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  1. New 50 lvl big update

    I dont get how having more things to do is a bad thing. Ive been grinding these dailies over and over and took a 2 week break to play stardew valley because i was so bored doing them. At least now with the update i have something different to do.
  2. BoT ..bot

    Im playing on headstart in BDO and ive already seen gold spam already advertising. Gold sellers are actual companies that are based in China. Any game whether its free or buy to play or subscription, if it turns them a profit they will do whatever it takes. lol@ 4 stage anti bot system give it 2 weeks after release and youll see that its garbage. EDIT: BDO is not even close to the holy grail of MMOs. its another sandbox with no end game. This isnt comming from me but reviewers. Beautiful game with good combat but absolutely no pve end game.
  3. Best gems and soul shield to use?

    There will be a 35 at gem coming on March 2. So you could say it'll go down in price but not for a bit of a while
  4. Best gems and soul shield to use?

    Gems, anything related to attack power is good. A good setup would be Diamond 25/28 atkpower amethyst 170 life drain or the best 5 atk power, 200 life drain ruby 300 or 360 additional damage on proc citrine stun additional dmg or the best 3 atk power life drain soul shield a mix of endless tower and blood shade aim for maximum crit
  5. Obsidian Serpent RNG hates me

    Your probably having really bad luck. Got mine in my 6th run. It'll eventually deop
  6. [mushin] YONKAI YONKAI YONKAI !!!! (a friend's character)

    And we care because......?
  7. Anti bots suggestions.

    Gold farmers/sellers will do anything even pay to play the game if it turns a profit. Only way for them to die is simply to not buy from them. Having a GM on 24 7 banning voters/spammers is only a temporary solution. The only way they can do this efficiently is to detect 3rd party programs and have an auto banner. But the major obstacle for this method is to prevent false positive bans and the banning of innocent players.
  8. Just wondering..

    It's a force masters weapon aka bangle
  9. Are VPNS such as WTFAST, battleping allowed to be used? Or is it Bannable? Also I am aware account sharing is against TOS but for the people who do not share accounts but have dynamic IP Addresses or play at places other than at home using their laptop, couldn't that trigger a false positive? I usually play from home but I also play on my laptop at friends houses or at a relatives and at work. Should I stop this? Or is it safe to do so. thanks
  10. Anyone beat Jungshado?

    http://www.twitch.tv/heavensvalkyrie/v/46990530 Honestly the key to this fight is to skill up all stuns and dazes and the most important skill for your dps is flicker on tier 3 move 2 (the one that has super quick strikes). I did this with a true siren weapon with a ton of leftover time before his rage timer.
  11. Anyone else glad they dropped other games for this one?

    Archeage. Oh such a garbage game.
  12. Trading gold for ncoins :)

    I think this is against TOS as your basically doing RMT.
  13. Yun legs look Busted

    MAXIMUM BOOBS MAXIMUM BUTT. Yup thats all the matters. *nods head*
  14. Server merges possible?

    Merging is possible but probably wont happen for a while.