or a force master evade without their skills? They somehow do it and we have no idea how.
  9. To the people saying "git gud"

    maybe your ping is a bit more than you think.... I live in hungary no ping at all (but a my fps is 4) aaand i win with league being 10 ms? we dont even have the best internet, but the teleporting in your game says that you have a very bad one with being that close to the servers.
  10. My friend has way more losses than wins, and from 10 match 9 is against an assassin, WHICH IS INVISIBLE OR PLANTS BOMB UNDER YOU. WTF is wrong with the matchmaking, I get people under my level, so i give them a chance to win, but he can't get up to gold because assassin (invisible 4ever) blademaster (block -> stun) kung fu master (you didn't wanted to stand anyway) an op summoner (how the hell they evade? I can't) Why the matchmaking so bad that we can't get even a 3 win streak? if the game sees you CAN'T wina aginst them go bother with the poor player with more. Since 3 days he can't get up to gold and is annoyed as hell, I can only play on weekends but a barely dare to even go pvp because of the unfair matchmaking. Same skills? nah.