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  1. put more then 20? wear pvp soulshields? idk but without putting any points into defense, i have 125k hp, +35k with 20 points=155k, so im almost to 210k with buffs as it is. Tanks are just going to have to whale i guess.
  2. Shadow if you want to have fun, Ice if you want to be strong? it's your preference, but as a shadow user (pve & PVP) i find that it's easier to start burst damage (thereby making your soul more effective). With ice, it was like by the time that dragoncall hit, and my damage starting pouring, my soul time was almost up. On DPS tables, you will see the shadow WL start off higher then the Ice wl, but the shadow will be overtaken in maybe the next 10 secs if gear is matched. But it's more fun to play shadow (at least to me)
  3. i dont remember this, because i think i took a break from the game at that period, but when did lunar flowers become account bound? Was it immediately, or after BT came out? Regardless, you're probably looking at the same time frame for raven feathers if it does happen.
  4. LOL @ above comment. KFM vs wl is difficult. Best advice i can give when having difficulty fighting a class is to make a character with that class and play around with it(maybe to like lvl 15 or so) and understand some of the mechanics. Their block does have a period when they can be hit, understanding their hand motions when the period begins is essential (also good ping helps). Also, you have to understand that any decent pvper will do everything in their power not to get stun/daze by WL, so don't go for the soul shackle aerial combo with the first imprison. Try using tether/th
  5. whats a yin? yun? jin? lyn? is it the offspring of a yun and jin? a new race?
  6. I noticed this in f10 Does anyone have it? can post a screenshot of it?
  7. yup this is super annoying, i usually throw 1g up really fast to get out of the copper and silver war if it takes too long. Just got to be fast at backspace+1+ enter. But no, there is no way to save bids. would be nice though
  8. it's kind of funny because raven feathers and other items were also bugged. I believe the bugged raven feathers actually made another appearance a week after (which also tells me the "Today's specials" are simply rotating). So my question is, " are they going to roll back the raven feathers as well?" It only seems fair that if you roll back abused exp charms, then raven feathers should receive the same treatment, and roll back the gear upgrades, etc.
  9. I lol'd so hard when I saw you write sf needs a nerf. I bet you play summoner
  10. because not everyone gets the outfit? Day 5 and i've critted 3 times but not one outfit, i want the outfit but i want the gem more, i hope i can get both, we'll see what next week brings
  11. For me, I no longer see the purpose in gearing up anymore, why have good gear in pvp when all you can do is...more 6v6 (since noone does ssp or any other gear based pvp). in PVE, the current gear is not necessary for the content, and a group of 650 AP can accomplish any dungeon. So, as someone mentioned, unless you really want to "Steamroll" the competition, this new soul is unnecessary. However, it says alot about the game whenever the winner of fights is determined by who attacks first. I think they released too much offense powerups and didn't account for the defense. Furth
  12. not 100% sure, but i think you have to eat a hongmoon pellet along with other things, luckily for you trove is this week and majority of the items can be gotten there.
  13. yup, i agree with some of the above comments, sometimes skills don't work. For instance, on SF, when using dragonfist after cyclone or kingfist may sometimes fail to activate, and this is even after the recent patch, Also, i still get cc'd even with the token in 6v6. Idk if tokens work in 6v6 though
  14. I loss my "W" key to BNS. it was a Logitech g710+. T.T. But now i am getting a Corsair K70 keyboard. I tried to play with the "W" key broken, it would occasionally come out, always during either tomb or PVP, was really annoying letting the opponent get 4/5 hits in while i try to stick the w key back on. Anyways, anyone with Corsair k70 or know a good keyboard (that's durable) to use? I'm looking to spend around $100
  15. So what i'm understanding based on some of the replies to the topic is "holy trinity/class requirements don't exist....as long as you have good gear/ss." So if that correct, then how do i obtain gear and ss without doing the dungeon? And if i cannot obtain it without doing the holy trinity/class requirements, then doesn't that mean that it exists?
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