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  1. shutdown times unacceptable

    All you college dropouts and jobless plebs need to pipe down and stop crying.
  2. [Factions] Polite Suggestion

    I can't forgive the crimson. They slaughtered my lowbies in bamboo village and I'll not rest till they are all slain.
  3. Windrest has no faction imbalance. That amount of people could be wiped with a well played group with a couple destroyers.
  4. Some fairly simple solutions to these 1st world problems. Don't play the broker game. Undercutting is a part of every tradebroker in every game. You're all just salty because you can't make profit, I don't know why/how you would think people would sympathize with that.
  5. The problem is in the EU you have certain countries that have the less favorable folk with malicious and profitable interests only. In the US you have the script kids and the wannabe anonymous but generally they don't care to make money from a game in general. The UK doesn't really have a problem either but the other countries that are less wealthy really do cause a lot of the issues themselves, using bots to make money by selling gold to the wealthier countries and using the exchange rate to reap high profit. Their english is bad when you see them spamming and they also have terrible english on their websites. I've reported and taken a look at some of the goldsellers websites and they buy out cheap domain names and have 20-40 websites all sharing the same template with different names. They fix their prices so that a potential buyer would think a certain website is cheapest, even though they are all run by the same group. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that they bog down the servers and ruin the quality for the honest players. Free to play bogged the servers down so much. Without a small premium price, the servers just gets littered with people that have nothing to lose other than a bit of their time which since they are in it for profit, and it's mostly their main source of income, have a lot of. Even though I welcome free gaming, I don't welcome the anonymity the internet provides to those that abuse this gift. Bring in some form of ID or credit card check. Make people pay £1 upon activating an account using only a credit card, not paypal. Something that needs a REAL address and name that can be checked. It wouldn't solve it by no means, but it would give NCSoft a way to black list credit cards and names to stop repeat offenders.
  6. Fix the DAMN FPS!

    That build is basic. And going for nvidia? oh dear... did someone from tomshardware recommend that build?
  7. Don't feel guilty. The newborn need to be baptized in the fiery gauntlet of death and ruin. Until they glimpse at the apocalypse and bear witness to the blood and slaughter they will not understand what it means to achieve victory. THEY WHO HAVE NOT FELT THE WRATH OF 6 HOURS OF 1V1 or 3V3. THE ANGER, FEAR, ADRENALINE, TENSION AND TEARS. Until they experience that feel, where you are at your last straw hanging on a thread of energy, a 32 loss streak sitting behind you, no hope in sight...and then something changes inside you. You feel lifted by an awakening and enlightenment. A voice speaks to you and says "he just wasted his tab. Go now, my child. Go forth and stunlock him. Now is the time to strike." SO YOU STRIKE, ATTACK WITH A FURY OF A THOUSAND MEN WITH NOTHING TO LOSE! YOU BURST INTO TEARS OF VICTORY AS THE CONGRATULATORY SCREEN APPEARS! Basking you in the golden light of sweet sweet accomplishment.... You lose track of time as your new found knowledge and wisdom carries you to the heavens.. You laugh at bronze, as Silver you pass without losing a single breath. Gold you great with flying fists and a cheeky laugh, you claw and grab and scrape your way to Platinum, losing your footing a couple of times yet a divine angels protection is blessed upon you and you get an 8 win streak, securing your place in the White gold Halls of legend. You're Platinum badge shines a thousand suns as you sit upon a pillar of corpses, watching those beneath struggling to reach your dizzying height. They attempt to pay homage to you in the hopes you will reach down and carry them up so they can catch a glimpse of the divine whilst you mercilessly kick down those you deem not worthy. You look around you and see other titans standing and you purposely tilt your colossal column crashing into theirs as you risk everything to be one of the few to reach the Diamonds in the sky...
  8. I'm 100% certain they will reset the rating. Since even if they don't I'll be deranking by method of trying to kill people with stupid builds. And then once i'm at bronze....i'll slaughter the innocents to farm the beans. If anyone has any moral complaints, fite me 1v1 in arena. nobo suck.
  9. Focus Damage ?

    Haha I always say "if you get caught in the spin, I'm guna' win!" Also the spin isn't what kills you, it's the fury that does it.
  10. Focus Damage ?

    As a Plat destroyer I can confirm that only summoners that have focus drain, kill me.
  11. You can also assign the LMB and RMB to keyboard keys R / T for destroyer. I actually do this sometimes since there is a few ms delay when using the mouse anyways
  12. Rich ninja last second masterloot!? EU

    Very good suggestion but I think the best solution is to simply just disable master loot in dungeon finder. That way 1 change needs to be made instead of introducing a brand new system.
  13. Rich ninja last second masterloot!? EU

    i'd rather them leave it as it is. Just dont go with randoms unless you are willing to risk this. The alternative is potentially breaking the system in place.
  14. Most EU players are working during these times. Personally don't like it either but at the same time they are not doing it just to upset you, they do the best they can. I'd rather them take 4 hours and test rather than release a buggy patch that's broke stuff.
  15. The simplest way to fix the botting issue is to make it buy to play. I don't see why they didn't just charge for the game and then let you play for free afterwards. To get people to play, they could easily give people trials up to level 30.
  16. Honestly it would have kept most gold sellers out and the people that complain about premium. The game was so much fun at headstart and within a week it's overcrowded with whiners and bots.
  17. Are you telling me that all non premium players right now get 0 copper when they kill something.
  18. auction house bots?

    Nah it's not bots, its just sad greedy crickets standing there ripping people off. There should be a "make this item account bound when bought" function.
  19. All classes escapes guide

    Fantastic video, informative and straight to the point. i'll keep an eye out for any more you do.
  20. Most Cancer Trio?

    Yeah, at the start of the fight just do this: Sprint forward - press 1 or 2. Preferably 2 WITHOUT the initial stun on it, you don't want him to use an escape. Press 4 then 3 using a slow movement and stop movement build. Press E then Hold Q whilst having immunity to stun, KD, grasp, stds, knockback, solar flares.
  21. So i made a thread in the beta and got an official response. Thought I'd post it to hopefully get it sticky'd or just kept close to the front page so that people can rest assured that animation cancelling is intended.
  22. Everyone saying it's not intended. Sorry to burst your bubble.