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  1. After today's Windows Update, for whatever reason, the NCLauncher keeps starting up every time I boot my PC. Never had this issue until today. Is there a way to fix this?
  2. With only 1 month to go before the next major windows update, will BnS be Redstone 5 compatible in time? Particularly, XignCode.
  3. Not sure if this was mentioned, but the Stamina after relogging was reset from 40k to 30k. I had already done the new wind walking quest.
  4. Would love to have the Superfan outfit back~ I keep missing it v.v I want to get it for my Lyn
  5. Should just replace the preset colors with a color wheel so we can choose whatever color we want and to be able to set how light or how dark we want the color.
  6. Edit: Finally got the Ncoin after 11 hrs.
  7. So, I ended up submitting a ticket because for whatever reason, when I charged $50 Ncoin to my account, I wasn't emailed the confirmation email nor did I receive the $50 worth of ncoin added to my account; I've purchased ncoin via credit card enough times to where it typically is automatically added to my account after purchase, however, that is not the case and my bank account was charged the $50.
  8. Sorry if this is a silly question, but do the Duelist and Mastery Bundles contain Premium Membership like the Starter Bundle that contains 7 day Premium?
  9. I would assume its a charge from the new payment system. Not sure if Colorado has a 4% tax on such. I do have my purchase history before and after the new payment system; before the new payment system I wasn't taxed (last charge date April 8th, 2018), after the new payment system went into place, I was being taxed (purchase date April 13th, 2018).
  10. US If it helps, I'm purchasing/charging from the website.
  11. Just noticed that the new payment system now charges tax on Ncoin purchase. 400 Ncoin ($5) = $5.20 1,600 Ncoin ($20) = $20.80 Before the new payment system, we weren't being taxed.
  12. Started playing a Summoner and got the Trendsetter Outfit: Wish there was a Trendsetter outfit for Familiars too
  13. They could always put BT accessories in Summer Trove.
  14. They could put BT accessories at the Achievement Vendor/Dragon Express in Zaiwei for 200 Raven Feathers each like they did with Draken Cores/Hellion Cores.
  15. Just noticed this costume in F3 and I MUST have it.
  16. Picked up Gon Destroyer :-) Having fun!
  17. As the title suggests, will the Twilight's Edge ever be a weapon skin? Just wondering.
  18. In all seriousness though, when do you think we'll get this outfit? It is the one in the top right corner; not to be confused with Empress' Regalia.
  19. I would love to see Prime Time. It is my favorite outfit :-)
  20. I'm a bit lost with the gear upgrading because I don't know what would be the best for my class. Here is what I currently have on my BM: Baleful Sword - Stage 4 All Hollow's Accessories Solak Soul Hongmoon Pet Aura - Stage 2 8/8 Starblade Soul Shield Which accessories should I upgrade to? Soul and Mystic Badge? (Flame Build BM, if that helps) What about Soul Shield? Regarding my Gunslinger, Baleful or Seraph? What Soul and Mystic badge? (Shadow Build) Sorry if this is a lot of questions x.x
  21. Almost Lv 50, updated my character's look a bit.
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