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  1. Stage 6 Legendary set effect Issue

    I wonder if i should check the set effect every time I login the game. I`ll test this next time and update the threat if necessary.
  2. Stage 6 Legendary set effect Issue

    Update: I logged of and logged back in and now both of my chars are getting the effect. So i guess this was a bug on my end. Which is weird because both of my chars didnt get the effect. Ohh well maybe it was random :) Thanks,
  3. Hi All, I just wanted to let everyone know that I just realized set effect from stage 6 legendary accessories are not being applied. I checked my Hp and AP after equipping belt and necklace and my ap not hp didn`t change. I am not sure if this is a bug or intentional and i dont thing this was in the patch notes if this was intentional. I would check your set effect and see if its being applied. I`ll also send a ticket to support too. Thanks, Chris
  4. Legendary Accessories

    I got my bracelet from floor 18 in Mushin`s Tower. And i was very lucky with leg bracelet.It dropped on my 15th run. But since then I only seen the bracelet once (this was over a month ago) and i run NS everyday multiple times. I think worst drop rate is EC ring. I only seen it once or twice. I had to buy it with claws. Belt had the highest drop rate for me. I`ve seen belt drop 5 times in a row on the same day. As far as the drop rates goes after the patch i think they will be increased. Jonathan mentioned during the live stream last week they were increasing drops rates for "big 4" so i am assuming this also applies to legendary items. Plus i t would make sense to increase the drops rates when they are giving out animus, ferocity and energy with trove. They want people to be geared as quickly as possible either with spending money or with less dungeon runs. They know old players don`t wanna spend their time in dungeons for hours and new players can get up to speed without getting frustrated. Well at least that`s what I think :). I could be completely wrong hehehe.
  5. PVE players and PVP

    Since pvp is so "important" in this game here is a cookie for ya Dad McMuffin.
  6. 3 Stuck Friend Requests from Bot

    I have the exact same issue. I think this only happens when a lot of people report the same Bot/player as a spam then that account gets deleted/banned but they are still in your friend request list so when you try to report or decline it doesn`t do anything because player doesnt exist anymore. At least thats my take on this. I have the same bot stuck on my friend request list over a week now lol.
  7. Add sure-fire way for outfits in RNG Box

    I collect outfits too and i am annoyed after opening 150 boxes not a single outfit. This sucks. I understand they want our money but come on at least make the outfit drop % higher or something.
  8. MxM Jinsoyun Costume

    I did the 5vs5 against AI five times and got the achievement. All you need is the Titan Ruins achievement (Complete it 5 times). You can check your achievement under you profile. Rewards will be mailed on July 12th btw.
  9. No more legendary loot on TOP dungeons

    There is nothing wrong with legendary drops. I`ve seen 3 belts in the past three days from NF (NM). Each day i ran legendary belt dropped. My guild mate ran NF 30+ times with no luck until 2 days ago. On the other hand It took me 80+ runs to get the Infinite Challenge outfit.
  10. Jadestone village harassment isue

    there is a much better and faster place to get those insigs btw. Jade stone village is slow and like you said a lot of high lvl ppl just acting like 12 years old kids. I would suggest you go south of viridan coast (little camp before the blackram lvl 20 dungeon) You can kill the guards there and if you keep your distance close to camp they will keep coming non-stop which will make it much faster to get those tokens. At your lvl you should be able to handle them without an issue. It took me abbout 30 - 35 minutes to collect all insigns for the outfit i remember it correctly.
  11. Duelist Bundle and Starter Pack

    BnS might offer shortcuts for faster progress but that doesn`t mean players (payers) who took that shortcut are winners when it comes to gameplay. I`ve seen 900+ AP players with great gear who cant do simple mechs. Some of these players were payers and others were non-payers. I spent a lot of money on BnS after all i didnt get to premium rank 10 by just grinding. People need to understand that games like BnS offers a barebone entertainment service and they give you the option to pay to save sometime or grind to save money. I don`t like to spend weeks in arena so I buy the bundle but that doesn`t make me any better in pvp/pve just saves me time. Even with spending money I still need to learn the mechs and know my role in a party. Also content updates are so often that casual players can never catch up without spending some money. That`s the model of these type of games. NCSoft is not running a charity. They need to make money to support the game. Some changes are good some are bad but game is progressing because of the payers. Maybe NCSoft doesnt have the perfect pay system and at times it might make people feel like "I spent all this time and that guy just purchased everything" but that doesn`t make "that guy" any better in gameplay.
  12. newsletter gift

    Thank you Kinera! I forgot that we get these rewards under our accounts :).
  13. newsletter gift

    I`ve been subscribed the eNewsletter for a long time and I didn`t receive anything either. I guess I should contact the support to see if or when i will receive a reward.
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Here is my KFM :).
  15. Skyrift or Pulse Mystic Badge

    Hi all, I am trying to decide between Skyrift and Pulse Mystic badge and wanted to get some opinions. Which one would be better for a flame KFM? I was thinking Skyrift but Pulse is also good lol. hard to choose. Thank you in advance!