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  1. It's all luck boys and girls. Pray to RNGEsus, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. ... ... ... ... By the way, I got 3 costumes, 1 gem, and 10+ oils in 60 boxes.
  2. I went through 150, had to get the swimsuit with dust. Then 30-40, then 10. RNGesus is among us.
  3. Your point is based solely on the fact that you got REALLY lucky. I'd be happy as all *cricket* too if I were you but I burned 150 corals and bought my swimsuit with the dust and OMFG do I want one for my Yun, and Gon as well. Again, it's too costly for my casual ass self and it'll just stall my upgrading gear on my main since that's a *cricket*ing chore in itself as it is. Needless to say, I wasn't/am not very happy. Grats to you though. I hate you. <3
  4. This event can suck it. It's too costly, only available to Lv50s, and the RNG element just kills your soul slowly.
  5. How can they even call this sh*t an event? It's an RNG based GOLD SINK. Not only that, you need Black Rose Feathers for all the good stuff which is only attainable at Lv50 assuming you can get a group if you're under 500 AP. I'm only interested in the swimsuits and even after 150 tries I didn't get a single 6, I had to buy my one swimsuit with the Coral Dust and spent 60 gold (gold I was saving to upgrade my gear but a costume *cricket* is a costume *cricket* >.<) give or take trying to get it in first place. #Feelsbadman I'd keep trying to get some of these outfi
  6. Lots of good looking characters, some curious ones, some weird ones, and some downright wtfwhereyouthinking ones as well. Lol I'll put up some of mine as well. Sexyness incoming. My Warlock. Assassin Force Master Blade Master Kung-Fu Master
  7. I like everyone else I was really looking forward to this game being released over here in the West. Needless to say, like a lot of you out there I'm somewhat disappointed in the outcome. I'm not going to list all the things that caused me to stop playing for about two months since there's plenty of threads out there about this already. Lol Anyway! Onto the point. A friend of mine who played this game with me decided to stop playing around the same time I did and today he tells me he got an email from NCSoft offering him an incentive to come back and play. This right he
  8. I suppose I can show off mine every now and then. Behold and gaze in awe~ My Assassin, Saori. =3
  9. This is a thing on other versions of the game (NOT NA/EU) but since gold sellers constantly farm the 'free' outfits for the fabrics you'd just be inviting them to litter the servers even more with their bots. I know how you feel, but this is probably never going to happen outside of salvaging cash shop costumes the way it is now.
  10. I like many other players purchased a Founders pack and I, being the impulse buyer I am decided to go with the Master Pack. However, as my 3 month Premium Membership is getting closer and closer to its end I've been trying to come to a conclusion to my question. Is Premium worth it? The benefits are OK for me at best. The only benefits I really like is the discounts on upgrading and of course the wardrobe, aside from that everything else I can easily do without. I.e. Increased exp/currency from monsters, the Windwalk animations, the extra slots for the market place, red
  11. Do ctrl+alt+delete and make sure there isn't any other BnS program running. It happened to me too and I just ended the task and reopened the launcher. It worked.
  12. @Taywen If it helps that's really the only time thus far that the game will make you do that and you only need 30(?) Insignias I believe. With a group you can have it done in about 15-30 minutes assuming you don't get ganked by the opposing faction. If you're Cerulean it'll be easy, like cake easy. Aside from that when you get down to it the game is making you flag yes, but you're not forced to kill other players, just relevant mobs from the opposing faction.
  13. Don't feel bad. I swear to you RNGesus loves to play with us mortals. I ran Adder's Nest over 600 times (roughly 1-2 minutes per run) until I finally got the Bandit Queen outfit, 1 time for First Step, less than 10 for the Pirate Princess, 20+ for Dark sandstorm (still don't have it), and the numbers go up and down from there. I know there's horror stories out there for Infinite Challenge too as a friend of mine ran it 200+ times before he got it (I think he got it). Point is, RNGesus SUCKS, just run the thing a couple times a day and don't even think about it, you'll get it eventu
  14. Soooo... A good friend of mine is taking a break from this game thanks to this 'mechanic', and bots littering the arena. Can I call it that? Mechanic? Is that what it is? Whatever. Say what you will but I have to agree with his frustration over this. Being 100% to 0'ed when you've clearly had the upper hand all match is pretty damn annoying, discouraging, and out right rage inducing. Your tab escape is on CD? Great!~ Stun -> LMB/RMB x9001, Stun -> LMB/RMB x 9001, etc. etc. -> Win. Takes a whole lot of skill to pull this off for sure. I t
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