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  1. ok BNS is starting to get Bored you got to do the same thing over and over again I wish people hand stuff to do instead of doing the same old stuff even with the new content but also it there is other games that have alot more stuff to do and so on why does dailies always have to be dungs when try to change them up like Killing Mobs in world not in dungs. But also have it to where you have to eat something get dailie quest even make VT more easyer if not people will end up leaving to go to another Game. right now i only come in to do the weekly and BT and VT is the whales who only run VT and c
  2. and only Whales are able to do this not a lot of people got to Blow 1k in Mommies CC to win
  3. people who don't got a vouter have to spend money to get it
  4. so they are doing it for the money Nothing more
  5. I think the Lyn Gunner is BS they are apart of every dam class why does it have to be a Gunner also that is going to ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ up all Gunners and then Lyns who want to be Gunners buy a lvl 50 ticket to get and not know there skills it is Bullshit and why can't we have a Jin Summer like the Lyns it is ok I am fading away from the Game a lot because of a lot of this BS and crap I found another Game I am a Whale I think BNS is coming ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of there asses and trying to please everyone it is BS and crap
  6. I wrote a report they sayed it is how the Game is Played and seemed like they don't Care only about Making money off player
  7. Sins are the same when when they fight Steath so if they need to Nurf do it to all classes not just Gunners I am Gunner main also you cant farm SS any more they redued the SS of the quest and Bosses so it is not just 1 class it is a few classes like the cat so stop complaining and Learn your class and be done with or do go to a pvp area
  8. Well let me say this if you dont want anyone to take your Loot from your Orb Solo her and the same with Cold Storage deal with it or go with Freinds and so on if you think YOML but it is funny how people ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it so much
  9. BNS buddy is forbiden if busted you can be ban
  10. if you want to complain conmplain about all the class not just the Gunners as we all know Sins can stay steath the whole time now is that Fair NO but I dont care because someone is always better then them like your whinnie butt who complains about Gunners maybe you should get one to solve the issue
  11. NightRain


    dec 6 it will be out
  12. they are crying and Whining because a Gunner can oput beat them so they got to whine and all about every little Thing last time it was WL then SF now the Gunner he needs tro stop whinning and up his gear
  13. i will show it everytime it crashes on me and i know alot of other people are tired of the DC
  14. how do you expect us to get to lvl 50 with every 15 mins DC then 20mins to get back in
  15. Come on NCsoft Shit fix it people are getting DC every 15 mins or 30 Mins come on
  16. FYI me and wife play this Game she on SSI and i am her care taker so i know what you are talking about why do you think i sayed the Warwrob if free in Japan
  17. the Japanese Version let you have the Wardrobe access people are tired of BNS tending to the rich people
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