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  1. the battle boss on ssp not give soulstones so is pointless to farm it
  2. fnaly a response from the developer.. it was so hard ??? why community must force ncwest team to make an anoucment every tme? so that bns compete "update" not come on west for what reason? that "update" not apply on live server?(never?) is populaton problem? who we must blame for that low populaton in west, the player base? i dont thing so ... when a ncwest make a simply socal stream to have fun wth the payers and kick players from the partys not looks so good or frendly or "social" u know what else not look so good?? when the comunity mngr say to ppl if u do
  3. all the gear need bound mats and tr stones or premium stones iam full tt gear and to lvl up all my gear just selling l all the materials and buy tr stones and premium stones about bound mats i farm all in f8 repeat for the chest reward before ar 9 or msp multi after ar9 soulstones on ssp and monstones on mushin tower ... i cannot understand why u must cratf tr or pr... just buy it. is too expensive on market? dont buy it simple wait for the price drop, for soulstones farm bound and unbound best place is ssp ar3-6 weapon max brecelet and max
  4. here official answers from last bns TV https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502141122
  5. well i realy no blame cyan cause he is on linage2 and blade and soul forums i think is on aion too i remember him there before 4-5 years .so too much job for him about information she give it was ok...for someone who dont have a clue about the game .. at least we know she is animal kiler (ty for sharing)
  6. yeap at least we have something ;) if someone miss the stream is here the informations starts after the bbq with bill https://www.twitch.tv/videos/502141122 have fun
  7. so today on bade and soul tv we have some answers our server gona take ONLY VISUAL upgrate not an complete ue4 update (until 2021 or imo never) about the new 45 server they say "everything u see on ign video is about frontier server" so what we see on video 1 a brand new game named bns complete 2 full unreal engine 4 3 new pvp area new advance combat system sieges raid bosses realm vs realm battles etc so that server is not a fresh start server is a brand new game BASED on old ( when i say old i mean what we have now)
  8. step 1 login to ur character and take a pic step 2 find that pic on bns directory on character shot file step 3 select a nice custom profile pic and resize it to 378 x 620 jpg step 4 go to bns-profile site step 5 on 1st box drag and drop the pic from character shots file step 6 on 2nd box drag and drop the custom pic hit convert now reload ur game login and check ur profile pic
  9. well iam prety sure i have seen ALL video from keropi prety preeeeeeeeety sure he help me lot when i start to play yes i have see the 1st video from him about this subject now about rage video i can answer only on keropi style ase mas re fularaki me ton papara pou kathete kai kanei video se kathe update mono kai mono gia na apantish otan ta giemia edw kanoun moko gia ta panta giati apo thn korea tous exoun gia fapes 6 mhnes trome "nerf "sti mapa kai o allos kathete kai leei kalh doulia paides sunexiste etsi slourp slourp slourp pou sto teleutaiio
  10. so is milions right ?no jokesxD? because someone start droping videos from utubers lets see some more // nero opiinion : feel free to post more videos from utubers
  11. well i dont know about u but i update my soul from 0 to true tiger before the 90% and it took me 2 years and 200k gold ONLY the soul do the maths for the rest of the gear till tt9.. for me is 900k lose in total.
  12. truth hearts always ,kerro always cover the mess with one video dont take it as hate.. i always watch videos o of kerro he help me so much btw but this post is directly to publisher ,post a video with false informations or talk what OTHERS regions do is not clear nothing also the advertisment of the frontier server it not give answers about what is going on to live servers after the ue4. kerro aways suport NC 1 time only he make a video to blame NC and he make it on chinese!!!!!!!!!!! the 90% gear nerf in the past 6 months is not a rumor mid-end
  13. kerropi support ncw$st and ncw$st suport kerropi ,he is a part of the fiesta as always
  14. why u bring kerropi videos here?? he is not a part of ns$west (or maybe he is?) every time when a mess come with updates kerropi make a video to mention the problem and calm down the players with false informations or "i hope to fix that or plz dont do that "etc and i dont want to mention how many times in official bns tv cyan say "if u want infos go see keropi videos" he is a part of the fiesta imo about his video he talk about china region with 12 server not our region with 2 servers and he advice the player to wait and not panic ,also omg he advice the players
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