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  1. Remove Game Guard

    Just to throw in my 2 cents as well: I had to request a refund for my Master's Pack purchase when I realized BnS uses GameGuard. It's a joke of a program that just about anyone with two brain cells to rub together can learn to disable and/or bypass, all the while creating a hole in your security since it phones home to an unsecured FTP server (the IP of which is public knowledge on the cheat/hack forums) for updates and degrading system performance due to its overzealous memory monitoring (in case anyone was wondering why they were having performance issues despite exceeding recommended specifications). I can't begin to stress how bad this program is, this isn't second hand knowledge, I've bypassed GameGuard before and didn't need any sort of special software to do it. It's flawed by design and has a long, shameful history of failing to prevent cheating, that any developer would still use it and that any players would think it actually works is beyond shocking to me. Wow, hypocritical much? You accuse others of scaremongering, but then immediately turn around and try to scare people into not doubting GameGuard by claiming people want to make "gold farming and cheating easier."
  2. Oh, GameGuard...

    Well, long story short, my gaming PC is also my work PC. I handle a lot of financial information on it, so I'm extra careful about security. A rootkit by design bypasses all security to do what it has to do and GameGuard establishes a network connection outside of my PC on top of that, so my PC's security would be entirely out of my hands and in the hands of nProtect's staff. I could trust them to do their job and prevent their GameGuard update server from being compromised, but given their job is also to prevent cheating and they kinda suck at it...
  3. Oh, GameGuard...

    I didn't realize that NCSoft games used the GameGuard rootkit and am rather surprised it still exists considering it has a history of degrading game performance (through its overzealous memory scans) and failing to actually stop cheating (due to the fundamental flaw in its updater). What little I saw of the game through the beta lived up to the expectations that I built over the past three years, so it's a real shame that I can't play. It's a beautiful game, wish everyone the best in the long years to come!