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  1. You cry to much wanting to much i can tell you are a pay to win to player
  2. Jota you know i been in the game for a hell of a Long but also my Main is a Soulfighter so i am just having fun the upgrades and so on not trying to get the ap high i will get there when I do i dont complain i only complain about the NOOBS who *cricket* the whole dung up but that is in every game
  3. but you know maybe you need to stop complaining the Game is Free if they wanted to they can make everyone pay for it and then you still got to same problem so stop Whinning if you are one of those Players who Play to win then stop whinning and Koreans or the Japanese people dont complain i was in the japanese Version for a year before this came out i been in the Game seen the Start of the beta i dont do Pay to Win like some of these people I see around who still bitching so stop whinning and play the game
  4. the Koran legendary earing and so on is not the right ones there will be a new 24 man dung where you can get the right upgrades for the accs for it as well Koran has the right upgrades this upgrades is just a Pit stop so maybe that why people are not upgrading the access
  5. are we aloud to sell BNS accounts on Ebay i found alot who are doing it here is one of them [LINK REMOVED]
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